Just Arrived Soccer Shoes, Latest Reviews, Mizuno Reviews — August 20, 2014 at 4:29 pm

Mizuno Morelia Neo MIJ (Made in Japan) Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the Mizuno Morelia Neo MIJ (Made in Japan) soccer/football boot click the link above.


  1. Josh, saw your comparison video MIJ vs Standard mizuno. thought it was really good.
    How would you rate the neo vs the Asics ds kight x-fly?. im a big fan of kleather light weight boots which can offer some comfort since i am an aging soccer player. Im have the standard neo but need a second pair. does the asics offer a similiar fit?

    • They’re both great boots, but if I had to pick between the two, I personally find the X-fly a little more comfortable. With that said, shoes like the Niek Tiempo Legend 5 and Nike Premier, while they weigh a little more in comparison, are by far my preferred choice over the “ultra-lightweight” leather options out there.

  2. Hey josh,

    I wear a nike mercurial vapor X in size 10.5US. What size should I order these in?

  3. Josh I wear a size 9 in the superflys what sixlze should I get the mizunos

  4. Hey josh
    I was hopin to get a pair of these I have relatively wide feet but have tried a friends takedown model in the UT size 10 version
    They fit well except all the reviews say true to size and I normally wear a 9.5 us in the f50 or a size 10 tiempo legend
    What size should I order????

  5. Hey Josh after a while u used thw morelia neo did the front of the boot split??