Soccer News — May 21, 2014 at 2:05 pm

Warrior Skreamer II Unveiled


The new Warrior Skreamer II maintains the signature attributes of the first edition, while adding several new features, evolving to meet the demands of today’s game. An anatomically-engineered last with a single injection TPU outsole defies physics by reducing the weight but increasing strength and stability.



The new S-Lite upper is constructed from a premium microfibre, a softer supple material which dramatically reduces the weight. This material gives a the boot a glove-like fit around the foot. The micro-injected Arrowhead Vamp with rebound technology helps the player to pinpoint the optimal strike zone.


The Thorax Exo-Skeleton protects and shields the foot, providing a mid-foot cage to give extra stability when transferring energy into striking the ball. Helping the body reach peak performance levels with improved overall body functioning, the 4D Arrowbed Insole stimulates blood circulation.


Optimising personal fit, the DeepLace configuration combines with a SkreamFree internal construction system, developed to eliminate abrasion and give players optimum levels of fit and comfort.


Allowing for better traction and comfort, the Warrior signature FG War Plate with angled ClawTec Blades means players have improved forefoot planting for extreme grip and explosive take off.


You can purchase a pair of Warrior Skreamer II’s right now and get $1 USA Shipping with Coupon Code 14SR4U CLICK HERE.

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