Adidas Predator, F50, 11Pro, Nitrocharge Hunt Pack Review

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Below are the recently released glow in the dark Hunt Pack from Adidas. The Hunt Pack comes in the Predator Instinct, F50 adiZero, Nitrocharge 1.0 and the 11Pro. Take a look at the galleries below to see some of the glow effects on each model.

It seems like the Adidas Predator series has been around forever, and that’s because it has. With the release of the Predator Instinct, we’re now 20 models in with one of the most iconic lines in soccer cleat/football boot history. The Instinct maintains many of the same elements found on the Predator LZ and LZ 2 models, while also making some pretty significant changes, not only in the overall appearance, but also how the shoe is built. To read the full written review on the Predator Instinct CLICK HERE.

The latest edition of the adidas F50 adizero 2014 is the first major redesign in the series since its original release in 2010. One of the most noticeable changes coming from past adizero models is Adidas’ emphasis on the synthetic upper variation, which has been dramatically improved this time around. The upper is no longer made from Adidas’ single-layer SprintSkin synthetic, but is now made from two brand new materials, HybridTouch and SpeedFoil. The tongue and front portion of the upper is made from HybridTouch, which is the same synthetic material found on both the Predator LZ 2 and Nitrocharge 1.0 from Adidas. To read the full written review on the F50 adiZero 2014 CLICK HERE.

The original Nitrocharge brought us an all-new silo from Adidas, introducing several new features and a combination of performance elements that really set it apart from every other boot on the market. One year later, and the 2nd generation Nitrocharge 1.0 is upon us, with a design that is visually quite different, but with very similar performance elements. Its responsive, lightweight and protective, a unique combination of characteristics that make the latest Nitrocharge 1.0 a very interesting option. To read the full written review on the Nitrocharge 1.0 CLICK HERE.

Perhaps the biggest complaint that I had regarding the original adiPure 11Pro was the lack of leather through the mid-foot of the upper. The new adiPure 11Pro 2 sports a full Taurus leather upper, which is essentially calfskin leather, providing a much more traditional feel when it comes to comfort. Other changes to the 11Pro model include a different cut around the ankle and heel area of the boot. The cut is now much more similar to that of the Predator LZ and Nitrocharge models, providing a slightly deeper and more secure fit overall. Memory foam is also one of the major new implementations on the 11Pro 2, with inserts in both the forefoot and tongue of the boot. This makes for a very cushioned feel, with the padded tongue eliminating any possible chance of lace-bite, while the memory foam inserts in the leather forefoot have less of an impact on comfort. To read the full written review on the 11Pro CLICK HERE.


  1. Hey Josh I’m a big fan a long time subscriber but I’m in need of some help of course you know the holidays are coming up so I wanted to get a new pair of cleats now here’s my deal I have in between normal and wide feet, I had hypervenomz and I honestly loved them but I wanted to switch it up, I need to know what fits like them or even better, I tried the f50 and they were great that’s one of my options, I also am looking into the evopower 1, the vapor 10, the predator instinct, what is my best option please reply as soon as possible P.S I’m a speedy winger!!!

    • You’ve named several shoes that all offer very different feels for the ball. You should be picking your shoes based on the type of feel that you’re looking for. There are written reviews for all of the shoes that you mentioned on my site. I’d recommend reading the reviews on the shoes that you’re interested in, and that should give you a really good idea of what each shoe has to offer. From there, your decision should be a lot easier.

  2. Hey Josh,

    I’m in the market for a new pair of boots but I’ve ran into some sizing issues. I’ve been wearing a size 9.5 us ever since my feet stopped growing. Recently I’ve been noticing that my boots, that I’ve been wearing for a while now without any issues, feel too tight on my feet and are painful to wear. So I tried a friend’s boots in a 10 us and they felt comfortable at first but slightly too big when playing and I felt my foot moving inside when making sharp cuts or planting to shoot. The boots I’m talking about are Mercurial Vapors if that helps. Your help would be very much appreciated.


  3. Hey Josh,

    Quick question for you. What is the upper on the 11pro Hunt pack boots made from? I’ve heard you say Hybridtouch, then on here it says Taurus, on the Adidas website it also says Taurus. I am asking, because the have a very low toe box which is uncomfortable on my big toe, I was wondering if they would stretch at all. Thank you .

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