Nike Tiempo Genio Just Arrived

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  1. Well Josh i wanted you to make a comparison on all take down models of nike tiempo 5 because you still have not made one for nike tiempo 5 legacy.

  2. i agree please do a comparison video with all tiempos

  3. I understand you have quite a lot on your hands, but it would be greatly appreciated if you could do a written review on the tiempo genio indoor, and finish the hypervenom indoor written review. Thanks! More power to you and your videos.

  4. Hey josh

    in your opinion, this is the best take down model in the market?

  5. do you think these nike tiempo genios are the best 3rd takedown model cleat you have worn

    • Its OK for what it costs, but its noting that I would consider to be an automatic recommendation if you’re on a budget. Take a look at all your options if you’re on a budget and don’t just look at new models, take a look at older boots that might be better quality and on sale.

  6. Do you think i should get these or the natural 4. I can get the naturals turf size 5.5 uk for 19.99 pounds or these genios for 36.99

    • They’re very similar, but I would say that the quality of the Genio is a little better than that of the Natural.

  7. Hey josh, I’m a regular watcher of your channel, and I use the app clipboard to watch it. The problem is, I live in the United Kingdom, and all of your sr4u coupon codes are all for US retailers. Do you have any coupon codes for this shoe, for a United Kingdom retailer? Thanks, Billy, 14, Wales.

    • I’ve tried to work out a coupon code with several UK based retailers, but none of them seem to go for it.

  8. josh, which one is better in terms of the leather quality, the mystic 4s or the genio? but since the genio has a larger amount of leather, which of the two would you recommend? would appreciate it if you would reply, thanks!

  9. am thinking about buying a pair of nike tiempo genio in the black and white color way but how well does the leather on them perform in hot weather and is a leather soccer a good idea for summer soccer?

    • When its hot, its hot no matter what shoes are on your feet. With that being said, I would much prefer to wear a leather boot on a hot day, as opposed to a synthetic boot. Leather is generally softer, and because of that, more comfortable.

  10. Will they stretch a good amount in the toe box tho?

    • They’ll stretch, but it isn’t made from the softest leather, so it won’t be anything overly significant. As long as they aren’t terribly uncomfortable from right out of the box, you should be just fine once they’re broken in.

  11. Would they be good for Morton’s foot?

  12. hey josh. i was just wondering if i should go for the ctr360 trequartista or the tiempo genio.

  13. Josh, when will this full written review be released? Thanks.

  14. which is better boot, nike tiempo genio or magista orden?

  15. Hey josh, I have a problem. I’m trying to look for a boot for the 50-70$ budget but the problem is that I need space in my toe box or else I feel uncomfortable. I have a narrow foot so I fell better in Nike but with my toe problem everyone says choose Adidas. Which boot should I choose. Please give me examples