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Nike Elastico Finale 3 Turf Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the new Nike Elastico Finale 3 Turf Shoe click the link above.


  1. Will you make a review and on feet video of these? 😉

  2. can you post a video of unboxing+on feet video of Brand new hypervenom colorway? i.e Hyper crimson/atomic orange/white.

  3. does it have nike skin and will it fit wide feet?

  4. Can’t wait your review tube

  5. Hi Josh. Please compare this with bomba finale 2.

  6. I want your opinion because I can’t decide between bomba finale and elastico finale tf

  7. Hey Josh – Which would you just wear around – The Lunar Gato II’s or the Elastico Finale 3 Indoor shoes?

  8. Hi Josh can you answer this Question please I wanted to order new turf boots but I don’t know what to get I usually play on all surfaces and mainly Astro turf should I get the Nike Elastico Finale 3 or the Nike Mercurial Victory 5 which shoes do you recommend thanks

  9. Josh, in your opinion which one is better, the Mercurial Superfly IC or this shoes in the IC version? I don’t know of this is too early but I am going to get a pair of one of those 2. Thanks.

    • I wouldn’t say that “better” is the right word. They’re both high-end shoes that offer great performance features and are both going to offer a barefoot feel for the ball. The traction and cushioning that they offer is also going to be identical. Your choice should simply come down to what you like, or at least what interests you more. Would you rather the mid-cut FlyKnit upper of the Superfly, or a more traditional, but still unique low-cut shoe in the form of the Elastico.

  10. How have these held up? I’m considering getting these instead of Tiempo AGs. Would be nice to save $110, but I’m a little concerned about durability.

  11. Hey Josh, I wear a 6.5 in the lunar gato. They were a bit tight at first but once the leather stretched the fit was incredible. So I ask, what size would be best for me?

  12. Which IN YOUR OPINION is better finale III or elastico superfly

  13. Hey Josh, are the studs on these aggressive enough to be used on artificial grass?

  14. Hi. Thanks for the hard work with all the detailed in-depth reviews. It really does help to shed a bit more light on the issues related with all different cleats.

    I’m size 25,5cm (measured at the store, foot+sock). I tried the Hypervenom Phelon 7.5US/25.5cm and it’s a baby finger wide on the big toe and a little bit less on the remaining fingers.

    Which size should i go for the Elastico Finale 3 ? any advice? i’b ordering online.


  15. Hey Josh – I just bought a pair of these and went off of both your review, as well as the shoefitr app which had me purchasing at true-to-size (US 9 for me). I’m surprised at how snug these fit compared to the Nitrocharges I wear for my outdoor games. Will the Elasticos loosen up during break-in, or should I exchange for a 9.5?


    • If they’re just snug width-wise, than I would stick with them. The NikeSkin upper will stretch. If they’re too small length-wise, than exchange them for a bigger size. They do run true to size, and your the first one that I have received a message from regarding the sizing being off, so it may just be that you aren’t used to the different fit profile of the Elastico in comparison to the Nitrocharge, because they are quite different. As a side note, I wear a size 9US if both the Elastico Finale 3 and Nitrocharge 1.0.

  16. Hey im thinking to buy nike elastico final 3 and i just wonder is there better choice on the market for tf models ? thnx

  17. I am thinking of purchasing these however have have a wide forefoot but average width for the rest is it OK if I went up half a size

  18. Hi, I just bought these for my son, he wants to wear them every day.. Will it damage the shoe?

  19. Hey Josh, are there any other one-piece turf shoes on the market lower than $90?

  20. Hi Mr. Vujović or should I say “pozdrav”? 🙂
    I need good AG shoes, can you help me please which one is better iyo, mundial team or elastico 3?

    Thank you very much (hvala puno)!

  21. Hello Joshua Vujovic, I’m a huge fan of your channel “Soccer Reviews For You”.
    I saw your review on Elastico finale 3. When I bought these pairs, I’m having a ankle slippage what shall I do to prevent it. 🙁

  22. Hi josh i need help. I have wide feet. Im looking for the lightest in weight turf shoe with an awesome style and feel similar to the vapor x. Whats the closest turf shoe to it? Lightweight speed traction Are important to me.

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