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Nike Mercurial Superfly 4 Review

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The Superfly is back, but in a much different form factor than you may remember it. Nike’s Superfly series, first introduced in 2009, has always been about the latest and greatest, both in terms of design and technology. In 2011, the Superfly line ended at 3, leaving us waiting until mid-2014 for the Superfly 4, a boot that features an incredibly unique and intriguing design.

Maintaining the Superfly’s signature carbon fiber soleplate and a FlyWire-esque support system, now called Brio Cables, pretty much everything else about the Superfly 4 is new and never been done before. With the main talking points being the FlyKnit upper and Dynamic Fit Collar, the Superfly 4 is unlike any of its predecessors, and is truly the next step in Nike ever-evolving Mercurial line.


The Superfly 4 fits and feels unlike anything else on the market, although the Nike Magista Obra will provide a somewhat similar type of feel. The upper is entirely made from FlyKnit, a material that Nike has been implementing in many of their performance models across several different sports over the last couple of years. FlyKnit is a machine knit material, made from various types of yarns and other synthetic fibers, creating a one-piece, seamless enclosure for your foot. What’s particularly attractive and exciting about the introduction of FlyKnit on a soccer cleat is that the construction process is 100% engineered, so Nike has control of every square millimeter of the upper. Nike can determine the thickness, strength and stretch of the entire upper, without seams, without extra material and without extra bulk, something that only makes this shoe great, but also leaves so much room for potential in future models. The possibilities are endless.

So, we know the concept is great, but how does it actually feel and perform? The answer to that question is complicated, but in a very positive way. First of all, the Superfly 4 is not for everybody. Some love the concept, and others hate it, and that’s fine. If you’re intrigued by the design and want to experience it for yourself, than the Superfly 4 is worth a shot. Nike has marketed the FlyKnit upper and mid-cut design as offering a sock-like fit, and that’s something that I can totally confirm as true. Upon putting the shoes on for the first time, the upper immediately wraps every inch of your foot, giving you that signature second-skin Mercurial fit, but with more softness and flexibility than you get from the usual Teijin synthetic uppers featured on all high-end Mercurials.

The FlyKnit upper is thin, and extremely flexible, allowing the upper to move very natural with the bend of your foot. Unlike the Magista Obra, the FlyKnit upper of the Superfly is a lot less structured, its pretty much one thickness across the entire upper. In order to achieve a properly responsive and secure feel, Nike has incorporated what they’re calling Brio Cables, similar to FlyWire, that run from the base of the sole, directly into the laces on both the medial and lateral sides of the upper. The Brio Cables, which are knitted directly into the upper, are very strong cables that provide tons of stability to the upper, not allowing it to roll over, no matter how hard you cut. When you pull the laces tight, you’ll immediately notice the supportive sensation of the Brio Cables, and what’s great is that it does not restrict the flexibility of the upper in any way at all, something that was a major issue with past Superfly models. So, if you were worried about the FlyKnit upper being too flimsy, don’t be, because the upper is shockingly responsive considering how thin and soft it is. Also keep in mind that the Superfly 4 features an internal support cage, fused directly to the upper, only adding to the stability of the entire upper.

Since the Superfly 4 is still part of the Mercurial line, it will of course be compared to current and older Mercurial models, but the experience is totally unique and simply does not compare. Back in 2012, FlyKnit was introduced as a material that would allow for both a sock-like fit and a sock-like level of comfort, while still allowing for proper support and structure by implementing different materials and patterns. Due to this story and the appearance of FlyKnit in general, many will look at the Superfly 4 and view it as a sock attached to some studs, and to certain extent, that’s exactly what it is.

You’ll find two varieties of FlyKnit on the upper, one section that is structured and another that is elasticated. The structured portion, spanning everywhere except the top of the foot, has very little to no stretch, and is also covered in a thin layer of NikeSkin for touch. The elasticated portion spans the top of the foot, under the laces, as well as the entire Dynamic Fit Collar. The stertchy areas of the shoe are key to the overall fit. When you slide the shoe on your foot, the stretch of those key areas will allow you to get the shoe on fairly easily, but once the shoe is one, it compresses to the exact shape of your foot. The boot is purposely cut a little tighter than the average shoe, and this is what allows for that tight fit, even without tying the laces. Once you tie the laces up, you get the extra stability of the Brio cables, reinforcing the sidewalls of the upper, as well as looking your foot down inside the boot.

The mid-cut design of the boot is an element of the Superfly 4 that many are skeptical about, mainly because it’s somewhat unusual. Admittedly, it is a little weird at first, not so much because of how it feels, but mostly because it’s something that you’re constantly thinking about, at least that was the case with me. The collar isn’t overly tight, but does have a snug fit, tight enough to wear you can feel that its there. With that said, it does not restrict movement whatsoever, and does not get in the way when making touches on the ball. After an hour or so, once I was concentrating more on playing rather than the new shoes on my feet, its something that I stopped noticing.

What’s great about the mid-cut design is that it provides that seamless sensation. As opposed to being shoes on your feet, the sock-like fit and mid-cut design makes the Superfly 4 feel like an extension of your body, part of you as opposed to a piece of equipment.
Inside the shoe, the heel is lined with a smooth synthetic material, similar to what you might find in other Mercurial models, backed by a decent amount of padding. The rear portion of the shoe also features an internal heel counter, providing the necessary structure and stability required of any soccer cleats. The insole is also fully removable, but definitely nothing special. It’s made from a single layer of perforated foam, with a mesh lining, providing some decent underfoot cushioning, and most importantly, it doesn’t slide around.

The new, and what I consider to be improved, carbon fiber soleplate is much more flexible than past variations, giving the boot a much more natural sensation when running. The latest iteration maintains the low-profile feel, but also a lot more flexibility through the mid-foot and toe area, making for a less extensive break-in process and a smoother running experience in general. In all honesty, it feels extremely similar to the new compressed nylon soleplate featured on the new Mercurial Vapor 10, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Its low-profile with no stud pressure and flexible, while still maintaining a slight responsive sensation, what more could you ask for? The looks aren’t so bad either.

As far as break-in is concerned, everyone is going to have a different experience. For me personally, I had no issues taking the Superfly 4 through an entire 2-hour training session with very minimal discomfort. With the being said, blisters can occur if you’re not careful. Minor heel slippage is not uncommon at first, and any kind of movement inside the boot can lead to discomfort and eventually a blister. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you have the proper fit in the length of the shoe. This is not a shoe that you want to wear with tons of growing room. Due to the design of the upper, a snug fit is more or less required in order to achieve that one-to-one feel between your foot and the upper. Excessive space inside the boot is definitely something to avoid.

Another thing to consider when breaking in the Superfly 4 is to take things slowly. New shoes are exciting, I understand that, but if you’re wearing your new Superflys and start to feel discomfort anywhere on your feet, the heel seems to be the most common spot, take them off and switch into another pair for the rest of your session. Repeat this process until the shoes stop causing discomfort. This is a process that you should follow with any shoe, but since the Superfly features a more unusual fit, issues with discomfort at first are more likely to occur. Also, wearing new shoe straight into a game is never a good idea.

In terms of fit, the Superfly 4 maintains the same Mercurial shape that has been so popular for the longest time. This gives the boot a tighter fit overall, but the softness of the FlyKnit upper does make it feel slightly more generous width-wise in comparison to standard Teijin synthetic Mercurial models. With that said, this is still a boot with more of a narrow cut, so if you have wide feet, the Superfly 4 is probably not the best choice. If you fit into previous Mercurial models, or even in Nike’s Hypervenom line, you should fit comfortably in the Superfly 4. Also keep in mind that while the upper will give a little bit, it will not stretch, so the width of the boot from out of the box is a shape that the Superfly 4 will maintain throughout its entire lifespan.

As far as sizing goes, I found the Superfly 4 to run true to size. Just like wear in every other high-end Mercurial, wore a size 9US for review, and the fit in the length was pretty much perfect. Again, the FlyKnit upper is much more flexible than a standard Mercurial, so the fit in the toe box may be a little less snug than you may be accustomed too, giving many the impression that the Superfly 4 runs long, but that’s not actually the case. If you currently wear a pair of Mercurials with a snug fit to tight fit, the Superfly 4 will provide a very similar fit. I say similar because the Superfly 4 is not a standard Mercurial, so while they feel Mercurial-esque, there definitely is a unique aspect to how they fit. Overall, they run true to size, so if you’re planning on ordering, go for your normal size for the best possible fit.


Just like the Superfly 2 and 3, the Superfly 4 is light, but certainly not challenging for the lightest boot around. The Supergly 4, in a size 9US, weighs in at 7oz, which is light, but certainly nothing ground breaking. For the sake of comparison, the other high-end model in the Mercurial line, the Vapor 10, weighs in at 6.4oz in the same size, which isn’t what I would consider to be significantly lighter, buts its still enough to feel at least a little lighter. With that being said, the Superfly 4 is light enough, and still maintains a solid feel on feet, which is all I was looking for.


To go along with a new line of Mercurials, Nike has also introduced a new Mercurial stud pattern. The new layout is less aggressive than what we got from the Vapor 8 and 9, and unlike the Superfly 2 and 3, does not feature Sense Studs. Instead, the latest stud variation is more classic Mercurial, a change that I was very happy about.

For me, the biggest change is the heel studs. As opposed to having two studs, we’re back to four, maintaining the standard bladed shape. The two stud layout was very aggressive and performed great when it came to digging into the ground, but weren’t the best when it came to stability. If you were playing on very well kept natural grass, firm ground playing surfaces, the stud pattern performed great, but if the ground is a little harder, which it often is for the average Joe, two studs in the heel doesn’t work so great. Going back to four studs allows for a little less grip, but significantly better stability, a change that I believe is better for most people and playing conditions.

In the forefoot, the changes are more of a tweak as opposed to a complete redesign. The FG layout is still very similar, with the major change being one extra stud. You’ll find two bladed studs on both the lateral and medial side of the forefoot, with one arrow shape bladed stud in the middle, one stud at the tip of the big toe and one additional stud just behind the one at the toe.
In terms of how the new layout impacts the overall performance, like I mentioned, the major difference is stability. The studs themselves seem to be a little less sharp and narrow this time around, so they don’t dig into the ground quite as easily. With that said, on most natural grass playing surfaces, even ones that are slightly softer, the overall performance is up to the usual Mercurial standards. You get solid grip when accelerating into a sprint, and rarely slip when making hard, quick cuts at high speeds. It keeps you on your toes, and just feels great.

It must also be noted that the Superfly 4 upper is surprisingly responsive, which only adds to the experience. It feels great when your in a full sprint and then make a quick cut, where the upper and stud pattern work together to provide that instant grip and responsiveness.

To put it simply, if you’ve been a long time fan of the Mercurial series, you’ll enjoy Nike’s latest stud pattern.


Unlike the Magista Obra, the FlyKnit upper of the Superfly 4 is made up of what appears to be a single layer, which makes for more of a barefoot feel for the ball. With that being said, Superfly 4 is more padded than a standard Mercurial, most notably the new Vapor 10. Along with being very soft and flexible, the FlyKnit upper is also provides a very slight amount of padding between your foot and the ball, which feels great. It’s a feel that I would compare to the NikeSkin upper of the Hypervenom Phantom, but thinner.

The upper is also finished off with a very thin layer of NikeSkin polyurethane, acting as both a protective layer for the upper and a grip element. If you’ve ever played around with a ball in your socks, than you know it makes for a very slick touch. In order to solve this problem, the NikeSkin layer across the majority of the upper provides a very subtle grip on the ball, without adding any bulk.

Just like all of Nike’s other top-end models, ACC (All Conditions Control) is also included as part of the package. ACC is a secretive process that Nike has, which improves the performance of the boot in wet weather, mainly by providing slightly more grip on the ball. Its tough to determine whether or not its an actual feature or simply the placebo effect in action, since you can’t actually see ACC, but I personally can notice a difference between an ACC and non-ACC boot. With all of that being said, it’s a nice feature that I’m glad Nike includes, but it isn’t something that is going to make or break your overall experience with the Superfly 4.

The mid-cut design is also a talking point when it comes to touch. Normally, soccer cleats are cut below the ankle, so to have a shoe cut above the ankle, you expect that extra material to get in the way. Fortunately, the mid-cut design has been very well thought out. The FlyKnit material is perfect for this type of design for the simple fact that it is thin, yet durable, and moves very naturally with your ankle. At no point did I feel like the collar was getting in the way, and in all honesty, you don’t even notice that its there when playing.

The best part about the Superfly when it comes to touch, is the seamless construction and fit of the boot. The upper wraps your foot perfectly, and since there are no overlapping materials or extra bulk in general, the boot feels more like a second-skin than just a pair of shoes. It’s a really unique and positive experience that makes the Superfly 4 so much fun to wear. If you’re looking for a barefoot feel with some very minor cushion, and a completely seamless feel, than you’ll love the new Superfly.


Shooting the ball in the Superfly 4 is a very positive experience. The upper is thin, so naturally you get more of a responsive, pingy sensation when striking the ball. The seamless upper again offers a nice consistent feel no matter what part of the foot you’re using to hit the ball, providing what I would describe as a modified barefoot striking experience. There’s a slight grip sensation from the NikeSkin covering, but other than that, the sensation that you get is just very natural.

One could also argue that the mid-cut design helps with providing some extra support for the ankle when striking the ball, but for the most part, I would say that this is more the placebo effect as opposed to actual support.

Overall, if you’ve worn Mercurials in the past, you’ll feel right at home striking the ball in the Sueprfly 4.


Protection was a huge talking point when the FlyKnit was first unveiled, and I’m not so sure why. I can understand the reasoning of many people in that Nike marketed the FlyKnit upper of the Obra as “sock-like”, and while that is true to a certain extent, the upper of the Obra is far from a standard pair of socks in both quality and protection.

Unlike the Obra, where the FlyKnit upper is much more structured, and made up of several layers, the Superfly 4 is much thinner, which in turn makes for less protection. Again, if you’ve worn Mercurials in the past, the Superfly 4 is going to be on par with the amount of protection that they provide. If you want that barefoot sensation when making touches on the ball, you have to sacrifice protection.

It must also be said that the mid-cut design provides extra protection that you wouldn’t normally have around the ankle area. It, just like the rest of the upper, is several layers thick, and while it won’t cushion an impact to the ankle, it will certainly prevent a cut, and provide more protection than other shoe in this particular area.
Overall, there isn’t much protection here at all, but that’s not something that should be too surprising. The upper is thin and soft, meaning that the majority of your foot will be left “exposed” shot you take a blow to the foot. If protection is something that you value from your shoes, because at the end of the day protection is still a preference, than the Superfly 4 may not be the best choice. If you can live with the lack of protection for the sake of feel, than you shouldn’t have any issues with these.


The woven concept scares a lot of people, for the simple fact that people are worried that the upper will essentially unravel or snag, causing major damage to the boot. This is again a misconception with the Superfly, either because people aren’t familiar with FlyKnit or just because most have not yet held the Superfly in their hands. Once more people get to try out the Superfly for themselves, even just seeing them in person will change a lot of opinions when it comes to the structural integrity of the boot.

The FlyKnit upper does not snag, and will not unravel, its very well made. The majority of the upper is also covered in NikeSkin, which not only acts as a protective barrier for the FlyKnit upper, but also makes cleaning the boot much easier than you might expect. Even the areas of the upper that aren’t covered in NikeSkin have held up very well.

I’ve put a lot of hours on the pair that I used for testing, a lot more than I normally would, just to see if something would go wrong, and I’m happy to report that I haven’t had any concerns in regards to the longevity of the boot. Everything is still 100% intact, and feels as it did from day one. It’s a very well made product, and also one that seems to be pretty durable despite its unique design.

The Superfly 4 is a shoe that I can confidently say is built to last. This is a boot that should pretty easily get you through at least a season’s worth of play, if not longer should you take good care of them.

Please keep in mind that the firm ground version of the Superfly, or any FG boot for that matter, is designed for use on firm, natural grass, and nothing else. Using any FG boot on artificial grass/turf will result in premature durability issues with your shoes. For the best durability, stick to using your boots on the playing surface that they are designed to be used on. Also keep in mind that the Superfly 4 is also available in soft ground and artificial grass stud variations, so you’re pretty much covered for all types of playing surfaces, its just up to you to buy the right model.

The Verdict

Nike never ceases to amaze when it comes to new and innovative products, especially as of late, and the Superfly 4 is part of their impressive line-up. Not only does it visually make a statement, demanding attention with its bright color and unusual mid-cut design, but it also performs the part!

The FlyKnit aspect of this boot is very impressive, and really shows the versatility of this new technology. They can make a more rugged, structured upper which they showed with the Obra, and can also make a more delicate, yet incredibly solid upper in the form of the Superfly 4. The upper is thin, soft and flexible but somehow maintains an incredible amount of support and responsiveness.

The sock-like fit, seamless design, carbon fiber soleplate and unique Mercurial stud pattern combine to make one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had with a pair of shoes. As technologically advanced as the Superfly 4 may be, when you’re actually wearing the shoes, they just feel so simple. Everything feels right.

As positive an experience as I had with the boots, it still isn’t a shoe that I would recommend to everyone. The FlyKnit upper and mid-cut design will surely maintain its skeptics, and it’s really up to you to decide whether or not the Superfly 4 is the next boot for you. Some will love it, some will hate, but those who love it will really love it.

Comfort/Fit10 out of 10
Weight8 out of 10
Traction10 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting9 out of 10
Protection6 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE61 out of 70 or 87%


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  51. Hey mate I recently bought the superfly 4. I have a pretty wide foot. I found that my first training session hurt my feet. I loosened the laces next training session and they are perfect now. I had the ctr360 before 10.5. I found the superfly 4 were a little bit longer as they are the same size. I have a finger space of room which is ok for me as I need room to move in them

    I just want to know the best way to clean them without ruining them??? Thanks!

  52. If comparing adidas predator lz 1 to the superfly 4, will the sizing be same in both of the shoes? I’m wearing size 8US in the predators, having not much room if at all in the toebox. Should I go for 8US in the superflys also?

  53. Is there for any kids

  54. hey josh,
    this might sound weird but did odor seem to be more of a problem with this boot? I’m scared that the flyknit won’t do well with sweat management and end up like an old sock.

  55. Hi josh, I have ASICS in a size 8, what size in the superfly 4 should I get?

  56. Hey Josh, I was wondering if they will be discontinuing the superbly 4 after the world cup? Or will they be coming out with new colors?

  57. Hey josh, I’ve been stuck beetween buying either the hypervenom phantoms or superfly 4’s, I currently wear an old pair of vapor 6’s and really like them also I used to own a pair of vapor 9’s but I diddnt like them that much at all. I was hoping to get your personal opinion on wich you prefer In terms of ball control, touch, and just overall performance.
    -Thank you

  58. It seems in the comparison video that the Superfly is very wasted. Did you have any durability issues with flyknit?
    Also, will it turn into an old sock?
    Thank you for your reviews.

  59. Do you wear thin or cushioned Trusox with the Nike Mercurial Superfly 4? Thanks.

  60. Josh, I tried on a pair of hypervenom phantoms in store in a size 9.5 and they fit a little tight around the toes but i think this is as to be expected with hypervenoms. I currently have a pair of trequartista’s in a size 10 that fit great. I was wondering if the superflies or magistas would fit according to the ctr’s or hypervenoms. Thanks!!

  61. If I use the AG model of the superfly 4 on FG would there be any durability issues? What would be the biggest disadvantage of you using an AG stud pattern on FG other then traction?

  62. Hey Josh, I am considering buying the either the superfly or magista. I’m really curious about the mid cut design and the flyknit but I don’t really know if my feet are wide or not. I’ve had trouble fitting in to cleats before so what’s a good guide to determine whether my feet are too wide for the superfly

  63. Hey Josh,I currently have a pair of hypervenom phantoms but my toes are too wide for the x1.1 last.Which boot do you reccomend me?

  64. Hey josh my feet are very wide what boot do you recommend

  65. I can fit to 8.5 US Vapor 9’s really tight but does that toungeless upper make it harder to fit if you have a really tight fit in the Vapor 9’s. Its important me to know because im really close to ordering a pair of Superflys and I want to be 100% sure!

  66. Hey josh, I just purchased the superfly 4, and wondered if theres a cleaning kit to help maintain the boots or any tips, or if you could do a video showing how to maintain/clean the superfly 4s and magista’s.

  67. Hey Josh! I’m kinda tied between getting a pair of superfly 4s or a pair of hypervenoms. could you do a comparison video that would help me out a serious deal. Thanks a lot. Billy

  68. Hi josh
    I just wanted to ask you that I have been using the mercurial line since the vapor 9 released and I fit into them pretty well between my toe and the toe box there is about half a cm difference so will there be any size issues withe the superfly 4?

  69. Hey Josh,
    I’m in a huge dilemma with buying either the Magista Obra or the Superfly 4s. My last cleat was the hypervenom phantom in the orange and black color-way that released first and I fell in love with them. Im still currently wearing them but they are running a little small and are starting to rip which makes me in the market for some new cleats. I really love the design of both the Magista obra and Superfly 4 (but I think the Superfly wins in the design category) but I’m really leaning toward a cleat similar to the Hypervenom (not looking for hypervenoms though). I’ve heard really great things about both cleats and I think I am leaning toward the Superflys. What do you recommend?

  70. Hey Josh quick question. I recently got the superfly cleats and wore them a couple of times. Unfortunately last week while playing in a game, someone stepped on one of the shoes ripping the shoe laces. Any suggestions on the steps needed to get them replaced? Thanks!

    • You could try getting in contact with Nike, but I’m not so sure that they’ll replace the laces. You may just have to get a new pair of laces and swap them out yourself.

  71. Hi i was wondering if the superfly’s had a good arch in it for my foot?

  72. Hey josh, which should I but preditor instinct or magista opus?

  73. Have you had any problems with the boot smelling because of the sock liner?

  74. Are the laces durable or will the rip because they seem to be very thin.

  75. Will the new upper stretch? It’s alittle tight now in the forefoot.

  76. I wear a size 8.5 US Nike MV9 and they fit with about half of thumb space! They say the superfly 4 runs a bit longer idk when I switched from Miracle 3 to vapors the miracles where tight and barely touching the end of the boot with the vapor it gave me a touch of more space which I found ok with and no discomfortI Will I be fine with a size 8.5 Superfly 4?

  77. Hey Josh i was wondering if i should get the hypervenoms, magistas, or superfly 4s

  78. Hey Josh. So I have a quick question. You say much against wearing the FG version of these cleats (the Superfly 4) on turf as it could cause potential damage to the cleats do to different wear. I already have a pair of SG’s which I can wear on grass when need be, but I feel are too much when the grass is very short and firm. If I were to go with buying a pair (Superfly 4’s) in the AG stud pattern since I normally play on artificial turf/grass, could I still use them once in a while on more of FG conditions when the time come. and still get decent traction and not have too much issue with the cleats on FG surface. Thanks and much appreciated.

  79. How tight is it if compare to evospeed? I’m wear evospeed but it hurt me a bit sometimes.


  81. i am a size 9 in the superfly if i get a size 9 1/2 (US) and wear an extra sock will it fit???? i need to know

  82. Hey Josh I really need a new pair of boots and I’m all about comfort and a flexible upper so I was hoping you could recommend some to me. Thanks

  83. Hey josh I’m thinking about ordering the superfly 4 but since I live in canada I was wondering which website offers the cheapest shipping

  84. Hey josh since I live in canada I was wondering which website offers the cheapest shipping for the superflys

  85. hi josh, if I fit into the superfly 3’s would I fit into the superfly 4

  86. Josh, I wear a size 9.5 and the fit in length is perfect but i would like some little space, would you recommend going half a size up?

  87. Hey Josh which cleats do you personally prefer or would choose, the hypervenom phantom or superfly 4?

  88. Hey Josh,
    Just want you to know that I have watched many of your Mercurial Superfly IV videos before purchasing a pair for myself and I just want to thank you for all the great info. I am a little concerned with the way they fit. I also have that feeling like the toes are not wrapped in the way they are with the pair of mercurial vapor IX’s that I have been playing with. I want to return them and go down half a size but I’m not sure if that’s just the way they fit. Again I do appreciate all your great info.

    • If you’re looking for a tighter fit, than be by all means go half a size down. Just know that the Superfly’s FlyKnit upper won’t feel quite as tight in the toe box area in comparison to a Vapor 9 or 10, simply because its so much softer.

      • Thank you, I actually kept the size I ordered and have played in them a couple times, once in a dry field and once in a wet field while it rained for a little bit and honestly I could not be happier with my boots. Everything about them is pretty much awesome. They are really easy to clean too especially the stealth pack black that I got.Thanks again Josh.

  89. Which shoe IN YOUR OPINION has the best touch

  90. If you have a wider shaped foot, does the superfly 4 allow flexebity and stretch?

  91. Hey! I where the adidas f50 adizero samba(syntetic) without any problems, really love them. Would you suggest the magista or superfly for me?

  92. Hi Josh!
    I bought the nike magista obra and I had a problem in the heel area by getting blisters although I went through the break-in period.
    Do you think that I will get the same problem in the superfly or due to the different fit it will not happen?

  93. Hey Josh there’s recently been a bit of a trend among professional players like ronaldo and most recently alexander pato (says he cut it himself) who have been cutting their dynamic fit collars shorter, I’ve also been thinking of doing the same to get a low cut feel while still having the flyknit upper however I’m concerned the fit might not be as tight around the lower ankle if I trim it with scissors, do you have any advice?

  94. Hey Josh I have a bit of a wide foot but i fit great into the hypervenom phantom in my US size 11.5 and was wondering if I should go with the same size for the Superfly 4’s?

  95. Hey Josh, I wore my superfly4’s on a very wet field while it rained and when I took them off I noticed that the “Mercurial” on the insole was fading. Is this normal for only the second time wearing them? or is it because water got inside my shoe? It wasn’t raining too bad and my socks felt pretty dry when I took them off.

  96. Hi josh! i really want superflys badly, i love the design but have always had a problem with my width of my feet, i fit really well in the CTR 360 maestri 3’s and evopower 1’s, but i really wqnt superflys, and not the magista, you think i couldfit in them?

  97. Did you experience any stretch in the upper after using them for a while and/or do you think they would give slightly after lots of use? I’m curious because I’d love to have a very snug fit that doesn’t loosen after lots of use like my old kangaroo leather tiempos

  98. Hey Josh,

    I wear a size 8 in the f50’s and my feet fill up the whole show width and size wise, would my feet fit in the superfly 4’s similarly to the f50’s? I know the f50’s are wider than the vapors.

  99. Hey Josh,

    I just bought these shoes, and the fit is great! Now when I’ve been wearing them just around my house for a while I’ve been wondering if the upper will stretch at all? I have wide and flat feet, and I even went half a size down from my predator lz’s because the true-to-size shoe felt too long. Should I just allow alot of breaking-in time in hope of these to stretch?

  100. hey josh! please answer.
    I’ve got reasonably wide feet I think because I am too wide for vapors etc. I’ve got hypervenems atm and I just got into them half a size up I’d say.. do you think I’d have any chance in these or the magistas? or which ones would I have more chance in? magista opus I think they are. thanks bro

  101. what about tiempos then?
    I’ve had two pairs of hypervenems and both have ripped at the side.. I have looked up and apparently they are known for it..
    I actually own a pair of vapors that fit ok and haven’t broken after 2 years.. I can’t rememer the exact name of them but they are half pink and front half white with a black tick on the inside as well as on top..
    that material hasent broken yet but the hypervenems have broken in 3-4 months and the tiempos look to have similer material to the hypervenems

  102. I was really thinking about getting the new electric green colorway when it comes out but im worried about the cleaning of all the flyknit not covered in nike skin like the collar because wouldnt it be like getting mud out of a sock

  103. Josh, would nike release elastico superfly in electric green colourway?

  104. Hi josh I got the magista obras in size 7 and they fit perfectly do u recommend me getting the superfly 4 in size 7 or 6.5 ???

  105. Im also worried about stud pressure with this boot an the thin insole because i own the f50s and i use the comfort insole and i tried the vapor 10 on and it felt very minimal and kind of uncomfortable and i understand they basically have the same insole.

  106. Josh I am trying to figure out whether to get these or the magista obra and fit is a main concern…..I fit into the Adidas nitro charge 1.0 fine but in the predator lz 2 it squeezes a little…both in a size 10.5 US……do u think I will fit in the superfly or should I just go for the obra cuz I would really like to try the dynamic fit color but I love the superfly stud pattern…. Could u help me out plzz

  107. My usual size is 6 and I got the hypervenom phatals but the were to tight so should I go to size 6 1/2? Or no I do t have very wide feet?? Please answer josh thank you

  108. Hey Josh i have a pair of super flys 4 nd i love them jux that one time or 2 i got a lil bit of discomfort in the heal nothing like a blister juxx discomfort, ive bin wearing mercurial seens i was a kid, i even had a pair of superflys 3 in a size 10 US my new superflys are a 10 as well in the 3s i didnt have that discomfort, i dnt think i have a wide foot due to the fact that ive had other mercurials without problems, im thinking it might b my socks, what do u think?

    • I’ve had the same problem with my superfly 4’s. I don’t feel discomfort while I play but I do after I’m done and it hurts until the next day usually. I had the vapor 9’s in the same size and never had this problem. I have worn different types of socks and still get the same results. I wonder what it is

  109. Hey Josh. I currently wear a adidas predator lz 2 in size 7,5 and they fit perfect what size should I go with the superfly 4 ?

  110. Hi josh, I am really keen on either a pair for superfly 4’s or magista’s but i cannot decide on one of them. I would like to know your personally opinion. Ive read your reviews for both, but i would really like to know, if you had to pick one to wear, what would it be?

  111. Which do u prefer the superfly iv or the hypervenom phantom?

  112. Josh I bought a pair of superflys and the soleplate broke on me in like 6 uses and I used them just like I was suppost to is there anything I can do like does Nike have a warranty or no

  113. Hey Josh, will you be making a comparison video between the Magista Opus and the Mercurial Vapor X? I’m trying to decide between the two and if I could have a side by side comparison all in one video then it would make my choice 10x easier. I’ve watched your play test and overall review with the two but it just hasn’t made my mind set on one particular shoe.

  114. hey josh , i already have a pair of magista onda’s ( ones without the sock ) and they fit incredibly well but i was wondering if the superfly 4’s had a similar fit?

  115. Josh, can you do a comparison video of the nike superfly 4 stealth pack and the nike magista obra black/white volt and hyper punch.

  116. Hey Josh I was wondering what socks would be the best to wear with the superfly 4 Electric green color way and would the socks make much of a difference with the fit and feel of the clear thanks

  117. Thinking about buying these for my son. He plays on FG primarily and I am concerned about the sole plate cracking from what I have read about previous models. How do the new soles compare?

    • This is not the same soleplate as previous models.I haven’t personally had any issues, nor have I seen any issues with cracking soleplates, so I wouldn’t make it to big a concern. Should something wrong prematurely, Nike has a great warranty service where they’ll take care of you.

  118. Josh I am trying to figure out whether to get these or the magista obra and fit is a main concern…..I fit into the Adidas nitro charge 1.0 fine but in the predator lz 2 it squeezes a little…both in a size 10.5 US……do u think I will fit in the superfly or should I just go for the obra cuz I would really like to try the dynamic fit color but I love the superfly stud pattern…. Could u help me out plzz

  119. Josh, i just received the green nike superfly 4, the fit in the length is good but i have about a thumb and a little bit at the top. Should i go for 11 or 11.5 i think 11 would be good in length but would it be too snug. I’m trying to get the right size because i’m sick of getting blisters. thank you

  120. hey josh
    I was just wandering,
    if I wear an 11.5 in my nike mercurial
    will a size 11.5 in the superfly be fine or a size 11

  121. Are the superflys a bad choice for a wingback?

  122. Hey josh im currently using mercurial vapor x US 8.5. It fits me really well. Im thinking of getting the superfly 4. Should i get us 8.5 or us 9 instead?

  123. Josh I was wondering what socks would make for the best fit with the superfly 4 and if the socks make much of a difference as far as fit and feel goes because I am thinking about getting a pair and want to have the best fit possible thanks

  124. Thanks josh I will check it out

  125. Will the electric green come in AG in the near future?

  126. Hey Josh, have and love these boots, noting else like them, but they give me blisters on the exact same spot, heel closer to the instep, on both feet. Trusox helped a little bit. Was wondering if you had run across this or how to prevent? Thanks.

  127. Hey Josh my shoelaces ripped from my magistas is there a way to optain a new pair of shoelaces because I can’t find them anywhere!

  128. hi josh for you what is the boot in the year 2014? thanks you ask me

  129. Josh, I’m planning to get the superfly 4s, but I’ve seen in a lot of places that they say that they run long and to buy them a half size down. I’m a 8.0 US should I stay with the 8.0 or should I go down to a 7.5?

    • They run about a 1/4 size long. So its a matter of whether you prefer a tighter fit by going half a size down, or if your shoes in a size 8 already fit tight, just stick with the same size. I normally wear a 9US for a tight fit, and still wear a 9US in the Superfly 4.

  130. Hey Josh i fit in the nike mercurial vapor 10 true to size.Would i fit in the superfly 4?

  131. Hey ! i had a concern, i have a pain of the green superfly’s, my carbon fiber cracked.. do you think i can get another pair ? i have only had them for about 2 weeks..

    Thank you,

  132. Which is better the Red Superfly 4 or the Green Superfly 4?

  133. Hey josh I wear the mercurial vapor galaxy’s in size 6 and they fit fine so would the superfly’s fit in size 6 or 6 and a half? Thanx

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  135. Hey Josh, I currently have the hypervenom phantom and i am looking forward to purchasing the magista obra and the superfly soon, but I love the way it feels to strike the ball in the phantom. with that being said, which would offer as close to the same sensation when shooting between the obra and superfly?

  136. should I stay true to size if I fit into size 6 phelons

  137. Hey Josh!!
    I’m a big fan of you man and I really love your videos
    Now, can you tell me which boot is more durable, the magista obra or the superfly iv
    PLZZZZ man leave an answer to this question because I need to know

  138. Hey josh would u say the mercurial vapor galaxy’s are thicker, thinner or the same thickness as the superfly’s when striking the ball? Please reply. Thanks
    Love the videos

  139. I am a size five and growing slowly, I want to get the superfly but how will they fit. I want a shoe to grow a little into but will the size six fit me? Or Am I just better of getting the junior vapor 10???

    Also I would love if you could do just a little kids size shoes, it would help me out. Thx so much

    – Julian 🙂

  140. Hey Josh, I’ve been doing some looking around and can’t seem to find the Nike Mercurial Superfly 4 in Electric Green in stock anywhere, I was wondering if they only had a limited amount of this specific colorway or if it was a situation like once they’re gone they’re gone or if it just takes forever to restock this colorway. Thanks for the help!

    • Restocks aren’t really “a thing” when it comes to soccer shoes. The Superfly 4 is extremely popular right now and every colorway, in North America anyways, has sold out pretty quickly, this includes the Elctric Green colorway.

  141. I currently have the vapor x’s and are not very excited about them. Whenever I lace up theres a line down the middle of the “tongue” and I hate it (the size is perfect though, slim feet I guess); and shooting in them is very bare. Will it be the same on the Superfly? I really wanna try the dynamic fit collar but I missed out on the volt colorway for the Obra, and I dont want to comprimise for the loss of fit… I’m also interested in the Tiempos, although I’ve never had a leather shoe before, I loved my ctr’s (closest thing to leather I’ve had); what’s your take on my situation?

    • If you don’t like the fact that the Vapor 10 is thin, than the Superfly 4 is not for you either. The Mercurial line is all about providing a barefoot touch on the ball. If you liked the Maestri 3, something like the Legend 5 or even the Magista Opus are options to consider over the Flyknit models from Nike.

  142. I was wondering if the dynamic fit collar absorbs water when it rains. If it does, does the boot feel heavier on your foot?

  143. I wear a size 5.5 in US nike and the indoor season is coming up soon. I want to get the Nike elastico super flies. my feet grow fast. I looked at an online size chart for nike cleats and I’m in between size 6 and 5.5 should I get the elastico superfly indoor ??

  144. Hey Josh,
    I was thinking on wether to get the Nike Superfly 4 stealth pack. Or the Nike Obra stealth pack. What would be better ? (Comfort) P.S I have skinnier feet.

  145. is the nike Mercurial Superfly 4 Electric Green colorways is on the market ??

  146. hey josh….i had a hypervenom phelon and and fit into them but i have wide feet…will i fit into the superfly

  147. Josh, I was wondering about how strong the upper is and would it be suitable for a defender

    • You’re position has nothing to do with what boots you should wear, so yes, you can definitely wear the Superfly 4 if that’s what you like. Not sure what you mean by how “strong” the upper is. There are sections in my written review on this page that touch on both Protection as well as durability, assuming that’s what you’re asking about.

  148. Hey, josh do you know if nike will release more of the first hyperpunch pink colorway

  149. hi josh do you know where i can buy these shoes for under $200. Also what position do you play and whats your favorate boots. it would be very nice if you could answer me. ps. love your videos.

    • You can’t buy them anywhere for under $200. It’s the most popular shoe on the market right now, and they’re selling out at full retail. Retailers only mark down shoes that aren’t selling well, these are. I generally play as a striker or midfielder.

  150. Thanks josh

  151. Do you know where i can find the superfly 4 in a size 9?

  152. hi,josh i usually were size 7 cleats… but i feel superfly size 7 is a little bit bigger. Nike does not comes up with a 6.5/39.5 eu size what should i do ?

  153. Hi, i play rugby and have gone through wearing all of the mecurial superflys and i have loved every pair (despite them only lasting a season each time due to the studs cracking and coming loose from the sole). When they brought out this new stud pattern and sock like feel and ankle part i was a bit skeptical. How different do the two stud patterns from the mecurial superfly 3’s to these new superfly 4’s compare with traction? i need to have good traction to be able to plant my foot sideways and explode off in the other direction. I am also in interested in SG superfly boots as well, what do think about their traction and stud layout? Thank you

    • If you’ve worn Mercurials in the past, which you have, you won’t have any issues with the traction. If outright grip is what you’re looking for, the Mercurial stud pattern is one of the best around at the moment.

  154. Hey Josh I was wondering what would fit me better the superfly 4 or magista obra since my feet are a bit wide for mercurials

  155. Hi josh was wondering if there any site where they sell the superfly 4 in a size 6.5

    • There are links on this page that will have the Superfly 4 available in both 6 and 6.5US. You may have to go with the latest colorway in order to find that size though, as the smaller sizes are mostly sold out in older colorways.

  156. Hey Josh,

    I’m in a bit of a predicament and I was hopping that you could help me out. I’m a long time mercurial vapor wearer and I’ve been wearing a size 9us, comfortably, ever since my foot stopped growing. Recently I’ve started to notice that my cleats are fitting too tight and give me some pain. So I sized up to a 9.5 and it was back to normal until I ran into the same problem. So i went up to 10 in the latest model but they are just slightly too big. I can feel my foot moving inside whenever I make quick cuts or plant my foot for a pass/shot. I also feel the back of my heel rubbing against the boot which is causing me blisters. I’m really unsure as to what to do about this so I would really love your help. Thanks in advance.

    • Sounds like the Mercurial line doesn’t offer a shape/fit that works well with your foot type. The issue doesn’t seem to be sizing, but more so how the shoe wraps your foot. Maybe look into trying out a different model, or at least a different silo from Nike other than the Mercurials.

  157. Hey Josh,
    Lately I’ve been trying to figure out what pair of cleats i would want for my upcoming club season. I’ve been having a very hard time deciding between the superfly 4s, predator instinct, and nitrocharge crazylight. I play as a winger and already have a pair of magista obras. What’s been causing me the difficulties was i don’t think the magistas give me enough grip when curving the ball, but i still like the lock down and the feel of the dynamic fit collar. I would really appreciate your advice so i can finally decide which cleat i want. Thanks!

  158. Hey Josh! I’ve read and watched both of your reviews, keep up the good work! I’ve been thinking about buying the shine-through Superfly 4’s (they look godly), however I don’t know if I should go a size up or go true to size. I currently fit snug in Predator Instincts but I would assume that the width of the Pred is much wider than the Merc? Thanks

  159. Hey Josh,
    Are the superflys the same length and width as the mercurial vapor IX?

  160. Hey Josh, I fit in the nike hypervenom phelon will i fit in the superflys

  161. Hey josh, I am searching for a superfly laser orange size 9 us. I cant find any websites with the size

  162. I don’t want to get blisters wearing my new superflys tomorrow so I want to wear two pairs of socks. Do you think that the dynamic fit collar will stretch out if I do this???

  163. Hey josh which boot would you recommend me,the Nike mercurial vapor or magista obra?

  164. why aren’t there any kid sized superfly boot like size 3 or 2?

  165. Hey josh where can I get nike mercurial superfly 4 fg hyper punch? I been searching everywhere but can’t seem to find them for sale. Thanks

  166. What is the last color they came out with. And the last one is the one they fix where thing right, like the lace and stuff.

  167. Hey Josh! I really enjoy your videos and your in-depth reviews. keep up the good work! I have been wearing Adidas for 2 years now and my predators lz 1 fit snug in a size 8.5 . Does switching to the obra or magista affect the size and fit of the cleats?

  168. Do these have more or less grip than the magista

  169. Hi Josh, I wondered if you could help, i’m currently wearing Magista Obra’s (great shoes) but I wear the superfly elastico’s for indoor footy and really enjoy them. I’d quite like to try out some superflys for outdoor footy. However I’ve seen lot’s of people say that the Magista’s are for wide feet and Mercurial’s are for narrow feet, how true is this or is it just nonsense? My feet aren’t wide as I do notice a bit of slippage when I don’t wear Trusox in the Obra’s. Also what size would you recommend for the superflys? I currently wear uk 8.5 in the Obra’s. Thanks!

    • The fit between the Obra and Superfly is a little different, but width-wise they’re actually quite similar. If you’re currently wearing the Elastico Superfly, you should have any issues in the Superfly 4. I personally wear a size 9.5US in the Obra and a 9US in the Superfly 4.

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  172. Have you noticed any ripping in the upper, broken soleplate or any other durability issues in the superfly iv that you have been testing

  173. salut josh j ai achete un nike superfly recemment taille 40 quand elle est sur mon pied j ai un probleme il y a un gros plis au niveau du scaphoide j ai pas probleme avec les autres crampons pouvez vous m aider

  174. I am thinking of getting the Superflys and I will mostly play on FG but I know that I will play on AG once or twice. Also, in the shine through color way, how dirty does the cleat get

  175. Do you recommend staying true to size

  176. Hey Josh. I was wondering in your opinion, which shoe did you feel you had better shooting/passing accuracy with. Magista or Superfly. I know that in the end its all the player but I was just wondering. And if I fit a 10.5 in Vapor 10’s comfortably should I get the same size in Superfly’s/ Magista’s. Thanks

  177. josh are the superfly 4 in the new volt colorway made in boznia or china? i just got a pair and it says they are made in china.

  178. Should i worry about the brio cables starting to rip, its just the upper over the brio cables. Is it something to worry about, i recently just got a pair.

  179. Do you have more size 9?!?!?

  180. Are the superflys good for wet grass ?

  181. Hi Josh, is there any store that still sells the original red world cup superbly colorway? If so, where?


  182. I know there is no way to determine how long a cleat will last, but how do you make the cleats you own last the longest (besides playing on the ground they are met for)?

  183. Hi josh,
    I wear size 9 uk in the vapor 10 and they fit perfectly. However, with the superflys, I have quite a bit of space at the end of the boot but the rest fits nicely. I have tried on the same boots in size uk 8.5 and they feel really tight and the heel on the left boot causes some minor discomfort.
    So my question is, should I go with the size 9 or will the 8.5 soften up in the heell?

  184. Hi Josh, I have been using the vapor X since xmas for pre-season in New Zealand – they have started to split so i’m sending them back to the supplier – however, they are extremely comfortable and although the ground is very hard here, i don’t get any sort of stud pressure from them like i have done with previous vapor models. As i’m sending them back, i’m thinking about going for the superfly instead, but i want to be sure that i won’t get any stud pressure from those either before buying. Is there any difference between the thickness of the soleplates of the vapor X and superfly 4? i.e will the stud pressure from the superfly 4 be minimal like with the vapor X? Cheers

  185. Hi Josh,can you wear superflys 4 fg on atro turf pitches.

  186. josh do you think the magista or the superfly 4 is better and witch one

  187. Hey Josh,
    Have you ever encountered any problems with the inner lining & the dynamic fit collar? Because I went true to size & after a full 90 minutes of intensive match & several nasty tackles I suffered quite a lot of blisters, big ones too, and ive found 2 minor shreds on the inside part of the collar. If you have, any solutions? Thanks dude

  188. I can’t find the Nike academy pack superfly 4 on any main soccer website. When I look on eBay they are almost 400 dollars. Is there any website to get them for a size eight anywhere from 275 to 325

  189. Where can I find a pair of the nike academy black mercurial superflys? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find any

  190. The plastic sole plate of my superfly 4 have broke and now there’s a crack under the toe. I only have them since a month, it’s not normal. Have you ever seen or heard that superfly sole plate is cheap?

  191. Between the magista, vapor 10, and superfly 4 can u please rank them from best to worst. Thank you

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