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Nike Elastico Finale 3 Indoor Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the new Nike Elastico Finale 3 Indoor click the link above.


  1. Hi Josh, please tell me what to buy between elastico finale 3 and adidas top sala. Thank you

  2. Josh help , Nike lunargato 2 or Nike elastico finale 3?

  3. Hey Josh, I previously owned the Elastico finale 2 and I was wondering how the fit and sizing compares to the Elastico finale 3

  4. Hi Josh,

    when are you doing a playtest on the elastico finale 3 and the elastico superfly?


  5. Are these a noticeable improvement from the Finale II’s, which are at a higher price point?

  6. Would you rather play indoor with the Nike Elastico Finale 3 or the Nike Elastico Superfly and can you compare them please

  7. hey joshua,

    between Nike Elastico Finale III TF iD Men’s Turf Soccer Cleat and Elastico Superfly Men’s Turf Soccer Cleat, which one is the best? fyi my foot are kind a large! so if one of them cannot get soften, it might be an issue!

  8. Hi Josh,
    Could you tell me if you think the elastico finale iii would fit my orthotic insoles if I removed the Nike insoles?

    • I can’t say for sure, but I would say that it is unlikely that they will work well with this particular. Since there’s no tongue, the upper is one-piece, there isn’t much room for the boot to expand, so when you put in a bulky orthotic insole, they may become way too tight.

  9. Hey Josh, do you prefer Nike Tiempo Legacy indoor or Nike Elastico Finale 3 Indoor or Adidas Mundial Goal Indoor? Which one is your favorite indoor soccer shoe?

  10. Josh please help, can you compare this with nike elastico superfly, which one do you prefer and why?

  11. does this shoe come with any extras? Also, I can get elastico finale 2 for $30 or the finale 3 for $70. in your opinion, would you personally invest the money for the finale 3 or just go with the 2

  12. Hey josh which is the best indoor shoe which can provide true barefoot feel under 70 dollars?

  13. Which would be better for futsal and indoor, the Nike Elastico Finale 3 or Adidas Freefootball Control Sala Hunt Pack? I am a midfielder, so I need a good balance between durability, control, and power/accuracy for shots.

    • The Elastico Finale 3 is a much better shoe when it comes to quality in comparison to the FreeFootball line. Your position and playing style aren’t really relevant to your choice of footwear.

  14. Do you have a video on this shoe on youtube and how is the traction on this shoe?

  15. Will the upper and the outsole seperate very fast because of the Nike skin?

  16. Hey josh , i wanted your opinion on which shoe is better the finale iii or the elastical superfly in overall quality , feel and grip in an indoor court or if you can please make a video thanks.:)

  17. I currently wear 11 1/2 in my nike ctr 360 indoors, should i get this the same size or a size 12

  18. Hey Josh what’s the difference between Elastico Finale 3 and Pro 3

  19. Hey josh, what are the differences between the finale II and the finale III? I wanted to get the finale II for freestyle but can’t get my hands on them anymore so i was wondering if the finale III are almost the same thing?

  20. Hi,dear friends,I want to buy nike elastico indoor it will be my first indoor nike shoes,which one do you prefer Finale 3 or Pro 3?

  21. Hey Josh,
    Im buying my first pair of indoors. Which would you recommend? Lunargato 2 or elastico finale 3?

  22. hi Josh, wich is better nike elastico III or adidas freefootball crazyquick??

  23. Hi Josh, what does the non marking tag on the shoe means? Thanks!

  24. Is this or the Nike Elastico Pro 3 better option

  25. Is the shoe durable, will the upper rip open easily?

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