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Brazilian Soccer/Football Boot Care Kit Review


To see more pictures and video of the new Brazilian Soccer/Football Boot Care Kit click the link above.

Joshua Vujovic (1130 Posts)

My goal is to provide the most detailed, in-depth reviews on all the latest soccer gear. Its very easy to get caught up in all of the hype around the latest soccer equipment, but we're here to point you in the right direction. As a product tester, I always give my honest, unbiased opinion on everything that gets tested, ensuring that you're always getting the most accurate information possible


  1. Can we use this for fly knit materials

  2. Josh,
    I was wondering if there was any special way to clean the Nike Superfly IV CR7 soccer cleats/football boots. Since the gritty feeling shimmering upper loses its shine eventually, and I noticed that wiping the cleats/boots reduced the simmer effect, is there any way to preserve or clean but avoid reducing the effect? I’ve watched nearly all of your great, informative videos, including how to clean the Superfly IV, but the other Superfly IV’s don’t have the same textured upper. I greatly appreciate the reply and keep up the great work Josh!


    • Not really. The more you wipe them down, the more potential there is to rub away the Glimmer material. Gently wiping them down with a wet rag seems to be the best way based on my experience.

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