adidas 2016 Euro Qualifier Official Match Ball Review

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To see more pictures and video of the new adidas 2016 Euro Qualifier Official Match Ball click the link above.


  1. Would you recommend buying this ball instead of the Ordem 1 or 2?
    I would be using it for juggling and free kicks, and nothing in game. I just want a professional ball to use for feel and summer training really.
    Cheers, Joshua.

  2. I do like the color paterns on this ball. Its mostly white and pretty simple, but I like that. Im old school. Great review as usual.

  3. Hey Josh. Can you review Adidas Tango Passadena? Its not a high end model, but I found it arguably the most commonly used soccer ball for practice. Its a FIFA approved soccer ball as well. Should be well worthwhile to compare it to other high end official match balls.

    • It’s a good ball, the problem is availability. They still make it, and will continue to make it, but for whatever reason, nobody online seems to carry it. It’s tough to compare it to a modern match ball, but there’s no doubt that its still a great performer.

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