Adidas Predator Instinct AG Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the new Adidas Predator Instinct AG click the link above.


  1. Josh, Can you do a comparison video on the Nike Elastico Finale III, and the Nike Elastico Superflys. Thanks.

  2. I absolutely love the new black colorway with the red lethal zones! However, I’ve only seen buzz about it in Europe, and no American dealers have it available. What’s the deal?

    • It’s a European exclusive colorway. If you’re still interested in pair, the links on this page will take you to a UK based retailer that has these in stock. It’s the same place where I got my pair from, so they’re legit if that is a concern, and their shipping rates to North America are quite reasonable.

  3. hi josh, is the video and review up yet or just the photos for now?

  4. Josh, I would like to know the websites where I can buy these and be shipped to the US. I am aware they are not available in the US but you mentioned in your video that there are websites where I can get them shipped to the US. Thank you, Josh.

  5. Hey Josh I live in the United States and I currently have the Adidas Predator LZ Black/Neo Iron Metallic/Lab Lime UCL edition in size 9 US and I was wondering where I can get the new Adidas Predator Instinct LZ TRX FG Black/Running White/Solar Red. Also if they run true to size or should I get a smaller or bigger size or get size 9 US. Thanks.

  6. How do you rate the Adidas AG soleplate vs the Nike AG version?
    I have the Nike Tiempo Legend AG and find the sole plate to be very stiff in comparison to the FG soleplate. Is the adidas AG sole plate flexible?

    • Nike’s AG stud patterns feature the same soleplates as they FG version, just a different stud pattern. I find that Nike’s AG stud pattern provide slightly more aggressive traction in comparison to the Adidas AG variation, but they both feel and perform great. No issues with flexibility.