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Puma evoSPEED 1.3 Tricks Marco Reus Boots


Puma released this evospeed 1.3 Tricks Limited Edition boot (400 Pairs Worldwide) to support Marco’s affiliated children’s charity. This boot features the graphic of an adult holding a child’s hand representing the 6000+ children who are treated at Dortmund hospital annually. It also features unique split color lacing which can be seen in the pictures above along with a slightly different upper material.

Joshua Vujovic (1131 Posts)

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  1. Hi Josh,
    I really enjoy your site and your reviews, they give me a lot of insight on all the soccer boots that I am interested in without having to buy each and every model.
    What is really confusing about this Puma release is the fact that Marco Reus actually wears the evoPOWER, unless he changed to the evoSPEED line in the last couple of weeks, which I really doubt since he has been injured for quite a while now.
    Why would Puma launch a player issue edition when the player is actually wearing a totally different line?

    • I believe they have recently switched him out of the evoPOWER into the evoSPEED. Of course, the shoes he actually wears are heavily customized, so regardless of what shoe it looks like he’s wearing, it doesn’t mean that he’s actually wearing that shoe. Hope that makes sense. It is all promotional at the end of the day.

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