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Nike Magista Obra Review

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Over the last 20 years or so, Nike has been one of the major innovators in the soccer world when it comes to synthetic uppers and wild designs. In today’s current soccer cleat market, it takes something truly outrageous to get people talking, and Nike has successfully raised the bar once again with the Magista Obra. Featuring a very unique FlyKnit upper construction, along with an equally unusual mid-cut design. Similar design elements can also be found on Nike’s own Superfly 4, letting us know that this style of soccer footwear is something that Nike will most likely be pushing for the next little while. So, since we’re going to have to live with it, how does it actually perform?


The most unique aspect of the Obra is how the boot fits and moves with your foot. The implementation of FlyKnit as the primary upper material really is a game changer when it comes to performance, as well as overall comfort. Since it was originally introduced in 2012, mainly as a primary upper material for running shoes, FlyKnit has been marketed as the only upper material that allowed for a sock-like fit, as well as being able to provide a sock-like level of comfort. Over the last two years, we’ve seen the steady, and dramatic evolution of FlyKnit technology through several different running models, showing the versatility of the technology as it has since been implemented on several different types of footwear, each with its own unique construction.

All of this has led to the Obra, Nike’s first FlyKnit soccer cleat, and honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the final product. Anybody who has tried any FlyKnit running product at this point will most likely agree that it offers a truly sock-like feel, which is great, but also the biggest misconception when it comes to the Magista Obra.

To explain why the Obra isn’t just a sock, we have to talk about what FlyKnit actually is. What FlyKnit is not, is a standard cotton sock, so if that has been your impression of the Obra, forget everything you once thought. FlyKnit is a combination of yarns and different fabrics, engineered in such a way to provide a combination of flexibility, support, structure and comfort, all in a seamless package that is also very lightweight. This is not something that your grandma knits in an afternoon. The construction process is much more complex, and requires very unique machinery to even make it a possibility. The final product is a seamless piece of material, with every square inch being engineered for the best possible performance.

When you break down the essentials of FlyKnit technology, it sounds almost too good to be true, but with the amount of progress Nike has made with this technology over the years, they’re able to achieve some pretty remarkable results.

So, what is the upper like on the Magista Obra? Visually, the upper is very impressive, showing off the complexity of the FlyKnit construction with its unique pattern and variety of colors all coming together as one. The FlyKnit material is tightly knit, with no gaps, spaces or ventilation holes anywhere on the upper, something that is quite different from any of Nike’s running models. Its very easy to see that the upper is composed of several layers of knitted material, with an extra several layers raised off of the upper, giving the Obra its spider web-esque appearance. Running from the base of the shoe, vertically into the lacing system, FlyWire/Brio Cables have been incorporated into the construction of the FlyKnit upper, allowing for further support and stability when you pull the laces tight.

This describes the majority of the upper, which is also covered with clear NikeSkin layer, fused directly over the FlyKnit base, more on that later. The structured composition of the FlyKnit upper along with the NikeSkin covering gives this area of the upper a very solid feel. Yes its flexible, yes it allows for a sock-like level of comfort, but the upper will not stretch, making for a very responsive feel and no lack of lateral stability. If you don’t believe me, check out the slow motion traction test video that I made above.

Like I said, this describes only part of the upper, as there is a second variation of FlyKnit featured on the shoe. Across the top of the foot, where the laces are situated, as well as the entire dynamic fit collar through the ankle, features an elasticated variation of FlyKnit, without a NikeSkin layer over top. Unlike the rest of the upper, these areas of the boot stretch in all directions, which is great for a couple different reasons.

The first reason for the stretchy material is simply to allow you to put the boots on, and of course take them off. While the collar won’t necessarily squeeze your ankle, it still offers a snug fit, and the opening needs to stretch to get your foot inside the boot. Once you get your foot inside, the upper snaps back to its original shape, offering a nice snug fit.

The stretchy area across the top of the foot is key to the sock-like fit of the Obra. The upper is intentionally cut a little tighter, so when you slide your foot into the boot, the middle portion of the upper expands to the exact shape of your foot. This compression style of fit allows the Obra to fit nice and snug across the entire foot without even using the laces. It also allows to the boot to adjust to virtually any foot shape, like a sock. The laces are there simply to allow you to secure your foot on the inside of the boot, and also increase the lateral stability of the boot as it works with the Brio Cables.

Another huge misconception about the Obra is that the upper is made only from FlyKnit, when in fact the boot does feature a line, as well as several other materials inside the boot to allow for optimal comfort and a quality fit. Lining the inside of the boot is a thin, very soft material that makes for a very comfortable feel, without taking away from the natural pliability of the FlyKnit upper. This is something that I honestly was not expecting, but definitely feels great inside the boot.

The heel is lined with a smooth synthetic material, backed by a thin layer of foam. This is there simply to increase the structural integrity of the rear portion of the boot, as well as increase to overall comfort level. To go along with the heel liner, the boot also features a thin, perforated foam insole, similar to that of the Hypervenom Phantom, that does not slide around and provides some decent step-in comfort.

Aside from the FlyKnit upper, the mid-cut design of the Obra is another major point of controversy. Does it feel weird? Does it get in the way? Does it restrict ankle flexibility? All of these are common questions that people want to know about the Obra Dynamic Fit collar design. It certainly is an odd design choice by Nike, but as odd as it looks, it honestly doesn’t feel weird at all. Now I don’t want to say that it didn’t take some getting used too, more on that later, but it certainly didn’t feel unnatural while playing.

Like I mentioned earlier, it fits snug around your ankle and nothing more. It’s not a compression sleeve and there’s no actual structure to the collar, it’s just simply an extension of the boot, and I have to say that it really does work well with the design of the boot. I was worried that it would feel like an unnecessary, an extra gimmick that Nike threw on simply to draw some attention, but it actually feels like it’s supposed to be there. It’s not something that is super noticeable while playing, but you definitely can feel that there is extra material where there normally wouldn’t be anything. This false sense of security/stability from the mid-cut design is partly what Nike is claiming as its main reasoning for the design choice, and to certain extent, you do feel slightly more secure, but at the end of the day, its just extra material.

What I like most about the combination of the FlyKnit upper and mid-cut design is how the boot truly feels like an extension of your body, as opposed to just feeling like another pair of shoes. The upper wraps your foot like a sock, and that sock-like fit runs all the way up your ankle. It’s that sensation of forgetting that your wearing shoes, normally achieved by making the boot extremely light, but Nike has achieved a similar type of experience by way of fit. It really is one of a kind in comparison to every other boot currently on the market, and certainly an experience worth having if you’re curious.

As far as break-in is concerned, the shoes felt pretty snug at first, and it was slightly odd playing in a pair of mid-cut soccer cleats, but all that was normal. What felt off to me was the fit in the heel. Normally with a low-cut soccer cleat, when you pull the top two lace holes tight, it pulls the sides of the boot around the ankle tight as well, helping to lock your heel into the shoe. Since the Obra is a mid-cut, you don’t get that same tight wrap around the sides of the heel when you pull the laces tight. Instead, to achieve proper heel lockdown, Nike implemented an external heel counter, made from plastic, that hugs either side of your heel, helping to keep everything locked in place. That, along with the Dynamic Fit collar is what allows the mid-cut concept to work.

While I did end up having a very comfortable experience with the Obra, there was a slight adjustment period where I was having some slight discomfort in the heel and even some minor slippage. This wasn’t necessarily the fault of the boot, but more so myself adjusting to pressure being applied to certain parts of the heel that I was not used too. I never got any blisters, but I did end up with some minor soreness in my heels after the first two hours session. After further experimenting, I found that tying the laces a little tighter really helped the issue, and after wearing the boots a couple more times, allowing the upper to stretch every slightly, the pressure went away. Once broken-in, the Obra is a very comfortable boot.

When it comes to fit, the Obra, as well as the entire Magista line, is based off of the same X1.1 last as the Hypervenom line. This gives the boot a decent amount of width in the mid-foot and forefoot, with the toe box being a little tighter. The boot will expand in width as much as the central piece of FlyKnit will stretch, which is surprisingly a lot. With that being said, this only makes up the mid-foot portion of the boot, with the forefoot and toe box area not stretching much at all. As long as you don’t have excessively wide feet, or if you fit comfortably into any of Nike’s current high-end models, you’ll have no issues achieving a comfortable fit in the Magista Obra.

In terms of sizing, the Obra runs half a size small. I wore a size 9.5US for review, half a size up from my normal size 9US, and the fit in the length was perfect. This is not a boot that you want to buy with room to grow. The way the mid-cut design and heel area of the boot works, it is absolutely crucial that the boot has a snug fit length-wise, otherwise heel slippage can become an issue. Pending that you get the right size, you shouldn’t have any issues at all.


In a size 9US, the Magista Obra weighs in at a very impressive 7.2oz. The FlyKnit upper in combination with the compressed nylon and Pebax soleplate makes for a very lightweight soccer cleat. The Obra has the appearance of a more “substantial” style of soccer shoe, but the weight certainly does not reflect that. If you’re interested in getting a pair of Obras, weight should not be the deciding factor, but just know that they aren’t going to weigh you down.


While the stud pattern is exclusive to the Magista line, it isn’t necessarily what you might call “all new”. The layout of the studs is nearly identical to that of the Nike Tiempo series, with some very minor tweaks. You’ll find 8 conical studs in the forefoot, with two bladed support studs in the middle and one Mercurial-esque bladed stud at the toe. The positioning of the studs is pretty much identical to that of the Tiempos, with the minor variation being that the studs have a slightly narrower footprint. Under the heel you’ll find for more conical studs, again with a fairly narrow profile.

When it comes to overall performance, it’s not too far off from what the Tiempos have to offer. The narrow profile of the conical studs allows them to penetrate the ground very easily allowing for plenty of grip when pushing off in nearly any direction. The conical shape also allows for plenty of maneuverability when planted, granting you the freedom to twist and pivot, as opposed to being stuck in one place. It’s a traditional layout with a slightly more aggressive twist.

The one bladed stud at the tip of the toe is also a nice little add on, and with the release of the Magista, is a stud that is now featured on all of Nike’s current models. It allows you to have something to push off of when on the very tips of your toes, allowing you to maintain grip at all times.

The combination glass nylon and Pebax soleplate also plays a part in the overall traction experience in that it’s a little stiffer than average, but still maintains a decent amount of flexibility. This gives the boot a nice responsive and stable feel when pushing off for a sprint, as well as when making quick lateral cuts.

While the Magista stud pattern is nothing that you would call ground-breaking, words that you might use to describe the rest of the boot, it still performs great and actually suits the overall feel of the boot quite well. It offers a nice blend of grip and maneuverability, and that all you can really ask for.


We’ve covered what FlyKnit is all about when it comes to fit and support, but how does it fair when making touches on the ball? While FlyKnit is very new when it comes to soccer cleats, the actual construction of the Obra upper isn’t too far off from NikeSkin synthetic, found on the Hypervenom Phantom. The difference is that instead of the base layer for the synthetic being made from mesh, the base of the upper is made from FlyKnit, and is then covered with a NikeSkin top layer.

The result is an upper that feels similar to that of the Hypervenom Phantom, but at the same is very different. The FlyKnit featured on the Magista Obra is quite dense and very structured, giving it a much more solid touch than the thinner, more open upper of the Hypervenom Phantom. You must also consider that there is a thin layer of padding lining the inside of the boot, which gives the upper a slightly more cushioned feel than you might expect. The FlyKnit base also features a unique texturing about it, but in terms of that having an impact on touch, I didn’t find that it added to the overall experience. Its technically quite thin, but feels much more solid due to its unique construction and combination of materials.

Covering the majority of the upper is a thin polyurethane layer, fused directly to the FlyKnit, something that Nike calls NikeSkin. The NikeSkin layer not only acts as a protective layer for the FlyKnit upper, but also provides some additional grip on the ball. Its not quite as aggressive in grip or texture as you’ll find from the Hypervenom Phantom, but there’s just enough grip there to give the Obra a much more natural feel for the ball than you might expect.

Just like all of Nike’s other top-end models, ACC (All Conditions Control) is also included as part of the package. ACC is a secretive process that Nike has, which improves the performance of the boot in wet weather, mainly by providing slightly more grip on the ball. Its tough to determine whether or not its an actual feature or simply the placebo effect in action, since you can’t actually see ACC, but I personally can notice a difference between an ACC and non-ACC boot. With all of that being said, it’s a nice feature that I’m glad Nike includes, but it isn’t something that is going to make or break your overall experience with the Obra.

The mid-cut design is also a talking point when it comes to touch. Normally, soccer cleats are cut below the ankle, so to have a shoe cut above the ankle, you expect that extra material to get in the way. Fortunately, the mid-cut design has been very well thought out. The FlyKnit material is perfect for this type of design for the simple fact that it is thin, yet durable, and moves very naturally with your ankle. At no point did I feel like the collar was getting in the way, and in all honesty, you don’t even notice that its there when playing.

While all of this new technology is great to see, the best part of the Obra when it comes to touch is the seamless sensation that it provides. Since there’s no tongue, there are no overlapping materials across the top of the foot, and since the FlyKnit upper is essentially one-piece, it creates the most seamless touch on the ball that I have ever experience. No matter what part of the foot makes contact with the ball, the touch and thickness of the upper is exactly the same, which is by far one of the best aspects of the FlyKnit design.


When it comes to striking the ball, the Obras feel great. The upper is thin, yet solid, and that’s really the best way to describe the shooting experience as well. There’s more padding in comparison to something like a Nike Mercurial Vapor, but less padded than a natural leather boot. It’s an interesting middle ground, but it feels really good. There’s a slight grip sensation from the NikeSkin covering, but other than that, the sensation that you get is just very natural.

One could argue that the mid-cut design helps with providing some extra support for the ankle when striking the ball, but for the most part, I would say that this is more the placebo effect as opposed to actual support.


Protection was a huge talking point when the FlyKnit was first unveiled, and I’m not so sure why. I can understand the reasoning of many people in that Nike marketed the FlyKnit upper of the Obra as “sock-like”, and while that is true to a certain extent, the upper of the Obra is far from a standard pair of socks in both quality and protection.

As I’ve mentioned several times, the FlyKnit upper is very tightly knit and feels surprisingly strong and solid. It’s also made up of several layers and features a padded liner inside the boot as well. All of this makes for an upper that is thin, but at the same time is the most rugged thin upper that I have ever used. Should you get stepped on, you’ll definitely feel it, but will the Obra be more protective than other thin models, such as the Mercurial Vapor 9 or even the Hypervenom Phantom, yes it will.

It must also be said that the mid-cut design provides extra protection that you wouldn’t normally have around the ankle area. It, just like the rest of the upper, is several layers thick, and while it won’t cushion an impact to the ankle, it will certainly prevent a cut, and provide more protection than other shoe in this particular area.

Overall, the mid-cut design, tough FlyKnit upper and external plastic heel counter makes the Obra safer than most, especially if you’re comparing it to other boots in the same 7oz weight range.


The woven concept scares a lot of people, for the simple fact that people are worried that the upper will essentially unravel or snag, causing major damage to the boot. This is again a misconception with the Obra, either because people aren’t familiar with FlyKnit or just because most have not yet held the Obra in their hands. Once more people get to try out the Obra for themselves, even just seeing them in person will change a lot of opinions when it comes to the structural integrity of the boot.

The FlyKnit upper does not snag, and will not unravel, its very well made. The majority of the upper is also covered in NikeSkin, which not only acts as a protective barrier for the FlyKnit upper, but also makes cleaning the boot much easier than you might expect. Even the areas of the upper that aren’t covered in NikeSkin have held up very well.

I’ve put well over 25 hours into my pair of Obras and have had no issues whatsoever. Every part of the upper is 100% intact, and nothing had been damaged at all. It’s very clear that the Obra is extremely well made, they’re made in Italy by the way, and that translates into what seems to be a surprisingly durable product.

It’s fair to be skeptical of the Obra since everything about it is new and never been done before, but trust me when I say that this is a shoe that is built to last. I am confident in saying that the Obra will get you through at least a season’s worth of play, if not much longer should you take good care of them.

Please keep in mind that the firm ground version of the Obra, or any FG boot for that matter, is designed for use on firm, natural grass, and nothing else. Using any FG boot on artificial grass/turf will result in premature durability issues with your shoes. For the best durability, stick to using your boots on the playing surface that they are designed to be used on. Also keep in mind that the Obra is available in soft ground and artificial grass stud variations, so you’re pretty much covered for all types of playing surfaces, its just up to you to buy the right model.

The Verdict

It isn’t often that we see a boot that simply does not compare to anything else on the market, or anything in the past for that matter. It really is a gigantic leap in the evolution of the modern soccer cleat, with Nike doing everything they can to push the boundary, as they often do.

It was a matter of time until we saw FlyKnit technology to make its way to the soccer market, but I don’t think anybody expected it in the form of a mid-cut soccer cleat. Visually, it’s unusual, but at the same time very modern, demanding attention, something you’ll get a lot of when wearing these boots.

When it comes to performance, the Magista Obra is equally as impressive. It offers a seamless, truly sock-like level of comfort, tremendous support and stability, a premium feel for the ball and an awesome stud pattern. You can tell that the Obra went through tons of testing, because for something so new, everything just feels right, and I honestly just wasn’t expecting that.

Its an all new concept that uses all new materials, and certainly isn’t for everybody, but if the Magista Obra intrigues you, my best advice would be to go for it. They’re very different, but in a good way. It’s boots like this that let me know that soccer cleats, as far as they’ve come over the years, still have a long way to go when it comes to innovation. The Obra is not just a boot, it’s an extension of your body, and that’s the best way to describe it.

Comfort/Fit10 out of 10
Weight9 out of 10
Traction9 out of 10
Touch10 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection8 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE62 out of 70 or 89%


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    If it does, should I then wait for the superflys, as they seem to be a bit tighter than the magistas? I am flat footed, but my feet are not that wide though. And should I order them in the same US size as I have my predators?

  33. What do you prefer josh the hypervenom phantom or the magista obra

  34. Hey Josh! I was wondering about the feel of the boot. Is it a barefoot like sensation more like the Vapor X, or a shoe with a lot of padding? If I was to choose between the Mercurial Superfly 4 and the Magista Obra, which one would have the thinnest most barefoot fit and feel?

  35. Hi Josh, I tried the magista obra and it felt great, but I had a problem in the heel area and it cause me a blister, I wore them around 5 times and the same problem keep coming back, how can I deal with it?

    • Let your blisters heel before wearing them again. I’m going to be making a video about how to break-in the Magista Obra and Superfly 4 very soon, so stay tuned for that. My best advice is to break them in slowly. As soon as you feel any discomfort, take them off.

  36. Hey josh I just got my pair of magistas and there is a little less than a thumbs length left of space from my big toe to the end of the shoe. They feel great on feet with no slippage, so do you think they will be fine or should I go a half size down. I am also still have a bit left of growing to do.

  37. Hey, I’m thinking of getting the obras but I’m a lil worried about the size, I wear 8.5 on the original predator lethal zones and I don’t know of I should go for the same since it seems to be different fitting than the lethal zones

  38. Hey josh, I was just wondering what size I should get for the magista, I’m wearing adizeros size 10 and I have about a pinky width of space in them. They feel great with no slippage. Should I go with the same size for the obra?

  39. What is your website that I can purchase it for a lowest price?Coupon code?

  40. As I am a very injury prone boy,I am finding a shoe which will fit me well.Also,I found out that I really loved the Puma Evopower and this Nike Magista Obra,In terms of protection and comfort,what would you prefer and recommend for me?Your opinion is greatly appreciated by me.Thanks!

  41. “This boot is excluded from any coupon”.how do I use the coupon to get this shoe for $247.49 instead of the $275 retail price?

  42. Hey Josh!I just wanted to know if the FG will be okay to play on artificial grass as the studs are not too long right?Also,do you prefer the EvoPOWER 1 Or Magista Obra?

  43. Hi josh, i’m a goalkeeper and i’m wondering if the magista obras would be a good boot for me to wear? I’m curious about the high ankle design and would like to try it out. P.S love the videos 🙂

  44. Is it okay ti have zero space on length? Because when i try them on i can feel my big toe right on the end of the shoes. Wouldn’t it wound my big toe on long run?

  45. Could the FG soleplate be okay on an AG field? I know you always recommend using AG on AG fields, but sometimes I play on grass too.
    I feel that some FG stud patterns seem okay on AG such as the hypervenom’s studs because they are actually quite small.
    What do you think of the Obra’s? Are the studs similar size to hypervenom’s or bigger?

    Thanks a lot!

  46. Josh what size would you recommend me getting in the Nike obra if I’m a size 12.5 in the nike tiempo 4. Thanks.

  47. Hi Joshua!

    I need a suggestion from you. I like two types of shoes, and I would buy both of them. They are Adidas LZ TRX and Nike Magista Obra.
    Well, I should have a FG pair and a SG pair, and I don’t know which is better. Nike Magista SG and Adidas FG or the opposite?

    Is one better than the other? Or in your opinion is the same?

    Thanks in advance, you’re great!(:

  48. Hi josh, i was wondering if the part of the boot covering you ankle can get hard to clean, and especially since it is very easy to get that part dirty. Thanks!

  49. Magista obra vs predator instinct what’s better

    • Its really not a matter of “better”, its more a matter of what you’re looking for when it comes to feel. They’re too totally different shoes when it comes to fit, feel and just general performance.

  50. I have very narrow feet what would you recommend for the coming season ?
    Thanks alot and keep up the fantastic work !!

  51. Josh I’m deciding on a new pair of cleats but aren’t sure whether I should go with the Magista obra or hypervenom phantom, what should you get if u had the choice

  52. I am very interested in the Magista Obra but I am curious to know how sticky/grippy the upper is. I have a pair of Nike hypervenom phantoms and I love the fit but they are a little bit too grippy for my taste. Is the Magista Obra’s upper smooth or grippy? In contrast to the Superfly IV which is less sticky/grippy?

  53. Hi may I know how to differentiate between the replica magista and the authentic ones? It could do me some help so I could differentiate

  54. Hey Josh I was wondering how the width of the Magista Obra compares to that of the adidas nitrocharge 1.0?

  55. Hey Josh, I’m personally a really big fan of the Hypervenom Phantom but I’m very intrigued to try out a flyknit upper. Between the Magista and Superfly 4, which one feels more similar to the Hypervenom. I know they may feel completely different from the hypervenom I just haven’t tried either of them on yet. Thanks!

  56. hey josh,big fan of your videos,can you please make a review on the magista obra AG and/or the mercurial superfly IV? i just want see the difference,if there is any,between the superfly and the magista AG soleplate.thanks a lot

  57. So which ones do you suggest, Nike magista Obra or Nike mercurial superfly 4???

  58. I want to be able to feel the ball but at the same time not feel completely barefoot. Which is the best option for me?

  59. Between the superflys and the magistas? ^

  60. Hey man, is the magista obra a good shoe for on artificial grass? Because I play on normal grass and on artificial grass. Normally the FG shoes that I had in the last years could do A pretty fine job with the AG. Is that anorher story with the magista obra??

    Ps: I am from the netherlands

  61. Hey Josh I train on artificial grass and play matches on grass but I don’t have the money to buy the magistas for every surface. What do you reccomend I do?

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  63. Is magista very simulere to hypervenom

  64. I’m pretty sure you get this question a lot but which stud pattern should you get if you play equally on firm ground and on turf

    • There isn’t one stud pattern designed for both natural and artificial grass. The best thing to do is to invest in a pair of FG and AG shoes, one for each playing surface. I realize that this is a bigger initial investment, but its safer, you’ll have better traction on both surfaces and your shoes will last much longer.

  65. Josh,
    I am currently wearing the hypervenoms, but I am very intrigued by the new obra.. yet am hesitant to leave the hypervenoms. I like tight fitting shoes based around giving you a good barefoot feel… What do you suggest?


    • The Obra will offer a nice tight fit, but the upper is definitely a little thicker than that of the Phantom. If you’re looking for something similar but still a little different, the Superfly 4 might be the better option based on what you’re telling me.

  66. which shoe is better in kicking

  67. Hey Josh I am currently wearing Hypervenom Phantoms size 9US and I have about a thumb of room in the toe area. I would like to get a tighter fit legthwise with the Magista Obra, would you recommend going half a size down? Otherwise the hypervenoms fit great.

  68. I can’t dcide whether to get a 9.5 or 10? Would the more snug fit of the 9.5 be better or would a little less snug fit of a 10 still be okay? Would having some space at of the end if then toe cause any risk for damage? I would be able to wear a size 10 for alot longer though. I would love your opinion. Thanks!

    • I wouldn’t recommend wearing the Obra with a lot of extra space. Buying high-end shoes that don’t fit you properly from the start almost defeats the purpose of buying a high-end shoe in the first place. Part of the appeal of the Obra is the way it fits, so if you’re intentionally buying them too big, you’re not going to have the experience that the shoe is designed to provide. I would worry about how they fit now as opposed to later, because you have to wear them now.

  69. When will you be getting the new colorways of the obra?

  70. Hi Josh I have some youth mercurial vapor 9 size 5.5. Do you think I would fit in a size 6 Magista Obra? If not what adult boots would be best for me. Do you have any knowledge on the quality of youth boots? Thanks.

    • Its possible but I can’t say for sure since I can’t really comment on the sizing of any youth shoes. I know they make the Copa Mundial in smaller sizes, but what’s most important is that the shoes you’re wearing fit you properly. No sense buying a high-end adult shoe if they don’t fit you properly.

  71. Did u get any blisters or feel discomfortable in the heel area? Alot of people said they got blisters, but i wanna hear your opinion.

  72. Hi josh, im looking to get the magista obra and i was wondering wether you would do an unboxing of the other new colorway (black/volt/hyper punch). I wanted to see how they looked compared to the blackout colorway. Thanks

  73. Hey Josh. I want to get these awesome cleats but im confused as to what you mean by ” the fit being true to size”? Normally i wear a size 12 in the ctr360 maestri II, but these have become far to tight. I want to get a size that fits with just a little bit of room at the tip but im confused because when i measured my feet were 11 1/2 with soccer socks on!…. So my question is what size magista obras should i get?
    Also thx for staying active answering all the questions on this website you are by far my the best resource to use when researching cleats!

  74. Hey Josh, I am a size 10 US in the CTR360 Maestri III and I`m looking into picking up a pair of Magista Obras and I was wondering if it would be safe to pick them up in my usual size or if I should go half a size down or up. Thanks.

  75. I was thinking on buying these but I play in very hot conditions would the black colorway make the shoe heat up ?

  76. I’m having trouble deciding wether to get the Magista Obra or the Pradator Instinct…

  77. Hey josh, I am a forward/midfielder and I was wondering if I should get the magisa obra or the tiempo legend

  78. Thanks

  79. Hey! I where the adidas f50 adizero samba(syntetic) without any problems, really love them. Would you suggest the magista or superfly for me?

  80. I just got a pair of these yesterday. I used to have Mercurial vapor 9’s in size 9.5, and they fit great, expect for a bit of dead space in the front. So I ordered my Magistas in size 9 hoping to make that dead space go away. Though I am afraid these are too tight since they won’t stretch. My feet get cold when I wear them, and feel pretty squeezed. How do I know if they are too tight? Should I return them and maybe just get a different size? Or possibly get a different model for wider set feet?

  81. hey josh i had a concern. You see, i wanted to buy the nike magista obra but i found out there not good for wide feet and my feet are extremely wide so any recommendations of new shoes and the only top end model shoe i have had is the nike premier

  82. Hi if I wear a size 10 in ctr360 then what size would you recommend to get for the magista obra?

  83. Hi there,

    I came across a video of yours on youtube and you mentioned that you lived in Canada. I live in NS and recently ordered a pair of Nike Magista Obra’s from the US. As they crossed the border I got a call from the shipping company letting me know that duty would cost me $125. I’ve ordered from the states before and never had such a large custom fee so I have half a mind to refuse to accept the shoes and get them elsewhere but I’m not sure if its the website I ordered them from or if the policies have changed and I just have to live with such a large fee.

    I was just wondering if there was any way around this as its never happened to me before and I’d rather not pay over $400 for a pair of cleats, no matter how new they are.

    • There’s no way around it really. If customs catches it, they’ll charge duties, especially if they see the value of the shoes at $275. Once the store has shipped them out, its out of there hands as to whether or not you get charged any import fees.

  84. Hi Josh, can you wear the storelli Bodyshield leg guards with these?

  85. Hey! I where the adidas f50 adizero samba(syntetic) ag without any problems, really love them. Fits me really good. Would you suggest the magista or superfly for me?

  86. I bought the Magista Obra awhile ago and I love the boot however, the heel of the dynamic fit collar is giving me blisters on my heel. Do you have any suggestions on how to stop the extra friction?

  87. What has the best touch IN YOUR OPINION

  88. Hey, where can I find the Magistas obra shoe laces?

  89. Hey! I where the adidas f50 adizero samba(syntetic) ag without any problems, really love them. Fits me really good. Would you suggest the magista or superfly for me?

    Why dont you answer my question, Im really want(and need) to know. I asked it on two places without answer. My old football boots are destroyed and want to buy one of them.

    Thanks for possible answers

  90. Hey Josh!
    First off i wanted to say i’m a huge fan of your videos and i find them very helpful in terms of guiding me to buy the right shoes for myself. So i bought a pair of magista obras and they arrived today. I was really excited when i tried them on, but i noticed there was a noticable amount of heel slippage. I don’t think this was because of the sizing because I went true to size and there is little space between my big toe and the end of the shoe. I know you mentioned heel slippage in your review, and i was curious as to if it goes away after wearing them around the house or jogging at the park for a while. In addition to that, what was it that you had to adjust to (in terms of the heel) from normal low cut shoes to these? Also, i was wondering if it is natural for the insole to rub against the heel liner if you take the shoe in your hands and bend the shoe.
    Thanks so much for your valued insight!
    PS I think you should bring back the pros and cons series 🙂

    • Just wear them in slowly and the heel slippage should go away. I never got blisters, and even the minor heel slippage that I experienced at first was largely due to the fact that I was thinking about how the shoes fit, as opposed to just playing. Once I got used to how they felt, all of my issues with the comfort level of the boot went away. I appreciate your support and glad you enjoy my content by the way. Thanks.

  91. I bought some and I have had them for a while and now I have a really bad problem with my blisters on the back of my heel and its really painful. Could you tell me what i could to do to help me to prevent getting these blisters

    • The issues that you’re having are most likely down to the shoes not fitting you properly, probably too big, which is why your heel is sliding around, eventually resulting in blisters. Other getting another pair of shoes, the best thing you can do is to tie them as tight as possible, in hopes of cutting down on any movement inside the shoe. Trusox may also be worth considering.

  92. Nike markets this shoe as the best and deadliest playmaker shoe. Now i do know that the boots do not improve your game but how does this shoe tend to help and support midfielders and why is it categorized as a midfielder boot is there any thing that helps the player? Like with the adidas predator instinct adidas have added more grip to help. How does the magista stand out?
    I hope you get my question and reply.
    It would mean alot! Thanks

    • The big brands market certain shoes certain shoes for certain skills and positions simply to justify having multiple lines of shoes. Its there simply to help market and sell shoes, but has zero importance when it comes to actual performance or what shoe you should pick. You should pick shoes based on your preferences when it comes to feel, not by what shoe is marketed for your position/playing style.

  93. What are your top 3 recommended boots for someone who absolutely loved the ctr360 maestri iii?

  94. Is there such a thing as magista obra replicas because I have a pair but there are some things that are different about them and yes it does have the sleeves.

  95. Hey Josh, I was wondering where I could find the Magista black volt hyper punch colour way as they seem very limited. Thank you.

  96. Where do you get all of your cleats from

  97. This or the instinct? Which do you prefer?
    My message keeps on disappearing 🙁

    • They’re two very different shoes in terms of what they have to offer. If you’re looking for extra grip on the ball, than the Instinct is the way to go. If you’re looking for something a little thinner with minimal grip on the ball, go for the Obra. It just depends on what your preferences are when it comes to feel.

  98. Hey Josh! Love your reviews. Anyways, i have been a big fan of nike and have used the hypervenoms and the mercurials no problem. however my heel is unusually small i like the idea of these shoes. i was wondering if i should check these out or if i should go with the Phantoms of the Superfly IVs.

  99. Hey Josh, can i take out the laces of my magista obra’s? Thanks!

  100. Hey Josh, I heard rumours that they were stopping the Magista Obra line, is this true?

    And what are your opinions on the Adidas and puma AG stud pattern. The Nike AG stud pattern while very good, on boots like the Tiempo do make it a much heavier boot so I was just wondering your opnions on the AG stud pattern on the other two.

    Thank you for your time and as always, your fans really appreciate what you do!

  101. Hey josh, im considering getting either these or superflys, ive been wondering after having them for a prolonged period have you had any issues with durability? there are so many horror stories on the internet about one month breaking id like to put those nightmares to rest in my mind at least. thanks jonah

  102. Hey josh,
    how long is the magista Obra in length (cm)??

  103. hey josh,
    which boot out of the magista and the superfly is more for shooting good, for speed,control and defense.

    i know the superfly has less protection . but would it rip if someone steps on it a lot of times

    i play RB/RM so i want a shoe thats good for shooting, for speed,control and defense.

    can you help 🙂

    • Your position, playing style and skills have nothing to do with what shoes you should wear. Different shoes offer different fits and feel for the ball. You should go about picking your shoes based on your preferences when it comes to feel, not by what is marketed towards your playing style/position.

  104. Hey Josh
    I was just wanting to ask you a quick question. How long would you expect these shoes to last. Do you think that they would last through a whole season? including the training nights. Cheers!

  105. I have a really narrow foot and I was wondering if the magista obra would be fine

  106. Hi josh big fan, I was wearing the ones with out the ankle trap and the textured patterns but when I’m playing games or training in the I get blisters on my big to and the hurt. I don’t think they have any support, what’s a good nike clear that wil have support at a low cost?

  107. Hey Josh,

    Big fan! I just received my obra AG yesterday from Dicks sporting goods, but it came with no sac bag and I was wondering if that’s just something with Dicks or just the AG’s no big deal, but I really like collect them if I’m paying this much for a cleat. Broke them in yesterday and can’t wait to try them in a real game. Thanks again for your help.

  108. Hey Josh,really cant decide between the Evopower 1 and this.What i do realise is that the evopower is much cheaper than the obras.Also,do you mind rating F50,Evopower and this in terms of durability and comfort?Thanks alot.

  109. Hey josh, great reviews!! Made my decision on which boots to get a lot easier!

  110. Hi Josh, I’ve been trying to decide which to buy, the Magista Obra or the Predator Instinct. I just can’t seem to decide which to get. Do you have a preference?

    • I personally prefer the Preds, but they’re two totally different shoes when it comes to fit and the feel they provide. Its a matter of personal preference at the end of the day. Check out the written reviews for both shoes, and your decision should be a little easier with the extra details.

  111. I wear Us12 on my hypervenom and it is too big while my Us10.5 11pro and is about just nice but my feet is still growing so should I get US11 or US11.5?

  112. hey josh im thinking about buying the magistas but im just wondering on the size that i should get. i know that it runs true to size just like it says on your review, right now im using some predators lz 1 size 10us that are just a little long in lenght and i also use some powerswerves in the same size with the same isue and the last pair i wear is a 9.5us f50 tunit that fits really good in length. i wore the ctr360 maestri in a 9.5us that fit a little tight so should i buy them true to size in a 9.5us or get them in a 10us?, and my other concern is of how much the upper is going to stretch?

    i will really like your opinion

  113. Great videos man I like what you do it has help me a lot on deciding on what boot to get when I first start playing soccer in hight school! My question is the Magista ok for me? My personal preference is confort that it has a little padding feel and my feet are a little wide not overly wide though. what do you think?

  114. In terms of performance,would you mind rating the Vapor 10,Opus and this?

    • Ratings are meaningless when you’re talking about how each shoe feels and performs, as they’re all quite different from each other. Check out the the written reviews for all three, and with that info your decision should be a lot easier.

  115. Hi Josh, I am currently using size 11.5 US magista opus’s and they have only a little bit of room left at the toe. Considering I am 15 years old my feet could grow a bit more so would you recommend going up another half size if I buy the Magista Obras? Much appreciated 🙂

  116. Do you know how often different websites restock their cleats? I really want the black/hyperpunch/volt color way of these cleats but they are sold out or don’t have my size everywhere I look. I would really appreciate that info if you have it, or even if there is a way of contacting nike other than going on their website where these cleats might be available.


    • They don’t restock soccer cleats. They order how ever many they can, and once they’re sold out, they don’t get anymore. That’s why, with any soccer cleat, if there is a specific colorway that you want, and you think that there is a chance that it will sell out, buy them while they’re available, because once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

  117. Hey josh,
    I have a quick question. I know you’ve probably gone over this so many times but would you recommend the magistas for a person who has a wide foot? I am currently using and have used ctr maestris iii most of the time and feel really conftroable with them

  118. Hello Josh, I am lookingto purchase an adidas 11 pro or a puma eevopower1 or even a magista obra. However I have a wide foot and I realize I need help or suggestions on which of these models I should purchase.

  119. Josh my magista obra are ripping in between the upper and sole. Will Nike accept them and give me a PV? I only have 2 months with them.

  120. I am interested in the Magista Obra, do you think that they will go down in price or have a big sale? Thanks for your time.

  121. Hey Josh. Thanks for the great videos. I play soccer and rugby and was wondering if the magista obra would hold up if I use them for both sports? thanks

  122. Hey Josh, can you briefly compare the vapor x and magista obra? And which one do you prefer? Thanks

    • There really isn’t much to compare. If you read my written reviews for both shoes on my site, you should get an idea of the very distinct performance differences between the two shoes. It really depends on what type of feel that you’re looking for.

  123. Hey Josh,
    After 4 hours of usage, a lace hole ripped on my obras. I follow your video on how to tie boots correctly and used that method on previous boots which worked perfectly. Would this be a manufacturer’s flaw?

  124. Hey josh, in the magista Opus i wore a size 9US and fit was almost perfect, in a size 8.5US i would fit probably perfect though(length wise). what size should i get in the Obra if i want a perfect fit and im old enough to not worry about my foot getting any bigger at all. my exact foot measurement in length is also 25.5 cm if that helps

  125. sorry josh i meant my measurement was 26.5 cm was my foot length measurement!

  126. Hey Josh, unlikely that you know the answer to my questions, but do you know why none of the colorways in the Magista have been re-stocked yet? Is there any particular reason why these extremely popular boots are not being re-produced, and if so, any ETA on the date? After they introduce the last colorway for this season perhaps?

  127. Hey josh I’m a 7.5 in the tiempo genio and I want to get the magista obra should I go true to size

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  130. Do you know anyone still selling the nike magista obra fg in black volt hyper punch?

  131. Hey josh, I was looking forward to buying a pair of cleats with great traction, touch, and comfort. And it seems as if the Magista should be the way to go. But I have one question. Would you recommend the Magista’s Obras durability to me ? I usually practice 3 days a week for 2-3 hours and 2 normal games a week along with the practices during the season. my Hypervenoms did not hold up to this use, and before I buy my magistas I would like to know your honest opinion because you have had plenty of time with them.
    Thank you.

    • If you’re playing that much, a single season of use is normal. If you want to extend the life of your shoes, it isn’t a bad idea to have a second pair, and spread the playing time amongst two pairs, as opposed to just one.

  132. Hey Josh, I wear a 8us for absolado instinct and the fit is a little tight. I measured my feet and my size is 8us. I was wondering what size is best for me in Magista Obra. Thanks!

  133. Hey Josh,

    I am thinking to order a new pair of Magista Obra. However, I am a bit concerned on the sizing. Most websites including your own, states that they run true to size. I understand that you have updated that statement on your latest videos, I just want to make sure that I should order the Obra a half size bigger from my normal size. Thanks!

    • The initial pair that I tested was a 9US, and that’s all I had access to at the time. They fit and I could wear them comfortably, but were extremely tight. Once the shoe became more accessible, I was able to try out the 9.5US, and found that size to be much more comfortable. I also found that I needed a size 9.5US in the rest of the Magista models below the Obra. I actually just changed the written review, and recommend going half a size up in the Obra. Of course it also depends on which model you’re coming from as well.

  134. Hey Josh! I just returned my Superflys because a stud broke off and Im looking to get either another pair of them of a pair of Obras and i had a question about the soleplate. I used to wear the CTR360 Maestri 3 and for some reason I would always cramp when i wore them but I wouldn’t cramp wearing any other boot. By cramping I mean calf muscle cramping so I assume its from the boots themselves. Are the Obras similar to the Maestri 3 at in terms of fit and soleplate because if it is I’m afraid I will start cramping again.

    • I’ve never heard of a shoe causing leg cramps. The soleplate and stud pattern is completely different in comparison to the Maestri 3, so it is unlikely that you’ll run into that issue again.

  135. Is the Nike Magista Orba good for if you have wide feet. Can it adjust for your foot.

  136. Hey Josh, just wondering: Do magistas run wider than normal boots?


  137. Hi josh, i am wearing a size 44.5 for the current mercurial superfly model, and i am wondering should i go for the same size for a pair of magista obra. And i would also like to know is there a major difference between the ag-r soleplate introduced by nike lately and the ag soleplate that has been used for quite a while ? thx!

  138. Hi Josh!
    Does the area between the upper and the soleplate easily break? Im playing on AG and all my FG shoes breaks there and now im planning to buy the Magistas in AG. Dont know how i should put it but i think you understand what i mean

  139. Hey Josh, I wear the Nike Hypervenoms in 10 US, but I feel that their a little lose, which size should I go in the Magista Obra?

  140. Hello Josh, I was planning on getting the magista obras, but I have wide feet and was wondering which size I should get them in. I where a size 11.5 in my hypervenoms and they fit perfect, would you recommend going a size up or staying true to size?

  141. Hello, I usually wear 10.5us on predators and i have slight room at the end, but the width is perfect. Which size should i get since this shoes sizing is important. Also I have the Elastico Superflys 10.5us and it is a touch long in length, but tight width. So which size should I get for the Magistas? Thank you

  142. Are there any other shoes on the market that are similar to the Obras in terms of touch and traction? Thanks

  143. Hi josh,I am about to order the magista obras but not sure what size I should get them in, I recently returned superflys to nike and they were 11.5 and they fit amazing, my foot is wide so what would you recommend?

  144. Josh, what SR4U laces would look good on the highlight pack Magista obra?

  145. Hey josh, I currently own a pair of puma evopowers in a size 10.5 US and the fit is tight to where my toes touch the front of the shoe. I can still play in them well but I’m ordering a pair of majista obras and I’m not sure if I should stay true to size or go half a size up? Your feedback would really help! Thanks !

  146. Hi Josh in your Obra vs Superfly video I thought you had said you were wearing a size 9 US for both cleats, but in your written review here you wore a size 9.5 US. So which one would you say fit better or positives/negatives of the fit of each? Thanks

    • never mind I read through more and saw you only had 9 available at the time and switched to 9.5. I think I remember trying these on and them being too long when I matched sizes with the maestri, which had fit me perfect. Maybe I’ll try half a size down on obras and see if they’re too tight.

  147. Hey josh, I really need to know if I use a 10.5 U.S. Size Nike vapor x what size should I get my magista obra?

  148. What size you recommend for 27.5cm? Is the same size for nike mercurial superfly?

  149. Hey Josh! I am a striker who likes to run at full speed but also have a shoe that can give me good ball control. what shoe to you suggest to fit those standards?

    • You’ll be able to do that in any shoe. It really depends on what type of feel that you’re looking for. Your position and playing doesn’t really have anything to do with it.

  150. Hey Josh,

    I was wondering if it is harmful to wear my firm ground magista obras on turf. I play on turf a lot but my parents won’t let me get AG cleats as they still arent pretty pleased about the price tag on the magistas…



  151. hey Josh, I’m planning on getting some magista obras but I’m am not sure what size to order them since I’ve never ordered shoes online I wear a 11us in roshe should I go for an 11us or an 11 1/2 us

  152. Hey Josh, I was really questioning wether or not to go a size up in getting these Magistas because i really like the colorway of the Heat pack Magistas and don’t really want to settle for another cleat. I wear a size 8 and those would fit perfectly to the toe. I do like a little bit of room in the toe because on my last shoe, the hypervenom phantom, they really crammed my toes. Should i go up to a 9? I really need your help!

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