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Nike Tiempo Legacy Turf Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the new Nike Tiempo Legacy Turf Shoes click the link above.


  1. Hey Josh, I was thinking of buying this one (Legacy TF) or the cheaper Tiempo Genio Leather TF. They are both leather and look pretty much the same, is there big difference? Cant decide, is the legacy is really worth the extra money?

  2. Hey Josh, i know this is a wierd question, but could you possibly recomend a shoe that can be used both on AG and concrete surface. I am kinda low on my budget to buy two different pairs, so is there anything on the market that can be used on both grounds? (I am talking about low-cut AG, almost carpet like)

  3. Hey Josh, i wanna buy a turf boot. I saw all your videos and i’m wondering what shoe do you prefer or recommend in terms of confort and durability. Here in my country the only shoes that i can get are the Tiempo Legacy, Magista onda, Predator Instincit Absolado, CTR360 Libretto, 11Nova or Bomba Finale ii.
    Thanks for everything! Your channel is amazing!!
    PD: Sorry for my english!!

  4. Hey, Josh
    I’ve always used the Tiempo Mystic TF shoes. Are the Tiempo Legacy similar to the Mystic on foot? Thanks

  5. Hey Josh,

    I would like to purchase an AG boot and can’t decide between the Tiempo Legacy TF & the Mundial Team. I bought the Premiers for my main boots & absolute love the fit, so which pair would you recommend? Also, what size should I get if I am a size 9 US for the Premiers?

    Love your videos and have been following since 2011 !!

  6. Hey Josh,

    I usually use nike hypervenom phelon turfs, but I’m trying to move on to leather for the touch and protection. I’m concerned about weight though. Do you think the weight on these nike tiempo legacy tf will be noticeable/make any difference to my game (striker)? What else would you recommend for a good leather turf cleat thats not extremely heavy?


  7. Hey josh, I’m looking to buy tiempo legend v and I fit into a 9.5 in legacy tf, what should I get for the legend?

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