Nike Magista Orden Just Arrived

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Nike Magista Orden Just arrived for review. To see more pictures and video of the new Nike Magista Orden along with exclusive discount coupon codes click the link above.



  1. Hi,

    Sort of a technical question about these: what last are they built on? The Obra and Opus, as I understand, are built on a narrower last than the Maestri and Trequartistas were. I’m wondering if these are more comparable to the CTR 360s. Any info on sizing would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • The entire Magista line is built on the same X1.1 last from the Hypervenom line. Its a little different from the CTR360 line, but not by much.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for the info! I actually tried on both the Opus and Orden yesterday and my experience agreed with your information. Definitely narrower, IMHO, than the Maestri/Trequartista (which were already a bit too narrow for me—why I asked).

        Thanks for all you do with this wonderful website, absolutely the best of its kind anywhere and an unmatched source of info which I’ve consulted more times than I can count.


  2. Pls make unboxing + on feet video of these cleats pls pls josh

  3. i was just wondering when does the unboxing video for the orden are gonna come out im very interested in these boots

  4. Hey Josh just watched your Orden unboxing video…how would you compare it to Hypervenom phatal…i mean which one’s better…

    • It’s not a matter of which one is better, simply because they’re exact opposites when it comes to feel. The Phatal will offer a barefoot feel, where as the Orden will offer a padded, leather-like feel. Depending on what your preference is when it comes to touch, the choice should be pretty simple.

  5. Hey Josh, any idea when new colorways for all of the Magista models will released? I’ve bought the Orden and I love how they perform, i’m just not a big fan of the colorway or how the purple/red grip looks.

  6. Hey Josh,for the same price,would you recommend this or the Adidas Predator Absolion in terms of comfort and the feel for the ball.Thanks!

  7. Can you send this to Indonesia ?? XD

  8. Hey Josh,will u recommend this or the Mercurial Veloce?

  9. Hey Josh,will u recommend this or the Mercurial Veloce ll?

  10. Hey Josh,

    How do these compare to the Legacy?

  11. Hey Josh! Can you make a comparison video between the Orden and the Maestri III?
    I just recently got the Orden and I also have the Maestri III I just want to know which shoe could be of more use, quality wise. Thanks!

  12. Hey Josh, when comparing this shoe to the Maestri iii, what are some of the downsides or the things missing from the Maestri iii except for the ACC, pass pad, and stud pattern? Do you think the performance of the Maestri iii differs by much of the Orden?

  13. I wanted to know what are the differences from these boots and the Nike Tiempo 5 Legacy. Are the Tiempo 5 Legacy’s better or not as good ?

  14. Are these shoes good for shooting? Does it provide good enough power when you strike the ball?

    • They provide a slightly padded sensation when striking the ball, nothing fancy to be honest. No shoe is going to increase the power of your shot.

  15. Which would be a better choice, the ordens in their new colorway or the trequartista for cheaper or even a maeistri 3 on sale?

  16. Josh, is this kanga-lite synthetic thinner than the synthetic on the nike mercurial veloce?

  17. Hey Josh which boot do you think offers a better, “ball gripping”upper and tighter fit in the toebox after the break in period, the Magista Orden or Tiempo Legacy?

  18. Hii i got a choice between magista orden and hypervenom phatal the new one and i cant decide which one should i buy please answer me

  19. Hi josh , i wear size 8.5(UK) in the hypervenom phatals , and i want to buy a pair of magista ordens, what size should i buy ? Pls answer

  20. Hey josh, I’m looking for a cheap sg shoe, which of this shoes has an overall better quality: Nike tiempo genio, magista orden, hypervenom phatal or mercurial veloce 2? Thanks really much

  21. Hi Josh, I’m looking for a new boot at around 100€, I have wide feet so I was thinking about getting either the magista orden or the premier, which do you think is best?
    Thanks in advance!

  22. Hey josh, Can i cut the thing that attached between the tongue and surface inside the orden, because the thing makes the boot feel tight, just want to know if that doesn’t damaging the boot?