Nike Tiempo Legend 5 SG-Pro Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the new Nike Tiempo Legend 5 SG-Pro click the link above.


  1. Is there a huge difference, a major difference between these and the Legacy’s? I heard calf-skin is more durable than K-leather and more water-resistant but the Legends are the most comfortable, is it worth spending much more? or?

  2. Hey josh is there a difference between the nike vapour 10 and the nike superfly 4 please reply that would be great 🙂

  3. Hey josh which nike boot is your favourite in your opinion ?

  4. Josh I need some advice. I’m 13 and a few months ago I ordered a pair of vapor 9s. I ordered a size 8.5 but I truly wear a 7.5. I was hoping that my feet would grow, but they just haven’t. There is a lot of space in the toebox and a lot of space in other spots as well. My foot slides around a lot and my heel has some blisters. My parents have small feet so mine might not grow anymore. But I don’t think my mom is up for buying me new boots.

    • They’re a full size too big, there’s not much you can do expect get a smaller pair. You should never buy a pair of shoes that don’t fit you properly from the start.

  5. Hey Josh, I wear Nike Tiempo IV Mystic currently (Light Bone colourway) and I’ve had them for almost nine months.

    My normal shoe size is 11 UK, some shoes I can fit into a 10 or 10.5 but naturally, it’s a size 11. My Tiempos do have a little bit of space and I think they do stretch a little bit. So I was wondering, the next boots I will get will be Nike Tiempo Legend V in this Black/Volt Green colourway. You said they run half a size small. To get the perfect fit with me able to move my toes a bit, which size do you recommend? I’m going to have to get it online.

    Should I buy size 12 UK (Technically they’re 11.5 as they run smaller and then they will stretch a bit) or should I get size 12? or should I get size 11? Thanks

  6. Are american and UK boots different in terms of actual sizing fit?

  7. what size should i get i have now got the Adidas Adizero RS7 White/Red/Black in a size ten but they fit perfectly thhe back of the shoe has started to come apart, i have just seen these boots but dont know what size to get them in. help me? and cheaply??

  8. hey josh i purchased these about a month ago . ive used these a handful of times, they are ripping from the fron i purchased these off a friend on ebay. New without a box or an item number, any way i could return them for an exchange or soemthing