Puma evoPOWER 2 Just Arrived

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  1. Just looking @ the evoPOWER 2 video review… It’s really helpful.

    Puma’s approach to take-down the model seems really strange.

    Usually when any company produces a lesser version of a product they accomplish it by subtracting features. However, in the case of the evoPOWER 2 it’s almost as if Puma has actually added another feature (the hard material on the inside of the shoe) to take-down the model by restricting the flexibility of the soleplate. Do you think it’s possible to remove the hard material from the inside the evoPOWER 2 and be left with the evoPOWER 1’s flexibility ?

    • No, its part of the shoe and not something that can be removed without causing a ton of damage to the boot.

  2. Firstly I would like to say I’m a Huge fan love the site and all the videos.
    Ok the question is; I play a lot of football at academy level,I currently own a pair of hyper venoms but they are a size too big and my feet have stopped growing would you recommend me sell the venoms and buy these?. Also For a striker would you recommend these boots as the only professionals which wear them of ball winning central midfielders ?

    • Your position has absolutely nothing to do with what boots you should wear. If your shoes are a full size too big, than absolutely you should get a smaller size. The evoPOWER 2 is alright, but take a look at all of the options in this price range, there’s lots to choose from.

  3. i play as full back or winger . . my size is 8 . . i used nike tiempo before and i need a new boot anyway . . just wanna to get ur opinion , which boot best for me ? i wont mind the price but i want to get a good boot with good durability 🙂

    • I don’t recommend boots based on position, simply because it has nothing to do with what boots your should wear. You need to pick a pair of shoes based on your preferences when it comes to fit and feel.

  4. I am a huge fan of your website and I watch all of your videos. I play a lot of football and I am looking for some new boots. I am the playmaker of the team and have a wider foot. I was wondering if I should try the evopower 2 or should I try something else.

    • If you have wider feet, I personally wouldn’t recommend going for a synthetic bot. You’re better off going for something with a leather upper, since they’ll be able to stretch. Something like the Nike Premier is a great option in that price range.

  5. Hey Josh,
    First of all I’m a huge fan of your website.
    I just wanted to ask if the fit of these shoes is very similar to the top-end EvoPowers
    I want to try them in person at my local sports store which has these but not the top end model.

  6. Do these feel the same as the evoPOWER 1 when striking the ball?

  7. Hey Josh,
    Will you recommend this shoe or the Predator Absolion LZ2 TRX FG?Which one will be more similar to the top end model in terms of comfort and feel of the ball?Your answer will be greatly appreciated by me as I am really in a dilemma right now.

    • Neither if them are particularly great as far as takedown models go. Unless you’re getting either of them at a deep discount, I wouldn’t really recommend either of them.

  8. hey josh, i was wondering in your opinion which shoes have the best take down model? Your answer would be greatly appreciated

  9. Hi Josh, wich shoe is the better one, the Hypervenom Phatal of the EvoPower 2.
    I dont know if i typed it good, because my english isn’t good.
    Nice vids and reviews btw.

  10. I haven’t been able to find one on your website so, if you haven’t done a review on the firm-ground EvoPOWER 3, could you please do one? If you are familiar with the boot would you recommend it for someone on a restricted budget?

    • I haven’t brought it in because the quality just isn’t there. If you’re on a budget, check out the Super Deals section on my website. You might be surprised at some of the high-end, older models that are available within your price range. Takedown models like the evoPOWER 3 honestly aren’t worth the money if you’re paying full retail price.

  11. josh i seen these at academy for like $65 is it worth it ? thanks josh i had trouble choosing these and evopower 1s

  12. Are the evopower 2 boots good for shooting

  13. hey I was wondering about the size of these shoes with the half size thing because I other reviews and said it was perfect size , can you help me as soon as possible as I’m anting to buy a pair !!