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Nike NSW Tiempo 94 Indoor Review

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  1. Hi Josh, I need help on choosing indor soccer shoes and im hoping you can help me.When I play I slip too much so if you could recommend shoes with more “grips” it would be great or recommend I can do to avoid slipping in games.Thanks,Great Fan of yours.

    • Slipping has less to do with the actual traction pattern, and more to with the playing surface. There isn’t one indoor shoe in particular that jumps out at me as the best when it comes to traction. What I have found is that the low-profile, less padded indoors seem to feel a little better when on dusty/dirty floors. I would perhaps consider something from the Nike Elastico Line.

  2. Hey Josh. I ordered the Tiempo 94 in my regular size, and I noticed that they still fit quite big. Just wanted to let you know in case there were some discrepancies about the size of the shoe.

    • Its a wide shoe, but they definitely run true to size. Sounds to me that the shoe that you based your sizing off of was either too big, or just does not run the same size-wise as the Tiempo 94.

  3. hi josh. actually i just want to buy good and comfy shoes (socceer shoes, basketball shoes, etc.)..and i m confused b/w nike air jordan 1 low and nike tiempo 94 low…what do u think i should buy…

  4. hi josh,do you know some sites where I can buy some indoor tiempos at a good price?

  5. Hi josh its me again,I just bought the Nike tiempo legend 5 indoor and I wanted to know what the little puzzle sign next to the laces means or does.

  6. Can you review the new indoor/ futsal joma super regates??? They are pretty different from the rest of their line

  7. hi!
    i had these back in the day and since all my indoor pairs are very near totalled i am seriously considering these to play but am afraid they won’t be great performers.
    i saw your review and was wondering if now that you have had them a little longer would you have a more accurate idea regarding their indoor potential?
    thanks in advance

    • Nike brought back the Tiempo 94 as more of a casual wear option. With that being said, the materials are very nice, although the fit is a tad sloppy. I’m not too sure how they compare to the originals though. The quality is there, but in my opinion they’re a little on the clunky side. For me, the Copa Indoor is a much better shoe for indoor play if you’re looking for something more traditional.

  8. Hey josh im going to get me some nike tiempo 94s n im worried about sizing i were size 9 in some shoes but i fit better in 8.5 just like the nike air forces ones i wore a 9 but it fitted to big so i went down a size to 8.5 and it fitted perfect so can you help me out and give me your opinion thanks

  9. Hey,I want to buy one of these shoes:
    1. Adidas Originals Samba
    Also is there a difference between Adidas Samba and Adidas Originals Samba since I saw both on US Adidas website.

    2. Nike Tiempo 94 high/mid/low
    If they can be used for futsal.

    These 2 are the only ones available in India right now… Thanks

  10. Hey Josh, I was thinking to get the Nike NSW Tiempo 94,is there a different in sizing between the mid and the normal one ? The site where I wanted to order this shoe had sizes only US 9/8(no half sizes),which size should I go for, I’m a size US 8/8.5 in my CTR360 Maestri’s. What size are you recommending me and I’m not really sure if my feet stop growing already

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