Adidas Reviews, NitroCharge Reviews — March 14, 2014 at 12:38 am

Adidas Nitrocharge 2.0 Just Arrived


Joshua Vujovic (1132 Posts)

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  1. Hey Josh, so I need some help deciding if my next soccer shoe. I currently wear the mercurial vapors but ive been looking into switching into adidas nitrocharge. Ive never tried on a pair of nitrocharge so I have no clue how the vapors compare to the nitrocharge; can you help me out?

  2. Hey Josh, are the Adidas Nitrocharge 2.0 a good pair if you can get them for 45$ or are the the adidas 11 Nova the original ones for $42 a better deal.

    • Personally, I wouldn’t buy a Nitrocharge 2.0, no matter what the price is. The 11Nova is a much better quality shoe overall.

  3. Please make a video on latest colour of adidas 11 nova

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