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Nike Tiempo Legacy FG Review

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Nike Tiempo Legacy FG Review

The Nike Tiempo Legacy is the first takedown model in the latest evolution of Nike’s Tiempo line. In comparison to the top-end Legend 5, there are a surprising amount of similarities, not only making the Legacy a great quality boot, but also a great value.


The fit and overall shape is easily the most noticeable change coming from any of the previous Tiempo models, as it features the x1.1 last, borrowed from the very popular Hypervenom Phantom. This gives the Legacy quite a unique fit in comparison to any other traditionally styled leather boot currently on the market. The X1.1 last is all about having a more natural fit, where the boot is slightly wider in the forefoot and slightly narrower in the toe box.

From right out of the box, it is very apparent that the Legacy needs some break-in time. That’s not to say that the boot is uncomfortable from brand new, but instead the fit is just slightly more snug, allowing the leather to stretch and form to the exact shape of your foot. I found that it took about two hours of wear-time until I started to feel truly comfortable in the Legacy, which isn’t too bad. Also keep in mind that I had no issues whatsoever with discomfort or blistering throughout the break-in process.

Once broken-in, the Legacy is suitable for a wide variety of foot types, as long as you don’t mind having a slightly tighter fit in the toe box. I have average width feet and am also slightly flat footed, and found that I was able to achieve a very comfortable fit. Like I mentioned earlier, the X1.1 last is all about providing a tighter, closer to the foot feel, that requires the leather upper to stretch to the exact shape of your foot. As long as you don’t have excessively wide feet, you shouldn’t have any issues wearing the Legacy.

Sizing is also one of the significant changes coming from past Tiempo models. The Tiempos have always fit true to size, but the Legacy, as well as the rest of the latest Tiempos, fits half a size small. Instead of wearing my usual size 9US, I needed to go half a size up to a 9.5US for the proper fit. The change in sizing is most likely due to the new shape of the boot, but trust me when I say that this boot runs half a size small, just like the Nike Premier. The leather will stretch width-wise, but the length of the boot is half a size small.

As far as comfort is concerned, once broken-in, the calfskin leather upper feels great. Its soft, flexible and allows for a truly custom fit once they’ve stretched. In comparison to the Kangaroo leather upper featured on the top-end Legend 5, there is a noticeable difference in quality, but not so much so where the Legacy feels like a takedown model. The quality of the leather upper on the Legacy is great, and holds its own with most high-end leather models currently on the market.

The Legacy, just like the legend 5, features Nike’s all-new Hypershield liner, which is essentially a thin, honeycomb mesh, similar to what you’ll find as the base layer for Nike’s NikeSkin synthetic. Not only does the Hypershield liner make for a very soft and comfortable fit on feet, it also makes for minimal extra bulk, does not take away from the ball feel and also allows the leather the dry more quickly!

Other comfort elements include a synthetic leather tongue, with a memory foam insert running through the middle. The heel is lined in padded synthetic leather, which is not only comfortable, but also does a good job of keeping your heel locked in place. The insole is fully removable and made from a high-quality foam that feels great. I’m also a big fan of the flexible soleplate, as it gives the boot a very natural feel when running.

Overall, the Tiempo Legacy offers the premium feel that you would expect from a “heritage” boot, but doesn’t lack the modern innovation that you expect from a boot in 2014. It’s a great blend classic feel and modern innovation that just works extremely well. It’s a takedown that doesn’t feel like a takedown.


Since the Tiempo Legacy shares so many of the same features and elements as the Legend 5, it shouldn’t be much a surprise that the weight of the boot is virtually the same as the top-end model.  Weighing in at a very impressive 8.8oz, the Legacy is one of those boots that will provide a high-quality, traditional leather feel for the ball, without weighing you down. If you’ve always been hesitant to go for a more traditionally styled boot because of weight, than the Legacy might be a great option for you.


The latest Tiempo line introduces some minor tweaks to the classic Tiempo stud pattern. The core of the stud pattern remains the same. You’ll find four bladed studs under the heel, and four conical studs on both the lateral and medial sides of the forefoot. What has changed are the two bladed, support studs running through the middle of the forefoot, which are now positioned at a slightly different angle, change that has no noticeable impact on performance.

The biggest change in the stud pattern is the introduction of one small, Mercurial-esque bladed stud right at the tip of the toe. While the stud is very small, I found that it does make a noticeable difference when it comes to the amount of grip you get when pushing off for a sprint.

Nike has also made changes to the soleplate that have an impact on the overall traction. The soleplate is still made from a relatively thin, and very flexible TPU, which allows the soleplate to move very naturally with the bend of your foot. Nike implemented a small slit through the middle of the forefoot, inspired by the Nike Free, designed to allow for better flexibility. In all honesty, the slit is so small, I don’t think that it makes the soleplate any more flexible than it already is, but I do think it’s a good idea.

Nike has also implemented the same split toe design found the Hypervenom Phantom. Essentially the split toe design is supposed to allow the toe box area of the soleplate to move more naturally with the bend of your foot, but in all honesty, I did not notice any difference in feel whatsoever. It certainly doesn’t hurt the performance, just don’t expect too much from this fairly gimmicky feature.

In terms of overall performance, the Legacy offers a good blend of grip, maneuverability and stability. The studs themselves are slightly longer than average in comparison to other conical stud patterns, so on a high quality, natural grass, firm ground playing surface, the traction is great. There is plenty of grip when pushing off in nearly every direction, and since the soleplate is so flexible, no matter which way you twist or turn, you’ll have as many studs as possible under your feet at all times.

The new Tiempo stud pattern is ideal for somebody looking for a good blend of everything when it comes to traction. You get a lot of the grip that you might expect from a bladed stud pattern, but at the same time, you’re still free to pivot and maneuver in any direction when planted, with very little restriction.


When it comes to touch, both the Legend 5 and the Legacy are fairly unique. Not only do you get a high-quality leather upper, but also the all-new Hypershield liner, which has a bigger impact on the feel of the boot than you might expect.

The Hypershield liner does a great job of cutting down on extra bulk that would normally be present with traditionally styled leather boots. The Hypershield liner is thin and flexible, and doesn’t take away from any of the natural softness of the leather upper, providing a very pure feel for the ball.

Another significant change to the Tiempo line is the new layout of the upper. The lacing system is still central, but is now slightly shallower, leaving the forefoot and toe box area free and clear of any laces or extra bulk. This makes for a much more natural, less bulky feel in comparison to past Tiempo models, which is something that I really enjoyed about the Legacy. Many, including myself, immediately made the observation that the shape of the new Tiempo isn’t necessarily “all-new”. For those that can remember back, or perhaps even had a pair of the Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho Dois, the overall shape and appearance of the latest Tiempo is almost identical, which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion.

While the calfskin leather isn’t quite as soft as what you’ll get from the Legend, what you do get, especially for the price, is still what I would consider to be premium. The soft leather upper in combination with the non-restrictive Hypershield liner makes for a touch on the ball that is undeniably satisfying.


Striking the ball in the Legacy is nothing that you wouldn’t expect. The soft leather upper and memory foam padded tongue provides a nice cushioned feel when striking the ball. There is no additional grip anywhere on the upper, and for the most part, what you see is what you get. The soleplate provides plenty of rigidity through the mid-foot, giving the boot a nice solid feel when striking through the ball, while the bladed studs under the heel offer plenty of stability when planting for a strike. If you’re a fan of the very natural feel of leather, than you’ll enjoy striking the ball in the Legacy.


In comparison to most synthetic boots, the Legacy is going to be a fair bit more protective. The natural padding of the leather upper provides some decent impact protection should you get stepped, absorbing some of the blow. The boot also features an internal plastic heel counter, which provides some decent protection against kicks to the back of the heel. Overall, if protection is a concern for you, than you’ll be happy with the Legacy.


The build quality of the Legacy is really solid. Everything is well put together and the quality of materials is great. The simple design definitely lends itself to being more durable in that very little can actually go wrong. I had no issues whatsoever throughout testing with the durability of the boot, and nothing jumps out at me as a potential concern. The Hypershield liner is also an interesting feature when it comes to durability, in that it definitely does allow the upper to dry more quickly. I would assume that this can only help with the longevity of the boot, but of course only time will tell.

Keep in mind that the Legacy is made from natural leather, so some maintenance is required in order to keep the upper in optimal condition. It is also worth mentioning that the FG version of the Legacy, or any FG model for that matter, is designed for use on firm, natural grass playing surfaces, and nothing else. Using any FG cleats on artificial grass/turf will surely have a major impact on the durability and longevity of your cleats. If you frequently play on artificial grass, the Legacy is available with an AG stud pattern.

The Verdict

The Legend 5 is perhaps the biggest change we’ve ever seen from Nike’s Tiempo line, and really got boot enthusiasts excited about what modifications could be done to a leather boot that would allow it to retain that classic feel, but at the same time maintain some modern innovation. The Tiempo Legacy benefits from this new design, in that it shares 90% of the elements from the Legend 5, but at much lower price.

For about $100 less, you’re swapping kangaroo leather for calfskin leather, getting a slightly different insole, and losing the ACC feature, but virtually everything else between the Legend 5 and Legacy is exactly the same. I must admit that the Legacy doesn’t have that same ultra-premium feel that you get from the Legend, but with that being said, what you do get is still amazing, especially for the price.

The soft, calfskin leather upper, Hypersield liner, lightweight construction, quality fit and awesome stud pattern are all highlights of the Legacy that make it an incredibly attractive option. In its price range, there aren’t many shoes, other than the Nike Premier, that can match the quality to price ratio that the Legacy has to offer. If you’re on the market for a great leather boot at a fair price, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the Tiempo Legacy.

Comfort/Fit9 out of 10
Weight9 out of 10
Traction9 out of 10
Touch9 out of 10
Shooting8 out of 10
Protection8 out of 10
Durability8 out of 10
FINAL SCORE60 out of 70 or 86%


  1. the US model is different from the EU?
    I see the hypershield logo and feature in this Legacy model, but in EU sites the Legacy are not with hypershield logo

    • Sometimes the pictures that the online retailers put up of are pre-production sample pairs, that sometimes differ from the final product. If you buy a pair, no matter where you are in the world, they will look like the ones I have pictured above.

  2. Does the legacy still have the memory foam insert to prevent lace bite?

  3. what is the best way to break in these in? They are kind of uncomfortable right now.

  4. I’m looking to buy a pair of these online, I went to my local sports shop to try on a pair of tiempos legacys but they only had the tiempo Genio. So my question is, does the size of the shoe differ between the legacy and the tiempo? Will a size 11 legacy still feel like a size 11 Genio? Thanks Josh!

  5. Hey josh I’m getting the indoor version of these and I was wondering, will I still have to put leather cream on these if I’m only using them inside?

  6. Hey Josh

    I was wondering with NIKE producing boots like the Legacy, Phatal, Trequartista and even Veloce does it really add up to pay for their big brothers. ADIDAS have always lacked in their mid tier boots but NIKE is in a less than $120 boot revolution. I want to get get your opinion on why you believe this to be and what other brands like Umbro or Asics can be compared to this.


    • There’s no simple answer to this question. The top-end models are better quality, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the take downs are bad, just not as good. Whether or not its worth spending the extra money is something that you have to determine for yourself.

      • Would you consider making a video where you compare the Phatal, Veloce, Legacy and Trequartista? I understand you have reviews up on most of these but you have never really compared them to each other on one video. I also understand the new Magista is set to release soon but it would be a great help. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Sometimes, we the viewers, don’t really take into consideration the work that goes into this job.


      • Just saw the video you made where you compare them. Thanks

  7. legacy or premier????????????????? i need help deciding between those two and perhaps a ,maracana

    • premier are pure quality and really awesome boots but
      if you prefer something less classic (about the color) i would recommend you
      the legacy’s and i believe that the stud pattern is a bit better

      personally i have the premiers and the’re the best boot i ever had

  8. I plan on buying a new pair of cleats between the tiempo legends or tiempo legacys. I play on both turf and natural ground a lot. I heard that turf can rip up k-leather really fast, but what about the calfskin leather on the legacys? Will the leather rip fast too or not?

    • You shouldn’t wear FG on turf. The AG versions of both the Legacy and Legend feature a different soleplate and extra reinforcement between the soleplate and upper. I can’t predict how long a pair of shoes will last, but I can tell you that wearing FG shoes on turf will have a major impact on durability.

  9. Where can I pick these up in store?

  10. Hey Josh,

    What boot would you say is best for wide feet, the tiempo legacys, tiempo legend iv’s, maestri iii’s or trequartista iii’s?

    Thanks, Jon

  11. Where can I get these in-store?

  12. josh, when’s’a da review gonna be out?

    • I’m still working on it. The weather has been absolutely terrible in my area, so I haven’t had a lot of testing time in them.

  13. Are these cleats true to size i wear a 10 1/2 in adidas predator sl and they are bit loose so im looking a better fit pair would i go with a 10 or a 10 1/2 i have average width of feet

    • They run true to size. If you’re preds are really too big, than it might not be a bad idea to go for a 10, assuming that you’re referring to US sizing.

      • hey josh i was wondering since i cant get a hold of a pair of nike tiempo legend 4
        would it be a bad idea to get the nike tiempo legacy 5

        • The Legacy is a great boot in that price range. The Nike Premier is also a great option if you’re interested in that style of cleat.

          • what about the legacy or premier because i have wider feet and i want a cleat with a good touch and good comfort and durabillity and with not to high of a price

  14. hey josh i wanted to get the nike legend 4 but all your websites says they have no more in stock in my size so i was thinking about getting the legacy and i was wondering if thats a good cleat to get or not

  15. Hey Josh,

    Will you be doing a review on the spring colorways from Nike? Mercurials, Tiempos, etc.

  16. Is the size of tiempo legacy as the same of the old model flight? I wear flight size 42.5

  17. Josh can you give the online suggestions for the spring colourway of the legacys?

  18. Can you give online suggestions for the spring colorway of these?

  19. Hey Josh, do the legacies run half a size small/ big or do they run true to size?
    Also, what is your suggestion on what they should feel right out of the box, being that they will stretch since they are calf skin leather. Will they stretch more or less compared to Kangaroo leather?
    Are they made of full calf skin leather?

  20. Josh, i’m having a hard time deciding between the Tiempo Legend or the Trequartista III but an AG version… which one is better for you?

    • The quality of a Legend is going be much better than that of a Trequartista.

      • I already own the Maestri III on a FG version but i’m looking for a good & cheap AG version since I play on turf every now and then and im interested on the Tiempo Legacy and the Trequartista III… Sorry i got confused on the previous question, i meant between the Legacy and the Trequartista III which one is better for you?

  21. Which would be a better quality boot? The trequartista 3 or the legacy 5?

  22. Josh, can you do a comparison video of the Tiempo Legacy and Tiempo Flight

  23. hey josh is the nike tiempo legacy fit the same as the nike premiers

  24. Hey Josh,
    I just got this boot a week ago (IC version), and I finally had the chance to wear them for a whole day today. The problem was that the boots provided a very nice glove-like fit; however, the front (toe box) seems to be really tight. Wearing them and sitting down, the glove-like fit is apparent and the boot feels great. When I walk with them for over 5 minutes though, my four toes (except big toe) starts to somewhat hit the front of the boot, and it can be a little uncomfortable sometimes. I can fit my index finger into the back of the boots when I am wearing them, but quite tightly.
    Will the break-in (or warm water soak) help with the front of the boots (toe box)? Or do you think it will still be too tight for me. I wear 10.5 on the Predator X and the toe box is a little big (get blisters). With my Legacy IC though, it can get slightly uncomfortable sometimes. I am quite worried because I already wore them outside, so I’m not too sure if I can still return and change them (doubt it). I’m not sure if I should try on, or sell them on eBay and get a new one in size 11 (10.5 now) with a loss.
    What do you think?

    • They’re leather boots and the tighter fit from out of the box is intentional, so they don’t over stretch once broken-in. As long as they aren’t uncomfortable to the point where you are in pain, as opposed to just slight discomfort, I would give them some time to stretch out. No water needed, just wear them after a couple of hours, they should feel a lot better.

  25. Do these have a major difference in feel compared to the trequartista 3?

    • Yes and no. They’re both going to be leather like, but the feel that you get is still different. You can’t go wrong with either boot.

  26. When`s the written review coming up josh?

  27. adidas 11nova or nike legacy?

  28. Josh i got these in my usual size 9 and i dont know if they are going to fit me too tight. At first i thought they might stretch but i dont want to risk it so should i return them and get a 9 1/2?

    • They run half a size small, so if it fits a little too tight, that’s perfectly normal. Its your call at the end of the day, but for the most part, shoes don’t really stretch much length-wise.

  29. Josh, can you break in a pair of these without using trusox, and then use trusox after broke in, or do you have to wear trusox through the whole break-in process? Im asking this because i know the trusox are a thicker sock (cushioned), and is that going to affect the streching of the cleats?

    • It honestly doesn’t matter much. If you feel more comfortable wearing the Trusox, then by all means wear them.

  30. Hey Josh, do u know if the spring colorways are different between the Legacy and Legend? Some pictures from online stores seem to show a darker shade of the crimson next to the ankle and heel for the Legacy…

  31. When will the written review be out for these Josh?

  32. Can I use FG boots on Artificial grass?

    • U could but i rlly wouldnt recommend it. I bought a pair of legacy fgs and played on artificial grass for a month and my boots ripped already. I strongly recommend getting ag if you’re playing on ag most of the time. Bought another pair of ags and they are holding up much better than the fgs.

    • I wouldn’t recommend it.

  33. For AG,I will only be able to wear it on artificial grass?

  34. Is the insole removable?

  35. Is there any use of a removable insole?

  36. Hey josh! I’ve just bought some new vapor nines reflective pack, and I’ve been already thinking ahead to what new shoes I should be getting. I saw your review on the legend fives and I can say im in love haha. I’ve also considered the hypervenom phantoms but I can’t seem to find any color ways I like. Most new color ways that are half way decent are way above my 170 dollar budget and i was kind ove liking the launch color way orange. I’ve looked all over for them but I can’t seem to find any orange ones I was hoping you’d know why.

  37. im wearing a size 11.5 adidas predators but there too tight for me, if i want to get the legacy should i move up to a 12.5 or what size should i move up to?

  38. is this shoe good for people who have wide feet, i dont have extremely wide feet but will i be able to fit into them?

  39. Hy Josh. I want your opinion: Legacy 5 AG or Bomba finale 2? Thanks

  40. Hey josh,What’s the best way to maintain and clean the leather on the legacy ?

  41. Will the durability be the same if you nike id them?

  42. I just bought these in 11.5(my size in the tiempo mystic iv) and i have a relatively wide and flat foot. The fit was quite uncomfortable out of the box. It was very tight in the are between the toe and the laces. should i return and go half a size up or should i try breaking the shoes in?

  43. Josh, In your opinion would you choose the Nike Tiempo Legacy or the Adipure 11pro 2?

  44. does the change of colors of the shoe changes anything of his characteristics and his performance on the game

  45. which shoe is best in terms of durability and comfort the tiempo genio 5 or the tiempo legacy 5 (which do you preffer)

  46. Which shoe has the best touch IN YOUR OPINION

  47. Hi Josh I have one very important question
    One of my laces ripped and the other one is about to, so where could I order some soccer laces or could I just use any laces ???
    Thanks in advance!!

  48. Oh and the tiempo legacys

  49. josh i saw in the nike page that they dont recomend aplying leather cream or any other extra care thing on leather soccer cleats or any other sport shoe , what do you think about that , should i buy the cream or do what nike say ?

    • I personally recommend that you DO apply leather food/cream. Leather over time gets crusty and just feels rough. Leather food/cream helps protect it and makes it almost like new. It’s difficult to describe unless you see it in person.

    • You don’t have to apply leather cream, but its not a bad thing to do every once in a while. It does make a difference in the softness of the leather, and won’t hurt the shoe if that’s what you’re wondering.

      • I have read that tiempos have durability issues in the connection of the leather with the stud soleplate. Can anyone give some more infos?

  50. Can you make a comparison between this shoe and the 11nova?

  51. Should I get these or the trequartista 3 if they are available at the same price?

  52. Do you prefer this or the Veloce ll?

    • I would personally go for the Legacy, but that’s because I tend to prefer shoes with a little more padding to them. With that said, they’re two very good shoes that are going to offer to completely different feels for the ball. If you prefer a barefoot feel for the ball, the Veloce 2 is the much better option, where as if you prefer a more padded feel, than the Legacy is the obvious choice.

  53. I’ve loved the fit of Tiempos for years but the new generation may have ended that! Bought the Legacy (admittedly without having read your review – error!) in my usual UK12 and within about two training sessions had killed both my big toenails. Pretty sure Nike don’t make a 12.5 so I’m left with either a UK13 or abandoning the franchise for something with a fit like the old Tiempos… Josh, what do you reckon?

  54. Hey Josh,
    So I would like to Nikeid a pair of boots and don’t necessarily have the budget for a top end model. Since I have a wide foot, I am debating on either getting the Tiempo Legacy’s or Mercurial Veloce 2’s in the wide size. Which of the boots would be best:
    a) in terms of comfort
    b) in terms of stud pressure
    c) in terms of stretching/ over stretching
    Ideally, I’m looking for a boot that will accommodate my foot, won’t overstretch on me (which happened with my hypervenom phantoms), and won’t have an uncomfortable amount of stud pressure.
    Sorry this was really long but I know that this is the best place on the internet to receive advice on football boots and I really appreciate your valued input!

  55. Josh, want this legacys do you think are better for you the legend iv now that they cost almost the same which would you preffer?

  56. Hi josh…im trying to decide between the tiempo legacy, predator lz 2, nitrocharge 1.0 and the nike premier…I like having a slightly padded feel on the ball but not too padded…I dont mind grip and I need a cleet that give me the best running experience

  57. Hey Josh, I was wondering if there is other colourways than the ones you have listed up there? it would really help and also should i get Legacy or Premiers because i know a store that sells them at $80 and i already watched the vid comparing legacy and premiers but i want something modern but not too expensive, plz reply soon I would appreciate it.


  58. Hey josh. I’ve had the legacys for a while now, I’ve had zero problems with them what do ever. and I’m looking to upgrade to the legends. Do you think the almost 100$ price gap is worth it? Or should I get the legacy again? Thanks in advance

  59. Hey Josh this has nothing to do with Tiempos but if you can answer them then thanks ok so can you give me advice for a blog I’m making for kid cleats and by the way I’m 10 and that’s it by the way I’m a fan of yours

  60. whill you do a written review of the nike tiempo premier? in the comparison video you said that the premier was better but to what enxtent?


  61. tiempo legacy sg or hypervenom phatal sg which do you recommend ?

  62. Hi Josh,
    I see you said the sizing was about a 1/2 size small so I was just wondering that as I currently wear a size 10uk nike hypervenom phantom should I look to order a size 10uk or 10.5uk legacy?


  63. Hey Josh I was wondering if these cleat would be good to wear in a game from straight out of the box without breaking them in

  64. hey Josh quick question which is better in your opinion.. Nike genio tf or adidas nova turf.. I feel like the leather is better on the Nova and lighter too. .. Thanks..

  65. In terms of “grip” on the ball which boot is better, The Tiempo legacy or the Premier?

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