Adidas Sneakers, Sneaker & Gear Reviews — June 22, 2014 at 12:16 pm

Adidas Pure Boost Video Review


To see more pictures and video of the new adidas Pure Boost running shoe click the link above.

Joshua Vujovic (1130 Posts)

My goal is to provide the most detailed, in-depth reviews on all the latest soccer gear. Its very easy to get caught up in all of the hype around the latest soccer equipment, but we're here to point you in the right direction. As a product tester, I always give my honest, unbiased opinion on everything that gets tested, ensuring that you're always getting the most accurate information possible


  1. which one do you perfer? The Boost or Lunarlon

  2. What is the closest thing to this that could be used as a trainer? I love this model but I want to find something similar but like a trainer

  3. How would these hold up in a half marathon? I am in he market for new shoes, and I need something with a lot of comfort. Thanks, Josh.

  4. I play soccer with my shoes ( 1-2 times futsal, 2-3 times turf, and some firm ground) and wear it just as my all-in-one everyday shoe. Do you think this shoe will be a good recommendation?

  5. Hey Josh, in terms of comfort, do you prefer the Nike Solarsoft Moccasin or the Adidas Pure boost?

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