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Nike Elastico Superfly Turf Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the new Nike Elastico Superfly Turf Shoe click the link above.


  1. Hi Josh,
    I would like to pre-order the elastico superfly turf, Do you think I should go true to size or half size down?

  2. Hey Josh, do you think that I could wear these outdoors on say turf or AG? I feel I’d be getting a great deal as I’m paying $125 less than the regular superflys.

  3. Hi Josh! I want a pair for myself of the elastico finale iii, will you make a review of the turf version please?

  4. Hey Josh i have a question i’m from the Caribbean where the weather is like a million degrees for most part of the year, where most of the playing surfaces during the dry weather period are pretty much hard, dry and dusty basically hard-ground surfaces. Ignoring personal preferences would you recommend me playing with the usual firm ground cleats or go for a standard pair of turf shoes for this kind of playing surface

  5. are these as wide as the phelon in turf ?

  6. Hey josh I was wondering could you get cleats in the elastico superfly

  7. Hi Josh. I am a big fan of your reivews. I really appreciate all the time. I have questions. Im planning to get a pair of elastico or TF superfly orange colored one. I usually play at Artification ground. In this case, which one could you recommand me between TF and elastico. I know elastico is for indoor purpose though, I saw some reivews that this elastico superfly has different outsole from elastico finale, although play at artificial outdoor ground any slip happen even rainning condition. So I am now very serious what to buy. Please give your opinion. Coz I guss elastico superfly one seems more balanced. Thanks.

  8. Josh:

    What do you expect for durability from these shoes versus a traditional synthetic or leather? Do you expect Nike to introduce a turf version of the Magista as well?

    Thanks, Tim

  9. Hey Josh,
    Are the insoles for the Elastico Superfly removable? I would love to get those shoes but because of being flat-footed I need to put my own custom insoles in them.

  10. Hey Josh, I was wondering if the elastico superbly are the same width as a standard mercurial fg cleat

  11. Hey Josh, thanks for all the great videos. I ordered a pair of the Nike elastic TF for my indoor season where we play our games on turf, but we practice on a hardwood gym floor once a week. Do you think it would be ok to use the TF model on the gym floor once a week, or will there be no traction? Will the studs wear down really quickly? Buying the IC version isn’t really an option. Thanks a lot

  12. Hey Josh do you think they’re gonna make more of these in the future or are they just a limited release

  13. Hi Josh,
    I’m torn at the moment between buying the Nike elastico superfly or elastico finale iii indoor shoes, could you tell me in your eyes which is better?

    • My preference is the Elastco, but it really depends on what you’re looking for. The Elastcio is awesome quality, very well priced, a great performer, and more along the line of a “normal” soccer shoe, while the Superfly features a flyknit upper and a mid-cut design, which a lot of people like right now. They’re both great shoes, with the exact same base, so like I said, it’s a matter of what you’re looking for.

  14. Hi,Josh

    I really love your reviews and i want to ask you something.I saw some guys in Nike commercial playing with elastico superfly on the concrete.I am looking for concrete shoes and after i saw that i want elastico.Is it good choose.


  15. Hi Josh

    I am currently using the Magista astro boot and before that i had the ctr

    I want to know can i order the elastico superfly in the same size or must i size up or down

    The size i wear is 8.5uk


  16. Hey Josh,
    Do you think these would hurt my feet? I wear the Magista Opus, which hurt my heels a bit and my feet are a little wide.

  17. Josh,

    I really like these boots but I’m not sure if I’ll fit in them. I fit into the hypervenom phatal perfectly, I’m curious how the elastico superfly compare to the phatals fit-wise? Do you think I should get the elasticos or go for a wider boot?

  18. Are these going to have the same traction on ag as the superfly 4 ag? Im also a bit worried about the traction on ag when the field is wet, since i live in Norway where it rains alot.

  19. Can i wear these cleats on grass? They’re turf only but what if i need to wear them on grass. Please reply ASAP! I need to order cleats pretty soon.

  20. Hi Josh if I get the indoor elastico superfly can i wear them on hard dry grass as well?

  21. Josh are the Brio Cables on the upper of the elastico superfly so vibrant like when you feel on top of them is there like a big raise or are some low and some really vibrant or are all not that vibrant?

  22. Hey Josh, I am currently wearing a US8.5 mercurial vapor. Do I get the same size for this elastico or go half size down?

  23. Hey Josh do you do worldwide delivery

  24. Hey Josh, I am going to buy the Elastico superfly turf, But is it possible to use them indoor too?

  25. Hey Josh, Im wondering how you would compare the Superfly AG to the ELastico superfly turf? Do you think there could be a video about it coming up?

    • The uppers are similar, but the different soleplates and stud patterns do feel distinctly different. The AG Superfly 4 will feel more solid, arguably more comfortable and will provide more aggressive traction on artificial grass.

  26. Can you use elasticos superfly turf version on grass as well as on concrete or indoor courts or should I just get the indoor court version?

  27. Josh i want these boots but two questions
    1.dynamic fit collar size
    How does dynamic fit collar feel ?
    And i can only find size 10 and up on all four colorways
    Suggestions ? I am size 8 or 8.5 us

    • They sell out quickly. The more popular sizes tend to be gone after the first week or so. If they aren’t available in your size, I would wait until the next colorway release and get them right away.

  28. Hi josh I have a pair of tiempos and I was going to go for something different and try these elasticos but what’s the difference in fitting

  29. Are there size 8.5 or 9 US for these Josh ?
    And how about dymanic fit collar are they nice ?

  30. Can u do more jersey reviews ?

  31. Can these shoes shrink

  32. will I get good traction if I use turf shoes on a outdoor artificial grass field?

  33. Hey Josh could i wear these for full length matches on ag or turf fields?

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