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Nike Mercurial Victory 5 Indoor Review

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To see more pictures and video of the new Nike Mercurial Victory 5 Indoor click the link above.


  1. Hi josh am one of your fans on YouTube and I have only use one soccer cleats for years and now am about to buy the mercurial victory 5 indoor. Is it a good cleat for me and I have wide feet and 14 years old

  2. Is it durable is I use it on concrete?

  3. Hey Josh. I was wondering if these victory v indoors are really tight or not. Also could I wear these as casual shoes? I have wider them average feet.

  4. Hi Josh. My son is going to play in an indoor tournament for 3 days and I was wondering if I was better off with getting him Victory 5s or the lower tier elasticos as that’s what’s on offer for junior sizes. With your knowledge of both the shoes, could I get some advice please

    • Personally, I would go for the Elasticos since the synthetic is a little softer. The Nike Tiempo Genio might also be worth taking a look at, you can’t go wrong with natural leather.

      • Thank you Josh all the way from the U.K. My son saw the Elastico pro 3 and has his eye on them now. Looks like he will be getting those. He’s a very big fan of yours. Keep up the good work

  5. P.s, you mentioned the Tiempo Genio. Would the Adidas Sala be a better option all round?

  6. Hey Josh,
    Thanks for making these reviews everyday and putting out such great content! I really appreciate the helpfulness of your reviews. With that being said, I’m looking for an indoor shoe that I will mainly be using on concrete/asphalt. I’m on somewhat of a budget so i am looking for the biggest bang for my buck. I am looking for a barefoot-like feel for the ball and i was debating between the victory 5 and the elastico pro 2. What would you personally recommend? In addition to that, which shoe is better in terms of responsiveness?
    Thank you!

  7. Hi Josh, I have been looking for a pair of futsal shoes for almost 2 months after using my Adidas Super Sala. Can you recommend what shoes should I go for? I am 14 and my feet size is (UK) 6 and (US) 6 1/2. My budget is around 100$-175$. So far, I am interested in the Nike Mecurial Vapor 10 and the Mecurial Victory 5, so should i go for those based on the details I have given? Thanks for spending your time answering my question!

  8. Hey Josh,
    It’s the first time I’m trying out Nike soccer shoes so what do you recommend -the elastico finale iii or the mercurial victory v?

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