Adidas Predator Absolion Instinct Just Arrived


Adidas Predator Absolion Instinct has just arrived for review. To see more pictures and video of the new Adidas Predator Absolion Instinct along with exclusive discount coupon codes click the link above.

Joshua Vujovic (1132 Posts)

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  1. Can you please make a comparison video on nike premiers and umbro speciali4

  2. Can you do a play test on these boots please

  3. Hi Joshua,
    I’ve traditionally owned Predators and know that the lower the model you go, the less features are featured on the boot.
    -> Predator LZ ($250; top-quality upper and frame)
    -> Predator LZ Absolion ($129; rubber fins but not top quality upper & frame)
    -> Predator LZ Absolado ($89; no rubber fins, just painted) etc.

    My question is, on the the newest Predator ABSOLADO “Instinct” boots, is there rubber touch zones?

    I’m looking to buy a pair online from adidas but can’t tell if they have the rubber touch zones, or if its just grooves in the upper?

    Please help, thanks.

    • There are rubber elements, but it isn’t as grippy and they’re much more low profile than the higher-end models. I will be putting up a video on the Absolado very soon, so stay tuned for more info.

  4. Please make a video on adidas new nitrocharge 2.0 and adidas predator absolado

  5. Josh will you please make a comparison video on the top end predator instinct vs. predator absolion instinct.

  6. Is it normal for the drive zones to crack?

  7. Im wondering if these cleats can be used by wide footed players before i purchase.

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