Soccer News — May 20, 2014 at 8:02 pm

Warrior Gambler II Unveiled


The second generation of Warrior Gambler has been tweaked with improved fit and improved traction. The intricate design process has delivered a host of new improved technologies and features starting with the revised, more ergonomic Ace Plate on the instep.



Strategically positioned Stacks on the forefoot absorb ball speed for unrivalled control. The Stacks use a sophisticated ThreeFold structure. Forming the base layer is the Control Foam, engineered to cushion both foot and ball. The chequerboard Tech Mesh gives the boot its unmistakable identity and enhances comfort. Working as a second skin with leather textural properties but with a weightless finish, the TPU Spread delivers added agility and movement.

The no-stitch Royal Flush inner combines with the embossed 4D Carpet for seamless fit and all-game comfort while the Lay-Off offset lacing system amplifies the Gambler’s fit and feel.


An implanted external Heel Shield gives protection by locking the foot in place and shielding from opponents playing one step behind. The FG War Plate 17 blade sole unit offers better traction and comfort.


To purchase a pair of the new Warrior Gambler II’s CLICK HERE and don’t forget to use Coupon Code 14SR4U for $1 USA Shipping.

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