Soccer News — February 13, 2014 at 3:50 pm

Nike Mercurial Vapor 9 ’02 Edition Now Available!

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If you’ve been a Mercurial fan from the beginning, than you know the significance of this tribute colorway release. The Chrome/Lime Vapor 1 is arguably one of the most iconic boots of all-time and its finally back in the form a the Metallic Silver and Volt MV9! This is an incredible boot that won’t last long, so if you want a pair, I suggest picking them up immediately! For more info on the release CLICK HERE. They’re currently In Stock and ready to ship, CLICK HERE TO BUY IT NOW!




  1. Hey Josh,

    I’ve been wearing soccer cleats (mainly Vapors and Tiempos) in a size 9 US ever since my foot has stopped growing, and they fit me perfect.

    Recently, however, I’ve been required to wear orthopedic insoles that are a bit thick and take up room in my shoe to the point where they become painfully tight.
    So I tried wearing my teammate’s Vapors who is a 9.5. They fit a lot more comfortably however there is too much room and I can feel my foot moving inside of the shoe.

    I’m due for a new pair soon and I was thinking about the chrome Vapor 9s and I was wondering if in your opinion I should go with a 9 or 9.5 US?

    Thanks in advance.

    • The Vapor 9 is perhaps the worst boot possible for use with orthotics. Its such a tight fitting boot, with a very thin stock insole, so to try and put orthotics in them just doesn’t work. Soccer shoes are not made to fit orthotics.

  2. Thank you very much for the fast response! Didn’t know that.

  3. Hi Josh, I would like to know if there are plan in making this color way into an AG also

  4. Wearing some MV9’s and they are creating a massive callus/ blister in the forefoot instep behind my big toe. should i wear regular socks with my soccer socks or something else. I need to be able to wear these on a regular bases but I can’t how they are.

    • Sounds to me like one of two problems. The socks you’re wearing are either very poor quality or too big, which can lead to getting blisters. The other problem could be that your shoes are too big and don’t fit you properly. If there is too much extra space inside your shoe, your feet will move around inside the shoe and cause blisters.

  5. I’m interested in getting a new pair of cleats, but I can seem to decide what would be the best choice. I’ve come to choose between the vapor 9s or the adipure 11. This will be my first time wearing a nike/adidas soccer cleat so I’m not very fond of how either perform and would like your expert opinion on which is the better performing cleats.

    • Check out my written reviews for both boots. They’re both very good when it comes to performance, but are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to feel.

  6. I live in North-Norway and here i can get up to -10 degrees. Do you think that it can get uncomfortable shooting the ball in these thin synthetic shoes?

    • That varies from person to person. Personally, I can’t wear thin boots in really cold weather, my feet just get too cold. With that being said, I’ve seen plenty of people wear thin shoes in cold weather and have no problems at all. It really depends on your tolerance level for colder temperatures.

  7. Hey i am looking for some nike new shoes i recently hD the tiempos and they were wonder full can you give some good example and colourway thanks

  8. hey josh,I have a dilemma. I wear leather CR Mercurial Vapor 9 and synthetic Mercurial Vapor 8 in size 44.5. when I used a size 45, after a bit of use they become uncomfortable and large. cleats size 44.5 were a little tight, but after a bit of use they are perfect. What size do you recommend for Mercurial Vapor 9 with “golf ball” material?

    • The Vapor isn’t available in leather. All of the Vapor 9s are synthetic, but certain colorways have different finishes. Go for the same size you were wearing in your other pair of Vapor 9S.

  9. What should do you prefer Nike Mercurial Vapor 9 IX Black Pack (Leather Finish) or nike ctr360 maestri iii

  10. Hi Josh,
    I am going to buy football boots in a few months. I am already looking for shoes so I can pick up a pair of boots on sale. My size of my normal shoes is between 10-10,5, depends from what company the shoes are produced. I have semi-flatfeet so my feet are a bit wide, but I don’t know what shoes I should buy. I used to wear mercurials (most of the time the cheapest ones cuz my feet still grow at that certain time). Last year I bought 2 pair of boots: mercurials and f50 leather, but the f50’s were pretty small. I quit playing football this year but I am going to start over next season. My feet stopped growing (I hope) so I want to buy a pair of boots which are a more pricey. I really want the vapor IX but I don’t know if i should buy them, because of the price. I really like the cheap mercurials, but I don’t know the differents between the cheap ones and the vapors.

    I hope you reply to my message, nice vids btw,


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