Play Test Videos — June 8, 2014 at 12:03 pm

Nike Mercurial Superfly 4 Play Test + Freekicks

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A play test of the new Nike Mercurial Superfly 4 with freekicks, juggling, discount coupon codes and more click the link above. If you would like to read the full written review click this link Nike Mercurial Superfly 4 Review.



  1. What is a good boot for a right fullback. A shoe that will be good for striking long balls and and will help with a good first touch. Also something that will do good in wet weather.

  2. Hey Josh,
    Thank you for all your reviews! Even though I always buy vapors, I watch almost all your videos, and I think you do a great job! I have a question that I’m sure you’ve received now, but here it goes. My favorite vapors have been the Vapor 4 SL. Since then, I ve stayed with vapors and now I am interested in purchasing a new pair. Ive seen both your reviews for the X and the SF4, but in your honest opinion, which do you think is the better boot?

    • Its not a matter of “better”, simply because they’re both so different from each other. The MVX is an evolution on the classic Vapor series, and if you’ve worn any past Vapor models, the Vapor 10 will feel familiar. The Superfly 4 is its own thing. You either love the concept or hate it.

  3. What has better traction in your opinion, the vapor/ superfly 4 or the vapor 9?

    • The stud pattern of the MV9 is more aggressive, but needs to be used on really nice fields in order to perform optimally. It isn’t great for hard ground playing surfaces. The new Mercurial stud pattern is slightly less aggressive and more stable, but still great when it comes to overall performance.

  4. I love shooting with the hypervenoms probably because of the nike skin, does flyknit feel the same or work the same when shooting the ball?

  5. I’ve watched your videos but I have a question for you. Whenever I purchase a new pair of boots, I always watch videos like yours before so. I would like to know the durability on SF4 and magista. I would like to know if they would hold up for college soccer.

  6. Hey Josh, great review videos! I enjoy and barefoot feel when I strike the ball, but I enjoy a thinner cushion. Would the new f50’s or SF4 be better suited for a striker?

  7. Hi Josh! I live in Finland and we dont have a store that sells the Superfly 4 so I can’t try then on so I was asking that if I fit nicely to Vapor 10 and 9 should I go with the same size with the SF 4? Thanks!

  8. Do the superfly 4s run big or what’s the sizing like

  9. Hi whats better superfly or vapor 10?

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