Adidas Predator Mania Video Review

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The adidas Predator Mania was released in 2002 featuring a leather upper with rubber striking elements. The split sole design offered both soft ground and firm ground bladed studs. To see more pictures and video of this boot click the above.


  1. Hi josh,
    im looking to buy manias and i would love a full review on them or even(just an idea) do a review on every single predator to date explaning they’re differences an all. Also, would you please tell me the normal price i would have to pay for a pair of “brand new” manias. Thank you so much and keep making great videos!

    • Brand new Manias are fairly difficult to come by. Depending on the size, a new pair on ebay will run you generally between $400 and $600. Of course these are just asking prices, but they’re still quite pricey.

  2. please do a vid on these soon thatd be sweet

  3. would you consider selling these?

  4. plz do a video on these soon

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