Storelli BodyShield LegGuard 2nd Generation Review

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Storelli Sports launches the second generation BodyShield LegGuard with design improvements that not only make them more comfortable but giving them increased protection.

It fits comfortably like a shin guard sleeve (note: shin pad NOT included), holding your favorite shin guard in place during the game with a new tacky strip at the top to keep the sleeves in place and you can easily wear your normal socks on top. The BodyShield LegGuard features premium moisture-wicking compression fabric to optimize comfort and breathability with a new stirrup design to further enhance comfort.

A breathable layer of our extreme-protection foam on the side of the leg and ankle, protecting you from kicks. No more limping around when you get tackled.

High-performance Poron XRD polyurethane foam provides maximum protection from impact and abrasion. Advanced anti-microbial treatment reduces the risk of infections. The BodyShield LegGuard features a unique padding design and placement that enhances mobility without compromising protection.

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  1. Josh, how does the sleeve feel? From first look at the sleeve, it looks a bit bulky, and looks like it would restrict some mobility?

  2. Can you use your trusox with this product?

  3. I live in Sweden Where can i buy this things? Ps love your videos!

  4. Hi Josh, love your videos mate, I live in England, do you know where I could buy these?

  5. Hi mate, love your videos. How much are they for juniors?

  6. Hi mate, it’s me again, where a bouts is the buy it now button?

  7. Hi, I have seen your reviews on the storelli leg guard and the new nike mercurial superfly. I preordered the superfly soccer boots but was wondering if it is possible to weir them in combination with the storelli leg guard, because of the super knit sock and the protection foam of the leg guards near the angles overlapping each other?

  8. Hi Josh, nice vid. I am looking for very protective shin guards as i am very injury prone (especially my ankles). are storelli and the diadora (totti) ones the most protective shin guards in the market? i dont want anything too bulky though. what options do you recommend ? thanks

    • The Storelli Leg Guards aren’t going to work with the Diadora Gamma Carbonio shin guards, they’re too big. Right now, the best shin guards on the market when it comes to quality, fit and overall protection are the C6 Agility shin guards.

  9. Hey Josh I wanted to ask in the package is there a bodyshield legguard for only one foot? Or is there a pair of body shield leg guard
    P.S sorry for my english I am not a british

  10. @ karl


    I’m thinking you could possibly put the leg guard on first, then your Gamma Carbonio’s could wrap around the outside of the sleeve instead of going inside, then put your game sock on over the lot??

  11. Second thoughts, the DGC’s might not fit around the outside padding of the Storelli leg guards???

  12. @Keith

    Ive just ordered a pair of storelli’s, should be fine as it looks like it has decent protection on both sides of the ankle. yes, doesn’t look like storelli and DGC can work together.

    @Josh Vujovic

    Which shin guard do you recon fits in the best (in the pocket provided by storelli leg guard)?

  13. when you are playing on the field can you feel i a diffrence in comfort or weight

  14. Hey Josh
    Do C6 agility Max guards fit in storelli 2nd gen ?

  15. Do the new Nike Mercurial Lite shin pads fit in the sleeve or should I just put them directly against my leg.

    Can I also do the sock dualing technique with these?

  16. What’s the sizing like on this product

  17. Do the large mercurial blade shin guards fit in these leg guards?

  18. Hey Josh. Im planning to buy these for my upcoming soccer season but i not really sure what size should i get. I saw the sizing chart but it was a little confusing. Could you tell me what size would suit me best? i am 5’6 and my weight is 145 lbs. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you and keep up the great work

  19. Hey Josh, I’m planning to get these b but i was wondering what the sizing was for these?

  20. Josh, I took your recommendation and purchased storelli body shield leg guards as well as C6 agility. I am thoroughly enjoying using them. But I have no idea how to care leg guards. Am I allowed to use laundry machine and drier? or hand wash recommended? How do you care leg guards?

  21. Hi josh, i live in the UK do you know anywhere they might have them in stock?

    • The official Storelli website offers international shipping, as do the websites listed on this page in the form of Buy It Now links. As far as I know, nobody in the UK carries Storelli products.

  22. Hey Josh im wonder if the C6 Agility Max would fit in to the sleeve of this?

  23. What’s the best socks to wear with these in combo? Is it the trusox or the just normal socks over? Or just plain ankle socks under these?

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