Play Test Videos — June 6, 2014 at 11:57 am

Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 Play Test + Freekicks

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A play test of the new Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 with freekicks, juggling and more click the link above to see more.



  1. After watching your Veloce video, I’ve become more and more skeptical of the Vapor X. Is there any substantial reason to buy the Vapor X instead of the Velocce 2?

    • Yes and no. The Vapor 10 is definitely the better boot of the two, but the Veloce 2 isn’t far off. It just depends on what you want, on whether or not the Vapor 10 offers enough extra to you to justify the difference in price.

      • Thanks! One more thing, does the tongue-less design, offer a significant improvement in overall comfort/feel/ would this justify the increase in cost for you personally?

  2. Hi Josh,
    I did not like the Vapor 9 dimpled textured and I preferred the Vapor 9 synthetic leather finish.
    Do you think I should stay away from Vapor 10 since it’s has dimpled texture or do you think the dimpled texture is not all over the upper of the boot or less than Vapor 9 dimpled upper.
    Ali Costa

  3. Hey Josh,
    I know that both the f50 adizero and the vapor x offer a barefoot feel for the ball, but out of the two which one do you think offers a more natural and snug fit?

  4. Hi Josh! Have you finished the written review? Would love to read it! 🙂

  5. Hey Josh should i be worried that i the Superflys a half a size bigger than i actually am?

  6. Hi Josh does the Vapor X sizing the same as the Victory 5 sizing. For example if I wear a size 4 in the Victory 5, would I get a size 4 in the Vapor X.
    Thanks, I love your videos.

  7. hi im a winger and I have been using mercurials but I recently saw the new pink and blue f50s and im not sure which is better please help.

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