Just Arrived Soccer Shoes, Latest Reviews, Mizuno Reviews — November 15, 2014 at 5:01 pm

Mizuno Morelia Pro 2 MIJ Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the new Mizuno Morelia Pro 2 MIJ boots click the link above.


  1. Really looking forward to your thoughts on this, Josh.

  2. Are they going to fit a wide footed player like me(especially in the forefoot and at the toes)? Are these wider than the Tiempo Legend V,which don’t fit me?

    • They’re definitely suitable for wide foot types, although they do fit snug in the forefoot in toe box from brand new. I would say that width-wise they’re similar to the Legend 5. If width is an issue and you’re looking at this style of shoe, the Copa Mundial is also a great option.

  3. Hey josh, should I put something inside my shoes (like newspaper or cardboard with the shape of a shoe) when I don’t use them? (Especially the leather ones)
    I read online that you should do it to make your boot last longer…

    • It won’t really do much as far as maintaining the shape of the shoe is concerned, although it doesn’t hurt. What it will do is help absorb moisture inside the shoes after they’ve been worn, allowing them to dry more quickly, and more efficiently, which is a good thing. Taking care of your shoes can only help how long they’ll last.

  4. What cleat has the thickest leather on it? I love an extremely cushioned feel on the ball.

  5. Hey Josh, are these suitable on artificial grass?

  6. Josh,
    So what is the shoe that offers the best quality leather you have seen? Mizuno Morelia Pro 2 MIJ, Adidas Copa Mundial, Puma King, Asics Lethal Testimonial 2, Nike Premier or something that I didnt mention here? Or all/some of these are about the same quality?

    • The Copa Mundial, Morelia MIJ and Nike Premier are all really nice. To say that one features better quality leather than the others is pretty tough though. They’re all really nice.

  7. Would this be the most comfortable leather shoe you have ever worn? If not, what is?

  8. This boot is referred to as a barefoot type cleat, is it similar to the Nike Elastico (very flexible and thin)? Is there a better “barefoot” type FG cleat? My Pantafola d’Oro’s are due for replacement, and was hoping for something lighter and even more flexible.

    • I wouldn’t call this a “barefoot” style boot at all. It features a soft kangaroo leather upper and offers a soft, padded touch on the ball. Not exactly, but certainly similar to that of a PdO boot.

  9. Hey Josh, I love these cleats and have been wearing them for a while now. After a few short seasons on artificial grass, however, they have started to fall apart. Does Mizuno make a comparable shoe for AG surfaces? If not, where else should I look? Thanks!

  10. hey josh. i bought the mizuno basara 001 kl, i like them but i would like the upper to be more “sticky”, do you know a tip to put on the shoe to have more grip on the ball like adhesive spray for goalgoalkeeper gloves?

    • I don;t think that there’s anything that you can do to make them more grippy. Spraying them with something sticky will only make them dirty really quickly as the dirt will be the first thing to cling to the shoe.

  11. What’s the difference between morelia 1 and morelia 2?
    I don’t think I have noticed any diference.

  12. Hey what’s up Josh. Do these shoes fit true to size or do I need to go half a size up or down? I’m a size 11 which translates to size 29 in Japan (I think).

  13. Hey Josh, I’ve had some stud pressure issues with the Morelia Neo’s on harder grounds, particularly under the ball of my foot and the big toe. With the slightly wider diameter of the studs, does the normal Morelia have a more comfortable stud pattern and sole plate for hard grounds than the Neo? Any other boots you’d recommend for these type of surfaces?