Soccer News — March 15, 2014 at 5:58 pm

Nike Spring 2014 Collection of Colorways now Available!

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The latest pack of colorways from Nike is pretty exciting in my opinion. The Vapor 9 includes the ’06 branding as well as graphics and colors that replicate what we saw from the Nike Mercurial Vapor 3 from the 2006 World Cup! If you’re a fan of the Mercurial series, this colorway is an absolute must have. The Hypervenom features a somewhat odd, but certainly good looking yellow and gold combination. It isn’t for everybody, but if bright shoes are your thing, this is one of the brightest Hypervenoms to date. The Legend 5 also comes out in the most vibrant colorway we’e seen from the new Tiempo line thus far. If you’re looking for that classic, kangaroo leather feel, but still want to stand out, this may be the colorway for you. The Maestri 3 sees its final colorway update, introducing a beautiful red colorway, arguable the best colorway of the entire CTR360 run! If you haven’t yet tried the Maestri 3, this is your last chance!

All of these boots are now available for Pre-Order with a ship date of Mid-March. Right now you can capitalize on an extra 10% Off with Coupon Code 14FOOTWEAR, but this offer is only valid until March 16th, so if you were planning on picking one these up for the upcoming season, now is the best time to do it! Check out the links below to purchase a pair for yourself.

CLICK HERE to Pre-Order the Mercurial Vapor 9 ’06 for $190.34 with Coupon Code 14FOOTWEAR

mv9 yg angle

CLICK HERE to Pre-Order the Hypervenom Phantom for $182.24 with Coupon Code 14FOOTWEAR

phantom y angle

CLICK HERE to Pre-Order the Tiempo Legend 5 for $161.99 with Coupon Code 14FOOTWEAR

legend 5 org angle

CLICK HERE to Pre-Order the CTR360 Maestri 3 for $161.99 with Coupon Code 14FOOTWEAR

maestri 3 red angle


  1. I have a nike mercurial veloce.I’m thinking of getting a mercurial vapor 8 and predator absolion lz2.But I don’t have the money to get both.Which one do you prefer

  2. Hey Josh, is a trustworthy and good website to buy cleats off?

  3. Should I buy a nike mercurial vapor 8 or get something different like the adidas f50 adizero 4 as I have a nike mercurial veloce

  4. Josh how do you use these coupon codes? I tried buying the Tiempo Legends online and i dont know where to put the coupon code to get it for $161.99.

  5. And how long are the coupon codes on the legend v valid until?

  6. Josh I’m a size 8 in adidas goal mundial. What size do you recommend for the hypervenom phantoms and the nike premier for me ?please I need a answer I can’t find these shoes in stores so I can try on .

  7. Josh, I have watched all of your reviews on the Tiempo Legend V and I am still wondering on sizing. I wear a size 8.5 in both the Legend IV and Maestri iii with the Maestri fitting a little more snug. I have seen a video where you say to go up half a size in the Legend V, but you also say to go up half a size in Maestri iii. What size do I need in the Legend V? How much does it stretch? Thanks.

  8. Josh PLEASE respond to this. I would comment on youtube but I don’t know if you get all those comments. I just have one question. Do you have any idea where I can buy soft ground boots here in the US? I live in the US but will be moving to London and I know the kind of surfaces they have there and I really want a pair of CTR360 maestri III soft grounds. If you have any info on where to buy a pair here in the US or if I could even buy one from you, I’d appreciate it greatly thanks!

    • Nike hasn’t put out an SG-Pro variation in the Maestri 3 for a little while now, only FG. I don’t know of any sites that still have them in stock.

  9. Josh are vapors a big diffrence from the veloce

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