Under Armour Blur Carbon 4 Just Arrived

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  1. Can you add me to your email list ?

  2. Hi I’m looking to buy a pair of these and was wondering what size I would go for since I know the blur carbon 3s were a small make. If it helps I’m a 8.5 US in the puma king current model.


    • Sizing runs the same as the Blur Carbon 3. Check out the video for more details on the sizing.

  3. When is the review comming

  4. Does this give the same support as the Carbon III ?
    I currently have the ctr360 but I keep getting blisters and with insoles I get the feeling my feet is sliding in the boots.
    (I got the ctr360 for a long period now but wasn’t able to play a lot on due to a knee injury)

  5. will the review be up soon?

    • I honestly haven’t had a lot of wear time in the Blur Carbon 4. There have been so many high profile releases from the big brands over the last month that this one is still in progress. Sorry for the wait, but if you have any questions about the boot, I can gladly answer them. Sorry for the wait.

  6. Joshua, great review! I have been surrounded where I live by the big brands, until I came across Under Armour. Since I don`t have any experience with this brand, can you say how does this unique traction work and if this boot is inferior or superior to the vapor 9? Does the upper feel different from the Teijin upeer from the Vapor 9? I`ve been really looking rencently into this model, the Clutchfit and the Solista. I`d be thankful if I could get a response. Thank you for being such a help.

    • Both boots perform extremely well when it comes to traction. They’re both of the aggressive side as far as FG stud patterns come, but the major difference would be the extra bit of mobility that you get from the Blur, due to the studs being conical in shape as opposed to bladed. The synthetic upper of the Blur is also quite good, and feels very similar to that of the MV9.

  7. Is the review coming soon?

  8. Hey josh are the blur carbon 4 a great pair of shoes like the blur carbon 3?

  9. Hi Josh, big fan of all the work you do, you’ve helped me out a lot. Just have a question regarding the Blur Carbon 4’s. I had a pair of the leather Blur Carbon 3’s and they were fantastic, but I notice Under Armour hasn’t released a leather version of the 4’s. I just wanted to ask is the comfort level and fit still as good in the 4’s as they were in the 3’s? It’s just I can’t decide between the Blur Carbon 4’s or the Warrior Superheat at the moment.

    Many thanks.

    • The Blur Carbon 4 and the Leather Blur Carbon 3 don’t really compare. Both shoes are comfortable, but feel quite a bit different from each other when it comes to the touch that they provide. What I can tell you is that the Warrior Superheat is a shoe that I would stay away from. It just doesn’t have a lot going for it.

  10. Hey Josh I was wondering whether you would prefer these or the DDNAs. Also, are these comfortable and how is the touch on them?

  11. Josh how do you feel about the gambler II

  12. How does the upper of this boot feel? Is it a thin barefoot feel or thicker?

  13. Hey Josh! I wanted to know if you would prefer the Blur Carbon III K or the Blur Carbon IV because I am looking at getting a pair?

    • I personally prefer the Leather variation of the Blur carbon 3, but if you prefer the synthetic upper variation for more of a barefoot feel, than the 4 is the better option.

      • Thanks for the reply Josh. I enjoy the leather feeling, which is why I am actually going with the Nike Tiempo Legend V’s b/c they are at a good price from your Deals of the Week for this week!

  14. Hey Josh would you between the Blur Carbon 3’s and the Mizuno Morelia Neo MIJ model, which would you suggest?