Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Crazylight Just Arrived

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  1. Its a whales eye.

  2. Josh ! I have a drastic decision to make ! choosing between the crazy light nitrocharges (which appeal to me very much but i have never tried them on or seen them in person) or to get the normal black and orange ones which would match my new gloves (I am a goalkeeper) or to get the new shine through tiempos or superflys ?
    your assistance is required ASAP

    • Sounds like you don’t really know what you want. Worry less about how they look and more about how they’ll feel. All four shoes that you mentioned are completely different when it comes to feel, so it really depends what your preferences are.

  3. This or the mvx which do you prefer?

  4. Hi Josh,
    Which is suitable for goalkeeper most?I’ve seen a lot of goalkeepers use a lot of different kind of boot,predator,nitrocharge,tiempo,but which is suitable for keeper most?

    • It depends on what you like and what type of feel that you’re looking for. Boots by position is just a marketing gimmick, you should be picking shoes based on your preferences when it comes to feel.

  5. is the sizing the same as the original nitrocharge boot.

  6. Okay so i am a striker and I prefer synthetic close to the ball feel and a good touch, this seems like a perfect alternative to the f50 adizero 4. But I don’t know how well the touch is and i am stuck between these and the new f50 adizero 5. The reason I don’t want to get the f50 is because you pay $120 more for f50 compared to its takesdown model f30 for only less weight and I know a lot of people are going to buy those takedown models and I want my cleats to stand out. Would these nitrocharges be a good pair for me?

  7. I’m a big fan of your reviews and this helped me a lot I chose these over the f50 4 because of you and they really are much better and have better support thanks josh

  8. josh.. i currently own a pair of Tiempo legend 5.. and i wear us 10 .. and its fit comfortable and no issue what so ever.. but… i don’t know what i should take for this CL nitrocharge?? i have a little wide fit..

  9. Hi josh, thinking of purchasing these boots look fantastic, but I have one question about the durability of the boot was there separation around the edges of the boots around the toe box area and fore foot? Because I really want to buy these boots but I really need them to at least last me a year! Thanks