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Puma evoPOWER MB45 Limited Edition Review

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Despite how it may look, the Puma evoPOWER MB45 is far from a standard evoPOWER 1. Released as an exclusive colorway for Mario Balotelli, only 400 pairs Worldwide, not only does the evoPOWER MB45 feature a unique look, but it’s also the exact modified version of the evoPOWER that Mario Balotelli himself actually wears! It’s pretty well-known that many big name sponsored players, like Balotelli, don’t necessarily wear the stock version of their respective models that are sold in stores, but never do we see the actual pro-spec version of a big name pro’s boots released to the public. This is a truly unique shoe, designed to the exact specifications of Mario Balotelli.


  1. Is this firm ground shoe or soft ground shoe? I thought most professional soccer players including Mario Balotelli would wear SG version, but the stud pattern of Evopower MB45 editon on the picture above seems to be exactly the same as that of firm ground version.

    • This is a firm ground shoe. If you’re talking about the Premier League, then yes, most players wear soft grounds, but not all of them and not all of the time. If you look at La Liga, you’ll a lot less soft grounds and way more firm grounds. It just depends on where they’re playing and what they feel is going to work best for them.

  2. Ehi Josh, i love your site and you reviews. Do you remember when adidas louch the predator x? Adidas said “the super stiff sole let we shot more powerfull”. And 4 years later, Puma, came out whit the evopower saying the opposite, “the sole must bend backwards to release more power”. I think that even the big brands don’t know what they do.
    Sorry for my english and good job!

  3. Hi Josh,
    I recently broke my ankle (tibia and fibula) whilst playing in a pair of f50s. I am now on the mend and am soon to begin playing again, I was just wondering is there any particular pair of boots you would recommend for good support to my ankle. I was looking at the new nitrocharges or regular magistas opus’ but I wouldn’t mind also trying something new e.g. under armour, warrior, mizuno if you feel they would be more beneficial. I just don’t want a boot that feels overly bulky like asics.

    Thanks Marcus.

    • Ankle support and soccer shoes do not go hand in hand, and I also wouldn’t blame your broken ankle on your shoes. There’s no soccer shoe that offers any ankle support really. Some are more low-cut then others, but that’s about it. Even the mid-cut shoes from Nike don’t provide any more or less ankle support than a regular shoe, it’s essentially just a compression sock around your ankle, which honestly doesn’t do much of anything as far as actual support is concerned. Just look for a pair of boots that fit you well, that you’re comfortable wearing and offer a feel that you like.

  4. What shoe do you recommend for a budget of $70 and under? Right now I’m thinking Genio, but any help would be appreciated. I have a wider foot.

  5. I have a budget of $100 and need durable shoes with a thin upper, I have feet with very high arches. Please help me out!

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