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Nike Elastico Pro 3 Indoor Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the new Nike Elastico Pro 3 Indoor Shoe click the link above.


  1. Will the outsole last if I use them on concrete and What is the upper made of and what does it do

  2. When is a review getting put up and is the boot mainly waterproof, not that it matters too much for indoor but just incase your playing outside and get caught in the rain.

  3. How come there is only a link to buy the yellow color way and not this grey color?

  4. which is better this or the mercurial victory 5

  5. Would you go for the Adidas predator instinct absolado or these?

  6. could i use these as a street shoe?

  7. Dear Josh,
    First of all, I want to say, I love u and your site, so helpful for us from Asia…
    Could you please tell me the benefits that Elas.Finale 3 has but Elas.Pro 3 dont have ?

  8. I bought one in laser orange and I have to say I was underwhelmed by the overall quality of the material, the stiffness and even the color itself. It’s soft in the front section of the shoes and the nylon coating inside helps to a degree in a seamless fit, but I wouldn’t call the shoes as much as comfortable. It kind of is, but not really if that make any sense. Other than the midsole itself I don’t think durability should be a concern, especially regarding the upper which feels quite strong and thicker. In the front section which was described as thin I don’t think it is at all when compared to other synthetic materials, its just soft and flexible. Other than that and I don’t know how to describe, but there is some awkwardness to the shape which at first I was surprised by, but could be alleviated by a half size up which I wouldn’t recommend if it fits right in the length.The studs were a bit less pronounced than they seem to be on pics, but i liked it nonetheless.

    I know I’m being extremely harsh and it’s likely better built than most in the same price range, but I believe it’s wise to pay a bit more and go with the Finale III (durability?) or something else instead. The 2015 models should be right around the corner. I hope this was helpful.

  9. Which is better quality and performance wise these or the hypervenom phelons or the mercurial victory 5

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