miadidas 11Pro 3 (2015) Just Arrived


To purchase a pair of miadidas 11Pro’s in the USA CLICK HERE

To purchase a pair of miadidas 11Pro’s in Canada CLICK HERE

Joshua Vujovic (1130 Posts)

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  1. Happy New Year! Awesome work as usual. It’s a shame that they don’t offer the AG soleplate as a miAdidas option for the new 11Pro. Otherwise I’d be all over a custom pair. My plan is to finally pick up a pair of dedicated AG boots.

  2. So Josh, As I was look on mi adidas website, this Mi adidas 11 Pro 3 version is made of full grain calf leather vs K leather on the regular version? Do you feel any difference performance wise?

    • They’re exactly the same as the regular pairs, made from kangaroo leather. The tech specs that are listed on the miAdidas page are wrong. They posted the tech specs from the 11Pro 2 instead of the 11Pro 3.

  3. Hey Josh,
    Just wondering, when these boots were customized online, was the “Solar Blue” or the “Bright Royal” color chosen for this blue base shown in the picture?

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