Adidas Indoor & Turf Reviews, Indoor & Turf Reviews — December 5, 2014 at 6:13 pm

Adidas Freefootball Boost Indoor/Futsal Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the new Adidas Freefootball Boost Messi shoes click the link above.


  1. Josh hope you wilk reply this but can you help me the training that I should do to improve myself as a soccer player as a whole because now I see you as my mentor in soccer in the way you play,can you just reply these comment and tell me what training should I do to improve because I’m not a good soccer player.Thank you

  2. Hey Josh,
    I am looking for a boot to use for street soccer that offers similar fit like my pair of Nike Free 5.0’s . Any suggestions?

    Was looking into either this one or the Lunar Gato 2. Maybe the Elastico/Sala?

  3. Hey Josh, really appreciate what you do. I’m deciding whether to get a pair of the these or a pair of the elastico finales. I’m sure the cushioning on these have the elasticos beat, but how does the nike skin (which i like) compare to the upper on freefootball?

  4. Hey Josh, love your videos! I’m in the market for some new street soccer shoes, and I don’t mind the price of these as long as they last me a long time. I was looking to buy a pair of adidas freefootball shoe for its boost or a pair of suede nike5 street gato for it’s thick outsole. Which would last longer?! Thanks!

    • The Street Gato is likely going to be more durable, although I don’t know where you’ll find those now. The Adidas Samba Classic is also worth a look for street soccer.

  5. Hey Josh,
    Which pair of Adidas shoes do you think are the best for futsal (and turf)? I’m looking for some classic boot, similar to the Nike Tiempo Legacy or the Lunargato II.
    Thanks for your help!

  6. Hi, Josh. I was wondering if you suggested these for indoor play. My last pair were the Lunar Gato II and I loved them but they are really worn out to the point where the soles are not grippy anymore. I wanted to get the more lunar gatos but it seems they are sold out most everywhere or only have the ugly colorways. Or should I get these? What do you think?

  7. Hi, Josh. What do you thing about these pair of shoes? Because i looking for something i can wear everyday and anytime. Play football or normal walking.
    Thanks for your help!

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