Adidas +F50.6 Tunit Video Review


The adidas F50.6 Tunit was released in late 2006 and allowed players to customize their shoes by changing the insoles and stud configuration to any type of playing surface. To see more pictures and video of the adidas +F50.6 Tunit click the link above.

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  1. Hi,

    in my opinion there were/are a couple of severe problems with the tunit system.

    The upper and the studs often were a little bit ajar (hope, that’s the right word).
    Another problem were the threads in the chassis. You could easily destroy them by overtightening the screws; you might think, this could be avoided, but with regard to the aforementioned clearance problem of chassis and studs, one had to tighten the studs to the very limit. I do know a lot of people, who lost studs.
    When you used the shiny plastic screwdrive, you often lost studs, because they weren’t really tight; using a real screwdriver often led to destruction of the chassis.

    Another problem was the seam at the forefoot part of the upper. It not looks weird, it feels bizarre, when the ball touches it and even worse, the seam AND the chassis-stud-combination are NOT waterproof. More than once, these shoes absorbed significant amounts of water; but you don’t want to play in these shoes on rainy days anyway, as the upper material becomes incredibly slippery when wet.

  2. where would you be able to find a pair of these?

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