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Adidas Freefootball Crazyquick Just Arrived


To see more pictures and video of the new Adidas Freefootball Crazyquick shoes click the link above

Joshua Vujovic (1132 Posts)

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  1. Does it have any midsole cushioning?

  2. How similar is the upper on these to NikeSkin? They appear very similar.

    From the pictures, to me, it doesn’t look like a very well made shoe, in the sense that the upper appears a bit Frankenstein-y if you get what I mean. Is this true? Does the comfort on-feet counter or back-up this claim?

    Finally, how would you compare these to the Nike Elastico Superfly (TF), and which would you say is better?

  3. Is the midsole using eva foam? I wish they used boost foam instead. They should use boost foam in all they turf shoes that have midsoles instead of eva and whatever else they use.

  4. Do u reckon these are better than elastico finale 3 turf?

  5. i am an adidas fan,but this is an lazy and copied design.

  6. 11 oz??? where is zerotex???can’t be that heavy

  7. the new 11 pro nova tf is lighter and is made from full calf leather

  8. Hi, Just brought a pair of these in size 8 UK, these seem a little narrow but expecting them to give after a few matches.

    I noticed on the video that you tie your laces a little different to a normal shoe, do you have details on how to tie them this way as it looks like your fitting has benefited from a re-tie.

    Top review btw

  9. Hello Josh! When you`ll make the full review of these boots? How do they compare to the Bomba finale 2? I wear a 9.5 in finale 2, what size shoud i take for crazyquicks? Thanks!

  10. Hi, josh, i hope you can help me out. I have the latest predator AG boots and i have personally made orthotics/insoles made for my predators. however i also train in turf grounds so i want to buy a pair of turf boots, which will fit my insoles. so are the insoles in these boots the same as the preds? thanks in advance 

  11. Hi Josh, I’m a uk size 9 in normal shoes. What size should I order for crazy kicks, and f30 tfs?
    Really good review.

  12. HI, I can buy in the same price nitrocharge 2.0 tf or freefootball crazyquick. What do You think is better option for astro turf/ artificial grass field.

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