Adidas 11Nova 2015 Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the new Adidas 11Nova 2015 click the link above. The full review will be posted soon.


  1. Is the leather a good quality on the 11nova. Is it kangaroo leather?

  2. Hey Josh, Im undecided between 3 boots. The Puma evoPOWER 2, nike magista orden, and these (adidas 11nova 2015). All 3 are under 70$. Which would you say is the best purchase at this price?

    • I would probably pick the Orden of the bunch. Check out the Super Deals section on my site before buying though, you might be surprised by what you can find on sale for around $70.

  3. How do these compare to the Tiempo and King takedowns which are also pretty good quality?

    • I don’t have any experience with the King takedowns, so I can’t really comment on those. The 11Nova would fall into the same price range as the Tiempo Genio, which is a decent boot for the price, while the more expensive Legacy is superior quality-wise in my opinion.

  4. Do you think the quality jump from the adidas 11nova to the nike legacy is worth the price difference? price not being a concern, which one would be your pick?

    Also, any plans for reviewing the turf version?

    • The Legacy is still a much nicer shoe in my opinion, but for the price of the Legacy, you should also consider the Nike Premier, which is better than both the 11Nova and Legacy.

      • Thanks, the Premier was my first pick as i’m planning to buy another par of boots.

        You’re doing a lot of reviews in a short time span, I hope you don’t burn yourself out. Peace. ^^

  5. Do you think that there is a major difference between the 11nova 2014 and the 11nova 2015?

  6. Wich cleats do you prefer the adidas 11pro 2 or the adidas 11nova 3?

  7. Between the 11Nova 3 and the Tiempo Genio which will you prefer ?

  8. Which would you choose between the 11 nova 2 or 11 nova 3

  9. Hi josh,
    Just wondering I’ve tried on the boot in a store and was just wondering if the toe box would effect anything as to me it seems quite rounded an high?

    • That’s just the shape of the boot. Not every shoe will foot every shoe perfectly, and it sounds like you just don’t like how these feel. Might not be a bad idea to take a look at a different boot that fits you better, or at least the way that you would like them to fit.

  10. Estos botines van a llegar en Argentina? quisiera tenerlos

  11. Hey Joshua, great review. I liked the 11pro a lot as well but I think I will go for the 11nova, I feel they will last me longer and even if they don’t I can always buy another pair since they offer great value for money.
    My question is regarding the weird symbol on these leather boots. I have another pair which have the same symbol. I was really curious so if you could please find that out it would really help. Please take a look at that..

  12. Hey josh , I was wondering why the nova in your video and the ones from the website look different? Are they gonna end up looking like the ones you have in the video or the ones from the store website you put the link to?

  13. which do you prefer 11nova2 or 11nova3 2015?