Soccer News — July 18, 2014 at 1:33 pm

New Release Deals of the Week July 18th 2014

Summer Outlet Sale: Low Prices, Hot Gear. Save up to 80% Off at SOCCER.COM. Offer Ends 8/31/17. Shop Now.

Below are links to all the new releases from Nike, Adidas and Puma with Discount Coupon Codes. You can find more deals on older colorways of Nike, Adidas, Puma, Diadora and more on the SUPER DEALS section of my website with discounts of 50% or more on some products. Anyone living outside of North America can take advantage of the EUROPEAN SUPER DEALS check it out.

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  1. Hey Josh, first of all I want to say, keep up the good work in reviewing all of those soccercleats, I’m really a big fan of your website and I’ll check it almost every day! Now comes my question for you 🙂 since Nike isn’t going to continue making the CTR 360 line and those were my previous boots in last season (the 3’s) I was wondering if there was a pair of cleats on the market these days that gives a similar feel in comfort and fit, cause I have to say that the CTR 360 3’s were maybe the best boots I ever played in 🙂 thx in advance for your answer, many greetings, Neal

  2. Hey Josh!
    Fan here from Ivory Coast, just wondering which would be better for a midfield player who likes to focus on passing and assisting; the nike tiempo or magista? I know how magista are labeled for assisting but the price are kind of iffy. I’m also looking for a boot that’s a bit wider because the last ones I owned were mercurials and even though they were my size they still didn’t fit. Hope you read this!

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