Soccer News — April 25, 2014 at 3:25 pm

Nike Mercurial Superfly IV Just Unveiled


Nike launches the new generation of the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV to match the speed of today’s game. The new boot, unveiled today by Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid, is born from four years of R&D in the Nike Sport Research Lab. Driven by insights from the world’s fastest athletes, the Superfly IV is created to revolutionize the speed boot.



The Mercurial Superfly’s revolutionary design is driven through Nike’s most advanced technology: Nike Flyknit. A new three-knit weave puts less material between the foot and the ball to enhance players’ touch.

The high-top Dynamic Fit Collar, which radically transforms the Mercurial silhouette, is designed to create a better fit and a heightened sensation of the boot as an extension of the foot.



Other vital breakthrough additions include Superfly’s Brio cables, which are knitted directly into the upper and locked into the outsole. By connecting this tendon-like support to the heel, the Superfly acts like a slingshot that helps propel the player forward. In addition, a new, more-flexible full-length carbon plate helps players to more efficiently transmit power through the ground.


The carbon fiber sole and added studs at the boot’s heel offer stability, and extra traction has been placed at the toe to give players more grip and propulsion during the critical final 10 percent of their stride.



The Mercurial Superfly is available to pre-order at selected retailers from May 26, and on sale from June 12. I will also post Superfly 4 links in the new cleat release section of my website when they become available

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  1. Are they good for a bit wide foot, not much?

  2. How much do you think these would be worth? And would these be limited?

  3. wait when is the vapor x coming out??

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