Soccer News — September 15, 2014 at 12:56 pm

SR4U Any Shoe Giveaway September 15th, 2014

Cut to Brilliance with the New CR7 Mercurial Nike Cleats! Available to Ship Now. Offer ends 11/5. Click Here!

This giveaway is for 1 (one) pair of soccer cleats/football boots of your choice. You can pick any pair that is In Stock or on Pre-Order, just make sure that the size that you need is available in the drop down menu on that specific product page. Also keep in mind that Pre-Order items will not ship out until they’re available. You are allowed 1 (one) entry per person, as long as you live in any of the listed Countries on the sign-up form. Should you win the Giveaway and are below the age of 18, you will need the consent of a Parent or Legal Guardian in order to claim your prize. All Giveaway Winners are selected at random.

This giveaway runs to September 2oth, 2014. Once the Winner has been verified, it will be posted on the Giveaway Winners page on this website, as well as on the SR4U Facebook Fan Page. Once the Giveaway has ended, 1 (one) Winner will be Randomly selected and sent an email, notifying them that they have won the Giveaway. That person will have 24 hours to respond to that email in order to claim their prize. If I do not get a response from the Winner within 24 hours, a new Winner will be Randomly selected and the process will repeat itself until we have a winner.

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1. CLICK HERE to go pick your potential giveaway prize. Remember, footwear only. Once you’ve decided on the shoe that you would like, click to that specific product page, and verify that the size you need is available in the drop down menu. If you don’t see your size, that product is unavailable.

2. Once you’ve decided on what you want, and have verified the availability, you’re going to come back to this page and fill in the Giveaway Sign-Up form. Your Name and E-Mail address are required. In the box labelled “Giveaway Prize”, comment the Model, Colorway and Size of the shoe that you would like.

3. Click “Enter”, and your entry has been submitted.

4. For up to 6 extra entries, check out the Social Media tabs. Each Like or Share via the listed forms of Social Media will reward you with 1 extra entry, giving you the option of having up to 7 total entries. Please keep in mind that extra entries are not required, but can increase your odds of winning.


  1. I just want to say thanks for the competitions and keep doing what your doing it’s great!

  2. A great opportunity. Thanks Josh.

  3. Josh i think this is very cool for you to do this my respects

  4. Thank you for the opertunity to get a great pair of boots I really appreciate it

  5. 🙂 I wonder who would win me or one of you guys

  6. you’re awesome josh, hope i get some predators 🙂

  7. Thanks josh for the oppurtunity good luck people who entered

  8. Hey Josh thx again for letting us get another try to win a free pair of cleats

  9. Thanks Josh for the opportunity !:)

  10. I know I’m probaly not gonna Win but thank you for the Great opportunity Josh 🙂

  11. Thanks for this opportunity Josh. Good for people who need shoes but don’t seem to have the money to get these top model cleats! Great job Josh

  12. Thank for the oppertunity

  13. Hey Josh,

    Been following you for a while on youtube. Thanks for posting your reviews, you’ve helped me a lot and learned too!

    Thank you for this oppotunity!!! Hoping the best.


  14. you’re the real MVP :p

  15. thanks josh!!!

  16. Your videos are great,keep up the good work

  17. Good luck to everyone who has entered the giveaway!!!

  18. Thanks Josh for this awesome give away, I’m really looking forward to when you announce the winner. You’re awesome and i love your videos and all your reviews, very honest and truthful reviews. I don’t have much money to buy cleats like these, but you providing us with this amazing opportunity is just amazing! I truly am very grateful. rock on! we love you 🙂

  19. Entered.Thanks Josh

  20. Great deed Josh 🙂

  21. thanks josh


  23. Nice events and videos! Keep up the good work 🙂

  24. I know I’m never going to win its a 1 in a bazillion chance but I entered

  25. Thanks for putting this great opportunity to win some football boots I haven’t had a decent pair in ages so this would be good for me.
    Good luck to those other people that have entered

  26. Love the videos, so satisfying to know there’s a community of people that take as much an interest in football boots as I do

  27. Fingers crossed, I really want to win, haha I have no luck in this contests

  28. Thanks Josh for this great opportunity,it would be a dream come true if i win this shoes, Thanks.

  29. Always love your content Josh, keep it up 🙂

  30. Great opportunity! Thanks josh maybe I win

  31. hope i win i never had a high end model before the only boots i got were the lowest take down models 🙁

  32. Hopefully I win my Hypervenoms

  33. hey josh, thanks for doing these giveaways!

  34. Please I want to win

  35. Good luck guys

  36. I want superflys 4 size 5.5

  37. hope i win

  38. I really hope i win. Ive never had a top end model of a boot before

  39. Thanks for a great opportunity josh!!!!

  40. Thanks Josh, i would never be able to afford nice boots if it werent for this, i love your videos and keep up the good work, i hope i get lucky

  41. Congrats Anthony Madison!

  42. I had neverv son something live this

  43. Thanks for the opportunity, Josh appreciate it! Congrats to the winner.

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