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C6 Agility Gen 3 Carbon Fiber Shin Guard Review

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The C6 is handmade in the USA 100% aerospace grade carbon fiber / epoxy shell has no fiberglass, other fillers or cosmetic face coats ensuring that our guards are the lightest and strongest on the market. Compared to the competition, we are at least 6 times stronger by weight than injection molded carbon fiber shells and 20 times stronger than ABS plastic shells.

The backing of the C6 Agility shin guard features PORON® XRD™ Extreme Impact Protection as our breathable backing which creates a unique protective shield that absorbs up to 90% of the most intense force while still being soft and comfortable. It also incorporates Microban®, a permanent antimicrobial that helps fights odor.

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The C6 Agility come in an anatomical right/left guards which conform tightly against the shin and provide an exceptional and invisible fit. In most cases only a tight sock is needed to secure the guards in place but tape or sleeves may be necessary. Special attention has been paid to the ankle area to ensure protection without restricting movement.

Please see the comparison chart below for more specs.

C6 Agility Shin Guards come in 2 sizes. If you would like to purchase a pair CLICK HERE

c6 comparison


  1. Hey Josh, I play as a striker, I am six foot and fairly pacey. Would you recommend I get the max or speed variation of the C6 agility guards?

  2. Hey Josh does the C6 Agility speed variation fit in the shin guard sleeve of the Storelli leg guard ?

  3. Do the c6 shinguards slide of your foot

  4. Can you do a review on ” ASK Project shin guards”?
    I think you’ll like them.

  5. You mentioned that the speed version fits in the storeelli leg guard, does this apply for the large size in the speed model? Thanks

  6. Hey Josh, I just stumbled upon your 3rd Gen C6 Agility CF Shinguard YT review a few minutes ago while looking for the sizing of the guards. Your video confirmed that the Large size would be the correct fit for me at 5’10”. However, I wanted to see if the Max Protection Guard would also be compatible with the Storelli leg guard, as I know you’ve already said the Speed variant would above.

    Thank you for your review and your time to respond. Have a great day!


    • The Max version in a Large will be too big to fit into the built-in sleeve, but you can wear the shin guards directly against your leg and pull the leg guards over top, and that should secure the shin guards in place and allow you to wear the two together.

  7. Hey Josh.
    If I wear the Speed size of these with Crew size Trusox, will I have a problem and need a leg guard or can I wear them without it?
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Is there any coupons for these anywhere?

  9. If you were to get the max, would it get in the way of the magista dynamic fit collar?

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