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Arsenal FC Inspired Puma evoPOWER 1 Tricks Released


Puma has launched another special edition Tricks colorway on the heels of the success of the World Cup tricks release. This colorway was inspired by the colors of the just released 2014-15 Arsenal Home Kit that was just unveiled last night in London. To read the full written review for the Puma evoPOWER 1 CLICK HERE.



Again Puma has decided to produce the evoPOWER with a mirror opposite color for each shoe ensuring you will stand out on the field.

Left Shoe Red

Left Shoe Red

Left Shoe Instep in Red

Left Shoe Instep in Red

The left boot on the evoPOWER 1 Tricks is mostly red with white and blue accents.

Right Shoe White

Right Shoe White

Right Shoe Instep White

Right Shoe Instep White

The right boot on the evoPOWER 1 Tricks is mostly white with red and blue accents.



The soleplate and stud pattern are exactly the same as previous evoPOWERS.

To order yourself a pair of the new Puma evoPOWER 1 Tricks CLICK HERE.

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  1. Which one do you prefer the maestri’s or the evoPOWER’s ? Thanks it would help alot.

  2. Just asking for your personal opinion,do u prefer the Magista Opus or EvoPOWER 1?

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