Adidas Predator Absolado Instinct Just Arrived

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To see more pictures and video of the new Adidas Predator Absolado Instinct click the link above.


  1. Hy Josh. In your opinion which is better between mercurial vapor IX ag and the new veloce II ag?? I found this cleats around the same price. Thanks

  2. i really like the new predators but i can’t afford the high end ones. is tha absolado a good pick? i used to use mercurial victory 4 and i was really happy with its performance. will this cleat give me similar performance?

  3. Hi Josh, so I play for a casual Rec Soccer team and need some new cleats. I don’t need anything crazy, and my friend who is very competitive and plays travel soccer says that cleats in this price range aren’t that different, and that looks are the biggest difference, plus he bought some leather Nike Tiempos for 13 dollars and said that they were fine, so I took his advice.

    I originally ordered the better Absolion in the Battlepack colorway, but he showed me the miPredator Absolado, so I returned the Absolions as soon as they arrived and ordered the miPredators. Was this a mistake? Or will it make no difference since I’ll only play in games every week and practice two or three times a week?

    If this helps, my other shoe/boot is a Nike Mercurial Victory IV Galaxy Indoor, as I just used indoors before I joined the team, and I find them great, though they were a bit firm at first, now they are very comfortable.

    Thanks for reading, sorry for the wall of text!

  4. Hi just wanted to ask you a question what boot would you recommend the Adidas Predator Alsolado or the Nike Mercurial Victory 5???? I need a turf boot and if you answer this question it would help me a lot thanks 🙂

  5. I dont know if i should get tiempo 5 legacy or predator instinct can you please tell ne which one is best

    • It isn’t a matter of which is best, rather what type of feel that you’re looking for. The Preds will provide tons of extra grip on the ball, while the Legacy will provide a much more natural feel.

  6. hey which pne do you recommend predator absloado instinct indoor or Nike elastico finale?which one is more comfortable and durable?

  7. Would you recommend the predator instinct or the absolado