Adidas 11Pro 2 SL Just Arrived

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  1. When can we expect the review for the 11pro sl? and will you be reviewing the new puma evopower 1 leather? Thanks

  2. When will the review going to come

  3. Looking forward to this play test and traction test.

  4. …and maybe a comparison versus the Tiempo Legend Vs & the Premiers & the Copas & even the leather evoPOWER 1s

  5. How much will the leather stretch? And would you pick this shoe over the adizero miCoach 2 where it had roughly the same amount of leather?

  6. When it’s raining does the upper get slippery when you control the ball

  7. what is the sizing in this shoe, i had the adidas f50 micoach 1 synthetic shoes in a size 9.5 what size should i get these shoes.

  8. would you get these or the hypervenoms

  9. Do the adipure sl version have less memory foam inserts in the upper? Do they provide a better feel for the ball but with still the nice soft touch as the current adipure 11pro?

  10. what is the leather quality like compared to the legend v and what is the thickness like compared to the legend v

  11. Hi Joshua!

    I’m about to order these but i’m a bit confused with the sizing after reading your comment here. On your on feet video you recommend going true to size with the 11pro 2 SL and here you say that you would go a half size down.

    For example, I wear a size 10US in the hypervenoms & mercurial vapors. With the standard 11pro 2 both 9.5- and 10US fits me but i chose to go with the 9.5US for the snug fit.

    So based on my information, wich size should I go with on the 11pro 2 SL?

  12. hi joshua

    i wear 11pro 2 size 9uk. should i go half size down for 11pro 2 sl ?

  13. Hi Josh,

    Could we have a playtest please. Thanks.

  14. im looking to buy new cleats, and iā€™m set between these cleats, and the predator lethal zone 1ā€²s. which cleats do you suggest? thank you for your time.

    • You’re comparing two models that offer two completely different feels. The Predator will offer a thinner feel with tons of additional grip on the ball, while the 11pro offers a soft, padded feel for the ball, with no additional grip. Your preferences when it comes to feel is how you should go about choosing between the two.

  15. I was wondering when the review of these will come out as I find your reviews really useful.

  16. Hi Josh, I wear a 8UK in the F50 Leather Micoach 2 should I go down a size in these or should I stay the same size? Thanks

  17. When will the full written review for these be up ?

  18. How would you say these compare to the nike tiempo legend 5 ?because I am choosing between the two.

  19. How would this compared to the regular 11pro and can you please upload a review

  20. Do you know if there will be another adipure sl release?

    • Well, with the last two models of adipure SL models (adipure IV SL & 11pro SL), they have released more than one colourway. šŸ˜‰

  21. Is the sizing the same as the regular 11pro 2, considering the different upper?

  22. I ordered 1 pair of these 1/2 a size down from the regular 11pro’s, & they fitted perfect, but sent them back due to the price. They then got heavily reduced so re-ordered in the same size, but the 2nd pair were really tight! I then re-ordered yet another pair of 9.5’s & a pair of 10’s just to check it wasn’t me, & the 3rd pair of 9.5’s were perfect! Very strange that adidas don’t have a tight control process over their manufacturing process.

  23. When will the review come out?

  24. Is the entire upper made of Kangaroo Leather or is the instep a synthetic ?

  25. Can you compare these to the Mizuno Morelia Neo Made in Japan?

  26. Do you prefer these or the copas? Are they really worth the extra money?

  27. Do these have a thinner leather comared to the copas? And are these better or worse than the nike premier in terms of touch/feel on the ball?

  28. Would these run the same size as Copas?

  29. Is the a turf version of these?