Puma King 2 (2014) Just Arrived


To see more pictures and video of the new Puma King 2 (2014) click the link above.

Joshua Vujovic (1118 Posts)

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  1. Those are some nice shoes

  2. Hey josh, I was wondering if you could do a comparison video between the nike tiempo legend 5, the puma king 2, and the adidas adipure? I know you did one of these vids like 2-3 years ago and thought it’d be cool to do another one. But I love your videos and keep up the great work

  3. Is there any additional padding in the tongue like memory foam?

  4. Puma king 2 or powercats?

  5. Pumaking or evopowers*

  6. Hey Josh I have the opportunity to buy a pair of puma v 1.10 K for only 37€ (I know, they’re from 2010), do you know if they are any good and how the sizing is?

    • I never actually wore the v1.10, but I did wear the v1.11 which is quite similar. I liked them personally, but they definitely aren’t for everybody. If you like how they feel, than by all means go for them, that’s pretty cheap.

      • I have no clue of how they feel cause I’ve never wore them and it’s an online deal, that’s why I was asking

  7. Josh, I know Nike Tiempo Legend V is your favorite, but Would you be able to make a comparison video between Nike Tiempo Legend V, Adidas Adipure 11Pro SL, and Puma King 2 (2014)?

  8. are you ever gonna do a review of the classic puma king?

  9. Could you maybe do a comparison on the puma king 2 and predator instinct.

  10. Can you make a video of the King Top K di?

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