Adidas Indoor & Turf Reviews, Indoor & Turf Reviews — June 10, 2014 at 8:06 pm

Adidas FreeFootball Control Sala Just Arrived

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The Adidas Freefootball Control Sala has just arrived for review. To see more pictures and video of the new Adidas Freefootball Control Sala click the link above.


  1. Hi Josh, and thank you for all your reviews. I was wondering if this kind of shoes are ok for playing on outdoor courts (asphalt or other similar surface). If not, which kind of shoes are ok for this surface. Thanks a lot.

  2. Hey Josh. I currently own the Superfly Elasticos in size 9US and find them to be pretty much the perfect fit, if not a tiny bit small. I found a pair of these controlsalas in this colourway in a size 9.5US and was wondering whether they would be too big for my foot and uncomfortable. I guess I could always wear double socks. They were the last size in stock and this colourway is quite limited. I would really like to give these a go. Thanks.

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