Nike Magista Obra SG-Pro Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the new Nike Magista Obra SG-Pro click the link above.


  1. Are you gonna do a review on the new blue and orange tiempos when you get them because I am getting them when they come out

  2. And also what shoe would you consider to have the best fit out of all cleats because I am torn between these cleats and the new colourway of the tiempo

    • How can you be torn between two completely different boots? You either want a leather boot (tiempo) or you dont. Josh doesnt have your feet, so before you spend £130 plus on some boots you are actually required to think for yourself.

  3. Hey Josh, I have a quick question. How does this shoe fit compared to something like the F50’s in the Messi edition? Do they run a bit smaller or larger?

  4. Hey josh I wear f30’s in size 8 & there’s a whole thumb of space in the toe box so should I go to 7.5 in the magista ?

  5. I noticed that in the pictures provided that the shoe looks more blue than the color of it in your video. Would you describe the color a more blue turquoise or a more greenish turquoise in person?

  6. I am considering buying a pair of these and I have f50’s in a size 13.5. My right foot is a little smaller than my right so a 13.5 feels a bit loose but my left feels fine, I have about a quarter inch of room in my right foot. So what size would you recommend I go?

  7. Now i love my tiempo legend v but wanted to get something else. Which cleat is the most similar in comfort, fit, width to the legend v?

    • As of right now, nothing really. The Nike Premier and Magista Opus would be the “closest” thing, but even than they’re still significantly different in comparison to the Legend 5.

  8. I wear size 9 in the older superfly ii the ones with carbon fiber sole plate. Should I buy these magistas in size U.S 9 or 9.5. I don’t want to buy size 9 and then they fit to small. but I don’t want to buy 9.5 if a 9 is gonna fit perfect.

    • I feel most comfortable going half a size up in the Obra. I normally wear a 9US, and in the Obra, that makes for a really tight fit, where as a 9.5US in the Obra is still snug, but more comfortable. If you fit perfectly in the 9US Superfly, you may want to consider the 9.5US Obra if you want to avoid them being too tight.

  9. Just asking here as well as to the reasoning behind you not recommending wearing the SG Pros on Filed Turf (potentially using plastic screw in studs). I understand you said you wouldn’t do it but you didn’t really explain why you wouldn’t. Basically I want to know if its a problem of too much grip or too little (the reason I don’t like the AG/Turf studs is because they don’t grip as well as FG studs on turf). Or if your reasoning is just turf is not what SG pro boots are “designed for”.

    P.S. I normally wear a 10 in the Vapors and Total 90 but went down to a 9.5 for the hyper venom and the magistas, where as I cannot even fit my foot into a 9.5 vapors.

    • You don’t wear SG shoes on turf for the simple fact that SG shoes are made for use on soft, natural grass playing surfaces, the opposite of turf. There’s a reason why Nike does not sell plastic replacement studs. Not only will you run into issues with stud pressure, plastic studs or not, but you’ll also put a lot of stress on all of the “screw-in” points on the shoe by using them on turf. From there, it’s only a matter of time before those screw-in points break, and then there’s nothing you can do to fix the shoe. You’ll also run into major issues with the turf gripping the screw-in studs and loosening them to where they fall out while you’re playing.

      As far as as performance is concerned, SG studs, plastic or metal, are significantly longer than what is required for an AG/turf playing surface. They won’t be able to dig in nowhere near as deep as they should which will lead to major issues with stability, as well as feel extremely clingy. I wouldn’t even recommend wearing FG shoes on turf, let alone SG.

      • Josh:

        Thanks for the reply. My issue is I normally play in FG studs on turf, the whole reason I’m playing on turf is to get extra grip out of my FG studs, so I don’t like then playing in turf/AG shoes which approximate the very level of traction I was avoiding grass to get away from. Unfortunately, the Magista Obra FG studs break off on turf, that’s why I was thinking about switching to a SG Pro so I can replace the studs.

        P.S. Because, as you note in your reviews, the insole cushion often shifts while you’re playing I usually take them out as soon as I get a pair of shoes. You get much better traction that way especially in trusocks because your foot is directly touching the sole plate. I play with no cushion on turf, and the stud pressure is something you get used to.

  10. Joshua do you know any
    way where i can get myself a pair of magista obra or superfly 4 hightop for kids ive looked everywhere and cant seem to find any do you know any website i really like shoes im like a size 4 or 5 in US THANK YOU

  11. Hey Josh,
    I was just wondering how long would the dynamic fit collar of the new Magista Obra would last?

  12. Hi Josh, I have heard several different sizing suggestions for the magista obra. I currently wear a size 10.5 in the opus line, and they are roomy and comfortable. But I feel that if I get a size 10.5 in the obra, the flyknit upper won’t fit tight and correctly. Any sizing suggestions?

    • The sizing runs about the same between the Opus and Obra, with Obra running just a touch longer. I wear a 9.5US in the Opus and have worn both a 9US and 9.5US in the Obra. I personally feel more comfortable in the 9.5US.

  13. Which Magista is better turquoise or the new shine through? Will SGpro work in dirt ssometimes here in Tennessee during the summer there is dirt. Also I wear size 10.5 in superflys and tthey are comfy what size should I get for the magistas??

  14. Hi Josh! I have something I want you to help me with. I have never really liked the colorway of the magistas so i have been ignoring it for a while but the turquiose colorway made me fall in love with the magista. Now I want to buy a pair but I can’t seem to find one in my size(8.5 us). Do you know of any online site that might have one my size? preferably a site that ship to the us. I wore the elastico superfly in size 8.5 and it is very snugged but there is a bit of space left in the toe box. Do you think i will fit into a size 9 obra?

  15. Hey josh woupd you,recommend the Nike magista obra ?

  16. Forgot to mention in my large paragraph, lol, that last week I found some Total 90 IV Mango. And they were size 10US and they were tight but I had a little bit of space in the toe box, like 2 or 3 milimeters, they were tight but comfy. In summary with my otger question, if the Total 90 fittes me well in that size, do you think 10.5 of the Magistas would be good? Again, sorry, really sorry, because maybe this questions bother you, but please, this is the last one, I promise. Just want to know if there is a difference in lwngth of the Magistas compared to the F50 or in general, if Magista run smaller in length. I have normal feet, not wide but not narrow. So thats why it concerns me more about length. Oh and if you ask, there are no Magista or similar boot where I live 🙁

    Cheers Josh, really I ask you because I know you are a pro in this stuff and the best in youtube in soccer gear.

  17. Hi josh i wear the adidas predators in a size 7 and they fit perfect was just wondering how the fit compares to the obra and if i should go a size up to a 7.5 in the obras